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  1. I agree with NE Brigand...when I saw Gold at Bellflower last week their show design was superior to BDB’s IMO and has a lot more room to grow. Nuts4DC: Thanks got posting the scores; I hadn’t heard from my son (3rd year SCVC trumpet) yet.
  2. TRacer

    the REAL ending

    By “colored the landscape” I mean that GR’s willingness to pull out TBD as a last minute/“kitchen sink”/Hail Mary attempt to come from behind and win Finals was forever changed.
  3. TRacer

    the REAL ending

    Man, what a train wreck that was; I witnessed it live. That episode really “colored the landscape” for GR, and their longtime DM (by 2018 standards) became a persona non grata after that.
  4. I was at the Bellflower show and watched SCVC’s brass warmup. They are training those kids like a Top 6 horn line; they did one exercise that showcased their volume power and command of intonation and there were several gasps from onlookers. Their show this year is built around the brass unlike 2017 but BDB will have to make up a lot of ground.
  5. I’m just thankful nether organizarion is out on the ice floes of Greenland causing grievous bodily harm to baby harp seals to raise money for their bus fuel funds. Other than that, I still don’t care how one organization is perceived to be out of tune with your idea of public policy versus how the other organization is in tune simply because their stance fits your paradigm. The founding members of DEVO were absolutely right, 45 years ahead of their time. Even the patriarch of the Mothersbaugh family supported their message by taking the character mantle of General Boy in their very early videos. (For the younger readers, the founding members of DEVO were all students on campus during the Kent State shootings of 1970; one of the female victims gunned down in the parking lot was a girlfriend of the bass player.) It’s a gorgeous day today here in Lanikai Beach, Hawaii; my plan is to hit the waves later.
  6. Awesome; thanks for posting for the lineup!
  7. In 2015 I judged Visual for a band that had a MM on lead trombone who was wheelchair bound. He was securely fastened into one of those high performance racing chairs with tires for the natural grass, and he was assisted by a “buddy pusher” also in uniform. That two man team was not confined at all and were out in the thick of some really fast drill that covered broad areas of the field. What was truly astounding was the “pusher” kept up with the turns, changes. etc., ** all while staying in step and in the form. ** The trombone player (also in uniform of course) was able to turn his body 90* when required and man that kid could play. IIRC that was a bigger band that placed 2nd in their class that night.
  8. I do not feel it necessary to ask, for I simply do not care. I tire very quickly of talking heads and their ardent disciples (aka “ilk”) that tell us what “should” or “shouldn’t” be funny or offensive. I choose what I find to be funny or offensive. For example, I find this entire Theatre of the Absurd-esque dialogue about Cavies to be quite funny. On the other hand, clubbing baby harp seals to death for their pelt is, in my view, horribly cruel and offensive. If any Boston Crusaders alum is reading this, that corps did an exceptional job with Animal Farm. I think Boston and a show based on Orwell’s 1984 would be another perfect fit. I’ll even contribute the show concept: the entire corps would come out and set up their equipment. They would then stroll into their opening set, which would be a clump on the front sideline. The announcer would do his thing. Then, in an homage to John Cage, the MMs would simply gaze at the audience in total silence for their allotted 13 minutes. The performers wouldn’t have to do anything, as 1984 would play out right before their eyes. Save us, Boston Crusaders; you’re our only hope.
  9. A couple of weeks ago I woke up and realized I no longer identified as a homosapien, but as a giraffe. This was a revelation, and to put my new inter-species identity to work I attended a casting call for a nature film being shot locally. I arrived at the appointed place and time, and when it became my turn I approached the desk. I was introduced to the assistant casting director, who gave me a quizzical look. ”May we help you?” ”Yes, I’m here for the casting call for your nature picture ‘Predators on the Prairie’. The ad in the paper said you were seeking giraffes. I’d like to try out.” ”Umm...well, you don’t exactly look like a giraffe...” ”Yes, but I *identify* as one. The rest you can fix with makeup or CGI.” “You also have opposable thumbs. Giraffes don’t.” I got kind of frustrated. Couldn’t they see...? So I said, “I can wear gloves.” “Can you reach the succulent leaves found at the tops of trees without leaving the ground? Because that’s what the script calls for.” ”Nooo....” ”I’m sorry, but that is essential for the role. Thanks for coming...NEXT!!” As I turned to leave I accidentally bumped into an actual giraffe and said, “Oops, excuse me.” I left the casting call feeling utterly deflated and humiliated. A myriad of questions ran through my mind: who could I blame? Could I sue? I sat and stewed; surely there were others I could make feel miserable. A few days later I woke up and realized I identified as being a homosapien again, and that my rejection at the hands of the casting director didn’t bother me any more.
  10. Exactly. Thank you for deciphering the hidden message intended for your personal viewing pleasure in my satirical reply, although mine was far more eloquent. That song never gets old. EDIT: We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming already in progress...
  11. “Feelings...nothing more than...feelings... Tryin’ to forget myyyy....feelings of lo-uh-oove... Teardrops...(cascading descending piano run) rolling down on— my face....” That was for all the beautiful people in the room— why? Because I’m beautiful, you’re beautiful; we’re all beautiful people here...speaking of here I’m here all week; be sure to try the fish, and don’t forget to tip your wait staff...
  12. Historically SCV has always lagged behind in brass to BD (and Cadets, Star, Crown....) BD: A sh!t ton of High Brass awards since the late 70s, 4 since 2007 SCV: 2 in 50 years; the last one was 31 years ago on “2-Valve G Bugles of the ######” sponsored by DEG <shiver> Crown: 5 since 2007
  13. If you want to get a real sense of “bad percussion” in a top flight drum corps, listen to ‘81 Blue Devils at Finals; their drum solo is simply ghastly. I’m just a horn guy, but it’s that obvious. I was in Montreal in the stands, and you could hear the train wreck as it unfolded right after opener. BD took High GE (with SCV a close 2nd), High Brass (another close 2nd for SCV), and were only .05 in back of SCV for High M&M (aka Visual, for younger readers.) SCV took 2nd in Percussion that night behind the Bridgemen. Here’s the kicker: BD percussion was so bad, SCV incurred a 0.2 penalty (can’t remember what for) and *still* won Finals by 3 tenths.
  14. I am (and have been) a Visual Performance judge for a few band circuits on the Mainland (I went through an evaluation process, yes) and I am a Music judge/clinician here on the Hawaiian Islands doing mainly indoor venues. On the music judging side I’ve worked with top educators and composers (there are two judges per competition); one was a horn instructor for Blue Stars in 2017. Here’s what helps me: — I recognize my limitations; I would never consider myself qualified to judge Music at the DCI level. — Judging is a way for me to give back to the activity, and I’d like to think most judges (band, DCI, WGI, etc.) share the same philosophy no matter where in the country they may judge. I am not out to “get” a certain group or come off as Lord Vader (“I find your lack of step awareness...disturbing...”) I get very positive feedback on my judges tapes because I don’t “talk” to the staff per se, but to the performers. All my tapes have the same opening spiel, that being, if the director has time, I encourage that he or she let the students listen to as much of the tape as possible. It is all about the kids, after all. — The ability to compartmentalize for future recall. —- The ability to spot errors but communicate effective solutions for those errors in a positive manner *on the fly*. — No biases toward band x or y. — I’m not a Negative Nancy. — I’m concerned for the performers’ safety. (On Tape: “Note for the band moms! With the backup technique the students are using I highly advise checking pant length in the ________ section as their heels are very close to getting caught in the cuffs, and that can lead to nasty falls.”) — The ability to think fast. Really fast. Best example I have ever seen was Alan “The Flash” Christensen saving the Crown snare drummer’s age out performance by running that dropped snare drum aaaaalllllll the way back to that drummer in time for the big hit. Drum handoff at 190 bpm— a perfect 10! (Drum remount on harness: 11!) And then Alan kept on going....doing his job. Then he went back to check on the drummer later. Judges are human. I have inquired about being a DCI judge and keep a phone number handy; I understand the training is thorough and I’m a huge fan of learning no matter how old I am. It would be a way to give back to the DC activity and now that my son (3rd year SCVC trumpet currently) is in college and my medical issues have subsided, upon reflection perhaps it’s time to pull that trigger. Think about it: this is a chance in some small way to help a performer do ______ just THAT MUCH BETTER next time, and then when all those ”that much better next times” are added up and multiplied by the number of performers....what a payoff. I’d like to think other judges see it this way too. Sorry for the length.
  15. TRacer

