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  1. Most corps have the following schedule. AM: Visual Afternoon: Sectionals Evenings: Ensemble Block: I know of no corps that does't have open rehearsals this time of the year. Note: Blue Stars will not be at Wayne Memorial until Wednesday morning. Tuesday they will be at a high school close to South Bend for the day.
  2. dcifanforlife

    Madison Scouts 2018

    Attended Scouts rehearsal at Ben Davis High School tonight. With three weeks before their first show the Scouts are in great shape to start the season strong. I timed their final run through at 6 minutes and 10 seconds on field. The three musical pieces that they played flowed nicely. Probably only a percussion/visual feature and a closer to go. Now it is all about layering and execution, execution, execution. Scouts remain a top twelve corps.
  3. dcifanforlife

    2018 Rules proposals

    Winter Meeting and Rules Congress is Jan 5th - Jan 7th at Hyatt Hotel in Indianapolis.
  4. dcifanforlife

    2018 Staff Announcements (new thread)

    It is all about recruitment if you don't have the members the best staff in the world can't do anything. Troopers are trying to recruit in one of the most competitive regions in the country. I wish them well but I don't see them in the top 15 in 2018. If I am a potential member what is the message are they trying to send to me? No one from a large section of the country will audition with them when there are so many other options available. Holding auditions and camps in Texas was a mistake.
  5. dcifanforlife

    East Housing

    Correct Crossmen move in to Trexler late Friday night. Blue Stars move out when they leave for Friday night show.
  6. Rain out hurts the Mandarins the most. They need to keep increasing their score. Only one head to head match up left with Madison in Rome NY. Madison is on Saturday night in Allentown and scores tend to be higher than on Friday night. Hopefully Mandarins will be seeded right before or right after Madison in Prelims.
  7. No Crossmen - Bluestars matchup until Prelims. A long wait for fans of both corps.
  8. dcifanforlife

    Tour Question

    The tour is set at the September meeting. All show sponsors have to commit by mid September. So all Executive Directors/Corps Directors know by October 1st where they will be going. Some show dates may change by a day or two but the tour is basically set much earlier than most people think. Tour partners know what corps they will be getting when they get their contracts. DCI has had a record year for attendance in 2017 so they are already pressuring sponsors to commit for 2018. Only unknown for 2018 is the Florida swing since several corps have said that they will not go to Florida.
  9. dcifanforlife

    2017 Blue Stars

    Blue Stars arrive in Indianapolis in 14 days. During the next two weeks they have 10 shows ( four shows in a row starting tonight) and only four rehearsal days so majority of changes are already in. So it is an issue of cleaning which the Blue Stars staff is good at.
  10. dcifanforlife

    Madison Scouts 2017

    Yes making finals is the goal of most World Class corps. Benefits afforded the top twelve corps are huge. Helps with recruiting and tour selection. Most Executive Directors and Corps Directors are on multi year employment contracts so reevaluation of the Admin group may not be an option.
  11. dcifanforlife

    Madison Scouts 2017

    Madison and Mandarins only go head to head three times (Birmingham, Winston-Salem and Rome) before quarterfinals so it is going to be difficult to judge who is improving the most. I think Madison has the show that can beat the Mandarins but it will be close. Can Mandarins handle the pressure over the next three weeks?
  12. dcifanforlife

    Wave of the future...

    Several corps already have this type of bus for staff and volunteers. With only 24 beds per bus you would need 7 buses for members rather than the current 3. To expensive for any corps to consider.
  13. dcifanforlife

    Legends 2018 as test case (read on)

    DCI assigns what shows both World Class and Open Class corps can attend based on a criteria that has been established over the years. For the past two years in order for the Legends to have any shows they have been forced to make the Florida swing. It is an extremely costly and difficult group of shows to attend. George Hopkins has already stated that The Cadets will not make the Florida swing in 2018. Other corps have refused to make this swing the past two years. DCI needs to rethink their presence in Florida. Without shows to attend both Open Class and World Class corps have no reason to exist. Previous years placement is more important than ever when determining your tour.
  14. dcifanforlife

    The Legends REALLY Need Our Help!!!

    When is the independent accountant do his evaluation? During the Winter months most corps books look pretty lean. Cash doesn't start coming until members start paying their dues and fund raising starts. Wait until April or May and then you have to pull the plug late.
  15. dcifanforlife

    The Legends REALLY Need Our Help!!!

    What Ibe is not telling everyone is how the 100K is going to be spent. Is he going to use the money to pay off old debt or use it to pay upcoming expenses to complete the season? How much is needed to complete the season? He should state that he is taking no salary for rest of year and that no staff or other people currently being paid should receive any payment for the rest of the season. All money should be spent on the needs of the members. Pay bus company, drivers, fuel and food etc. All current debt holders need to wait until end of season for payment. DCI was aware of Legends financial instability before season started but they apparently made the wrong decision in letting them go on the difficult Florida tour this season. DCI is going to end up being owed money by Legends which in fact has to be shared with all the other member corps. I hope everything works out for the members.