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  1. When did halftime get hijacked?

    See,we all get "entertained" by quite different things,.lol and that's fine
  2. When did halftime get hijacked?

    And there's a way to do both in whatever way one chooses. One can choose what they wanna be and there isnt any wrong in my opinion
  3. When did halftime get hijacked?

    Last time I checked the high school experience was about them. I lately choose not to respond two some of these discussions for many reasons but I felt at least in my own opinion that were losing sight of the fact the high school experience is about the students experience. With all that said I'm looking at the broader picture .Personally to think that the band program is there merely to entertain and be a byproduct for any other program is the very reason in my opinion that there's been such a low regard from decades gone by of not only band programs but the students involved. I do believe there is a variety of all types of bands which is a good thing if one program chooses to be nothing more than a Chopin that's great if another program chooses to be highly competitive and their students enjoy that then that's equally that's great Not getting into the debate just throwing my two cents out there thanks
  4. When did halftime get hijacked?

    Yup I have seen this happen in the last 2 decades and of course have seen the opposite with programs caving to the bully in some cases ,territorial,get off my pee spot tactics from some athletic directors.I have been lucky enough to be part of programs where the band programs were top billing but do know many who still fall under the many decades gone by stigma often perpetuated by school staff themselves.
  5. I hear ya also......totally!
  6. Yeah in Dca soloists and drum majors took alot of leeway often causing a hot mess on several levels.thankfully that stopped mostly
  7. 2017 Boston Crusaders

    Yes. If it's out there it makes a difference.
  8. 40 years ago today

    I guess you answered your own question and aren't wondering at you have a hit coming out we don't know
  9. Cadets 2018

    RIP my old friend. Gone to soon.
  10. Naw I take it all with a grain of salt I guess. But I see what youre saying
  11. I think most people don't really care. You ask for proof of inflated numbers yet the only proof you have they weren't is an announcement or a jumbotron. IRS reported numbers are one thing, a campaign can be quite different. BUT does it really matter anyway. Maybe for some it might. who knows.