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    How Far Is Too Far?

    sad to say part of it was

    How Far Is Too Far?

    yeah ...sorta they were more like death youngins were in a covered wagon

    How Far Is Too Far?

    Way back a 1000 years ago when I was VERY underage ( although corps were younger ) the few of us couldn't even ride a bus with the rest of the corps. Although we may have been in a so-called safer place to be and we didn't see the things the so-called older kids were doing, there was a sense of division where we were expected to work as hard, maybe more, learn the history, etc etc. but left out of some of the fun as well as not feeling a total part because of the separation. I personally don't think some archaic means works today but do think education for all might, as well as consequences for actions. If one is old enough to do a long tour in a drum corps they must be educated in ALL aspects of what is acceptable, what is tolerated, what is off limits, and what consequences are no matter the age. This also goes for staff, volunteers, management, support staff, etc etc.

    How Far Is Too Far?

    of course, as I did say in other posts even once is 1 time to many. The post I was answering was also to the question as this thread started was about MMs and their parts in this and it does and has always existed. The trouble with threads is people will not look at the entire post, what was being answered and how it all relates. Many people in discussion boards just pick a sentence in a long response and ignore the rest. Usually, when someone is making a point it is an entire thought ( not saying you ) the statement on adults was just to say that yes there may be little but the same can be said of MMs. The impression to what I was answering was that members were far less than adults in these situations and I did not believe that was true.

    Cadets 2018

    and maybe a

    How Far Is Too Far?

    ok maybe some things you are quoting as fact.. or seems it..if it just was your opinion. I apologize.

    How Far Is Too Far?

    I agree. I only stated that as far as MMs or adults 1 issue is 1 too many for sure, that does not excuse adult or young adult. Both have been there.
  8. Over 18 it's not needed. I have had kids refuse to bring contracts home stating they are an adult. I actually had a kid fight it pretty hard once. Even had a parent refuse when there was an issue saying his kid was an adult it's their problem to solve.

    How Far Is Too Far?

    if you want statistics I also don't think there are hundreds of adults assaulting kids either. It gets attention for sure when there is even 1 As it should.. AS far as the kids Well , we will agree to disagree with how mature today's youth is. Your 1st paragraph states some pretty strong statistics. Has this been your experience? Just asking . not trying to attack your thoughts at all BUT I have seen quite the opposite over the years in almost every statement in there. Is it a majority? of course not, is it there and does every group need to deal with someone like any of those things every year? yes.
  10. sure I would agree with that BUT you have to get a kid to bring a parent if over 18 to even begin with
  11. In theory sure BUT many members although young are not children, especially in WC most do not walk in holding their parent's hand. These are facts. I also am speaking for winter programs. Hell, even with a HS program you don't see it much. That's another story.
  12. if they are over 18 if parents aren't paying and many don't they have no idea. It's easy to sit on one side and say what should be but often what is are 2 different things. Many winter programs ( and I have done countless ) with high dues also barely have a parent around.. and I mean barely. IMO if we really want to attack this and many other issues for what they are we also need to assess and recognize exactly the reality of what the activity is and how it works. Not saying you aren't aware how it really is, just saying ALL parents actually made me chuckle a bit. In decades I don't think I've ever seen that. even with contracts, 18 or over, uultimately a members responsibility.
  13. We tend to forget. In many of these WC corps parent involvement usually are the same ole same ole parents. I did many auditions over the years and YES there are some parents there but for the most part, unless they are very young ( not many in WC upper corps ) there aren't a huge amount of parents