    12th place Corps ?

    I would recommend adding Vanguard Cadets to this conversation. I attended the OC show held in Bellflower, CA last night and watched VC’s brass warmup. My observations: (1) The “Unified Brass Program” initiated by VMPA is very real and VC brass are being trained like a Top 6 horn line. I marched in an Ott-winning hornline, and one exercise they performed elicited more than a few gasps from observers (myself included) because of the sheer volume power and command of articulation. At one point I shut my eyes, and could “hear” the A-Corps in what they were doing. The trumpet section alone has two dedicated techs and in the trumpet sectional they ran thru their tough feature in production while doing all the body movement...Instruction and direction were concise, and results immediate. (2) The show is designed to exploit the brass, not feature the percussion like last year. Their first huge impact is the moment they step off in an audacious “THIS is drum corps!” way for which the crowd was entirely unprepared based on the “WTF!!” and other “spirited spontaneous commentary” I heard. (3) The unison choreography and body movement featured in the brass with their horns grounded is IMO on par with the A-corps in difficulty, albeit not quite performed to the A-corps degree (I am told this corps is much younger than 2017.) This similarity is intentional, because the A-corps choreography crew work with the Cadet corps during tour as well. They even have an acrobatic backflipping hornplayer like the A-corps, though it appeared he may have hurt himself last night during the show. (4) The show design is light years ahead of BDB.