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  1. Cadets 2018

    all just personal perspective. Look at those who rose up last year One would think they thought they discovered sliced bread for the 1st time. It's all about the journey sometimes which can be just as exciting as well as important as the actual number. jmo
  2. Cadets 2018

    The Cadets have set that bar very high for sure BUT that bar was set long before 34 years ago and has nothing to do with a medal or top 5. Funny how for some dropping out of top 5 means the falling into the abyss yet for others making it to top 5 or 6 or 7 or even making finals is a dream come true and celebrated. Guess it's all perspective.
  3. Cadets 2018

  4. Cadets 2018

  5. He could do something very controversial ( easily ) With today's DAILY debates on people coming into the country, people in minorities, religious differences, gender, sexual accusations, political division, etc etc. WSS can have a very different flair from original YET send the same kind of message. JMO
  6. know both and a little common sense, especially in a show. Rehearsal time corrections can be made show time , whats done is done
  7. 2018 Rules proposals

    corps are always told how to improve a show as well as what doesn't work. Although many think not everything on that field affects a score but it actually does to one degree or another.At least this has been my experience, whatever side I was sitting on.
  8. not just dot but body angle. That 2nd , or any persons upper body is angled wrong that also can change where that form ends up......can be complex IF it all isn't explained to the member, Dot ( if one uses them) form, body angle BUT to also make clear IF they choose to put dot over everything,....or not..I have taught people ( most have) that can be yards off of the form but they swear that they are on their dot but could care less of the form. common sense needed. Or taught
  9. This is a very important aspect if one chooses to use the dot method. 100% buy-in. A member must understand not just the dot but the form. One person off a dot ( depending on space and form ) can change many. Understanding form and what's expected should be understood.
  10. This ! One also needs to look at a few other factors . 1. Time ( actual time to teach as well as clean enough to be presentable ) 2. experience ( staff as well as Members) 3. Co operation of other staff ( could mean design coordination , time , putting things together with all elements) etc.
  11. Madison Scouts 2018

    well 1/2 of the country was still great. I think you know what I meant but To end the era of suppression of a race sure does make it great. So to get back to Scouts YES they have a long history of greatness , far longer than many. So yes costumes or not spats or not as far as I'm concerned either way Scouts will be, have been and hopefully always will be GREAT!
  12. Madison Scouts 2018

    Just like the country with that saying. It was , is and always has been GREAT! and that goes for the Scouts too!
  13. Cadets v.s. Boston Crusaders

    Very true. There can be quite the surprise!
  14. Cadets v.s. Boston Crusaders

    part of decades of any success is knowing when ( as you say ) to make room and evolve. This can ( or cant ) involve people there for decades. Blue Devils are proof that moving forward does not have to mean change hands BUT change ideas or an approach. Now one cant also trip on themselves and be of closed mind. Many things are a double edge sword for sure. Even with success, often what brings a group to success can also be the very thing that brings them down,