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  1. I can see this andTake this and also ask a kid which they would rather be in now a days. hmmmm .INTERESTING
  2. I think reading back many at least here don't think more bodies are needed. Seems it anyway
  3. Placement ,design, intent all come into play I've seen the bad design with tiny groups and fantastic designs with props for days it all depends .
  4. No it was about cleaner. I didn't know we weren't allowed to interject on the comment that although one may be dirty or cleaner or equal that we weren't allowed to comment on the fact that either way they were all quite amazing.
  5. Go back to what many consider the best of the best and watch those old videos.Its nice how sometimes our memories filter .lol I would totally agree with Mike., although like these corps today those bitd were also amazing
  6. Although what you say can be true the reason many leave and don't stay for encores and scores is only because of the ease of obtaining the scores ,sometimes before they're even announced. Either online or on their phones makes the trip home faster, especially a weekday show.
  7. I would love to pick and choose what I want back from the 70s or 80s but guess what ....never gonna happen!
  8. Sign the Petition

  9. I would agree with some of this
  10. If as you say members who audition who don't make an upper corps, most don't go to a lower corps then no matter what the number, would it make a difference?
  11. I would agree about getting back to Drum Corps but I've also been of the mind that politics does affect drum corps band the Arts etc etc.and should be discussed. Often many drum corps people feel we are immune from the world around us and that's simply not true. How about discuss when the American flag sections were removed or at least not required for drum corps as well as Winter guard which for winter guard took place many decades ago. Relate that to today's divided opinions.