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  1. Some thoughts on 2017

    16 vs 17 comparison for me: BD - 2016. Though that ballad was amazing this year. Last year was more cohesive, better visual, and great ballad and closer. SCV - 2016. Not even close. Much better visually and musically. 2017 technically impressive, but did little for me. Crown - 2016. Grew to really enjoy 2017 too though Cavaliers - 2016. Not even close. 2017 too jumbled and add for me Bluecoats. 2016 was fresh and original while 2017 felt like a stale repeat, done less cleanly Boston - 2017. I actually loved 2016, but this year was amazing in every way (drill, story, ballad, closing effects) Cadets - hmmm. Well... neither? Side by side and 10 seem so long ago.., Blue Knights - a toss up. Loving BK for 4 years running. I'll say 2016 - better visually Phantom - 2017, but only because of the ballad and closer. I actually really liked 2016. Memories impacted by the horrible illness impacting performance & impact last year blue stars - a toss up. I loved themboth years. I'll go with 2017z one of my favorites of the year, despite the Moulin Rouge part. Crossmen - 2016 by a lot. God those props were awful this year. madison - see Cadets. I didnt like either year. Would much rather have seen wonderful Mandarins Saturday night mandarins- 2017. Duh. Pure brilliance & the show of the year. Academy - 2016. Not even close, though I grew to enjoy 2017 harvey
  2. Death to the Seat Poachers

    I didn't experience any rudeness related to this. And I don't mind loaning out a seat in my block if I know it's unoccupied for the night or until a certain point in time. I think the challenge was on Saturday night. It seems most complaining about this were in section 100, as was I. I was on the 10th row on the 50 in 140 (incredible music seats!). The way the stadium is designed, between sections 138 and 142, the entry is confined. There were huge traffic jams with seat poachers having to vacate at the same time the paying customers were trying to get in - especially in the 10-12 block. DCI DOES need to ensure tickets are validated at the entry to those sections - at least on Saturday night. I was not once asked to show my ticket the entire week. Harvey
  3. Santa Clara Alumni Corps

    It was a truly magical moment. Thank you SCV Alumni. What a thrill to see the jr coros and all the age outs just go crazy for the performance. A powerful reminder of the amazing ability for melody driven drum corps to excite all generations. Harvey
  4. Mandarins 2017 - Inside the Ink

    Bravo, Mandarins! What an amazing show. Easily one of my 2 favorite shows of the year, along with BD. Also one of my 3 favorite moments of the year with the Sound of Silence ballad and reprise in the closer (along with BD's & Boston's ballads) Just a brilliant design and performed at a top 12 level - and the best Mandarins have ever been. I SO wanted to see this show one more time. So detailed and nuanced yet performed with so much emotion. Best wishes that this is only the START of something special for this corps. Harvey
  5. Great and fast review, Jonathan! Amazed at how aligned on our thoughts! It was a great night to be sitting in Lucas Oil. Harvey
  6. Phantom Regiment 2017

    Score drop aside, I though Regiment really brought it tonight, gave me some goosebumps and had a great crowd reaction to the closer. So impressed with the growth from Stanford to Finals & the members & staff should be proud. I hope the retention rate with members & staff is great & this is a foundational year with good things to come. Best Regiment program since Turandot for me. Well done! Harvey
  7. Phantom Regiment 2017

    Can't wait to see Phantom & everyone else tomorrow. Living Phantom's underscored guard this year. Keep cleaning & refining that brass sound Regiment!
  8. Awesome review! Thank you so much for sharing. I'm 100% on board with your closing thoughts as well. Those issues have gotten out of hand. Harvey
  9. Here are some of mine: - SCV 90 - Crossmen 92 - Phantom Regiment 2010 - BD 2004 Harvey
  10. Phantom Regiment 2017

    I elaborated on the favorite 2017 shows thread, but it's certainly NOT performance, which is insanely good. It's the awful writing & design, with things mic'd that don't need to be, extreme abuse of amping synths & some brass parts, choppy arrangements with needless quick drum breaks, voice-overs (even Phantom is guilty of that), and a lack of extended, complete musical thoughts. Also the lack of moving while playing difficult demand is really sad to me. Way too much park & bark. If I take Cavaliers, for example, I can't remember ONE musical thing they did. All I remember is wanting the voiceovers to STOP. I'm not particularly old school, and I've enjoyed a ton of top 6 shows in the last few years. I just think the shark has been jumped this year - with all the stunts and bells & whistles overwhelming the passion & music - and the drill - that makes me love Drum Corps. This is far more true within the top 7 than it is for the rest. just my 2 cents. Harvey
  11. Favorite shows of 2017

    Having now finally seen everyone in Allentown, I'll way in with mine: In no particular order: Boston, Phantom, Blue Stars, Genesis, Oregon Crusaders, Mandarins, Academy, Blue Knights There are many things to like in Crown, SCV & BD too, but overall (and I will elaborate later) I am sorely disappointed with the top 7. The music books up there are all way too choppy (except Crown), way too full on un-needed brief drum breaks that interrupt the flow, full of needless voice overs and signing that goes on too long, and way to amped. Visually, there is far too much staging for my taste, when Blue Stars, Genesis, Phantom and others are reminding us what great drill adds to a show. I'm hoping my opinions change after repeated viewings in Indy. For now, the satirical re-write video of 1986 BD (and the Cavaliers machine re-write) are way too spot on. I'm very hopeful there is a real re-thinking of amped horn lines and out of control synth volumes over the off-season. PS - let anyone thinks otherwise, there were MANY shows I loved over the last 3 years from the top corps. To me this is a 2017 "Fonzi jumped the shark" season that I hope is an aberration. Harvey
  12. THE ACADEMY 2017

    I was super hard on Academy earlier this year. Was blown away by the progress on display in Allentown. The show has matured so nicely, and the music book is quite solid. Frankly, I'd have this as a dead heat between Mandarins & Academy for 12th, as I felt like both are stronger than Madison, which did nothing for me. Bravo, Academy on growing into this show and continuing to fight. Very excited to see what they do in Indy. Don't count them out yet! Harvey
  13. Phantom Regiment 2017

    Regiment blew me away in Allentown. So impressed with how much they've grown this year. The visual program is wonderful and that guard, oh my. Best guard on flag that my group (none of which are Phantom Phans except me) saw. Those girls can SPIN. There are flaws (the voice overs and the amping of the hornline are glaringly detractions), but this is a nice step forward with a YOUNG corps (the horn line has grown by leaps and bounds, but is still not a strength). Very enjoyable show that was seemingly the talk of many fans and some staffs walking around the next day - and particularly the guard. Felt like the guard was way under-scored. Can't wait to see this momentum carried forward to Indianapolis next week. 9th or not, this is an evolutionary year for Phantom while remaining true to their roots. Seeing how much is lacking in the musicality of the programming in most of the top, it makes me appreciate this show even more. Thanks, Regiment! Harvey
  14. Genesis 2017

    I was super impressed with Genesis in Allentown this weekend. A very well designed show, with good musical arrangements (that were MUSICAL), and some very innovative, well done drill. One of my top 5 favorite shows in Allentown. Well done & welcome to World Class, Genesis!
  15. Whats your on favorite show?

    Thanks, Planets. You described quite well what I felt live in 96! Such sublime brass sound and oh so delicious low brass. Sadly, today, they'd overpower that stark beauty with #### amplified keyboard bass and ruin it. LOL