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  1. yeah they spend time in the lot, ( imo , get rid of that somehow) many show up late, especially if it's a weekday show, etc etc...jmo ok I'm debate, I just wish lower corps would get more love, not on line BUT with $$$$$$$$$$$ at a show. It could change it all
  2. Agree, anything is worth a shot I guess.
  3. I'm less optimistic I guess with what I have seen over the years BUT , hey, if it works great . I will also say though do you think , lets say OC corps or very low WC corps sandwiched between BD and lets say Blue C..wants to be there? I don't think so AGAIN i will say if it works GREAT!
  4. Sounds good in theory. Let me tell you my and I believe realistic view. Some will stay and watch , others will run to socialize, bathroom break, concessions and souvie's which what many called Hot Dog corps. Many will still say, especially on line that they for sure would support BUT we all hear that all the time and never see it in reality.Pack a stadium with the smaller corps and see how much attention they will gets $$$$$$$$$ Gezz , the lot get more attention!
  5. This is very true. I have been on tours more years than I care to remember and have seen support on line for OC or as you say the less prominent and have said " put you money where your mouth is but it's same ole same ole. I have seen some with barley an audience. If people want to turn around the so called importance of the smaller corps then support them. MONEY will help with that change for sure. ASK WGI where their money comes from. Although WC is a sell out, without the HS A guards there would be no WGI At least not like it is.
  6. I didnt mind discussing this with you BUT didn't want a debate with the
  7. it was a hot mess but at times didn't taste so't forget the canned ravioli...a
  8. Well either way I think they just were able to do what they did and no matter what the motivation was it worked. It's a job of the staff and director to motivate towards the end of a tiring long, on the road season. Motivation is so important toward the end, especially if you are fighting for a spot to get in,make top 5 medal or win, whatever ones goals are. I doubt at that point talking about future staff would have been a motivator BUT either way you do what you have to.
  9. I dont think pending staff pushed BAC into finals last year. Rumors, even from a direct source are just that,rumors,and I dont believe any judge was going to be influenced by that. BAC made finals only because they got a little better at the end than those around them imo. The rest as you say will be seen.
  10. Gotcha. I guess I focused on the rest of the post .
  11. I dont think the poster you answered was trying to be snarky toward BAC. It could be ( hopefully with good intent ) a legit question. Lets face it drum corps people ( designers ) can be a little here today gone tomorrow without thinking of consequence . I'm sure BAC has done what they could to retain what they want for their future. They seem to have things in place not just for money but to ensure people are happy and want to stay where they are . That has been BDs success .
  12. Exactly..everyone rips apart, has a better way, re- designs etc etc everyone at the top or having success ( whatever that means ). When the critics aren't out you know you're doing something wrong.
  13. Easy there. You are quite right but lets look at what you say realistically . When a corps is 10, 11th or 12th or barley making finals , does anyone talk much about them? NO not really. Critics in every shape and form come out most always as a corps gets better. BAC and all involved should welcome the critics ( as annoying as it is ) it's only when you hit a certain point of success when they even care to be obnoxiously critical. Enjoy! BAC hasn't had this in a long time....JMO Good luck for the rest of the season BAC...Enjoy!
  14. there's no such thing as perfection. A perfect score just means the best that night.