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  1. What Would You Do......

    It was with some misgivings that I went back to SCV for my age out year in ‘85. I should have listened to my instincts and marched elsewhere, or not at all. It wasn’t the Finals night result, it was the run up *during* rehearsal earlier that day that “colored the landscape” (so to speak) and by 4 PM Finals Day I just wanted it all to be over. I pretty much performed that night on auto-pilot, and it’s obvious in my facial expression on the field camera closeup. The 0.8 swing in brass score (we were up 0.4 over BD & GC in Semis but 0.4 below them in Finals) and the subsequent High CG caption award announcement gaffe just capped it.
  2. In this situation, more like quotation marks. :D
  3. When my son got into DCI at age 12, both his mother (BK & VK alum) and I joked about the old adage that “whatever happens on the bus, stays on the bus.” As I read some of the other posts on this topic I kept hearing, “Are we not men? (WE ARE DEVO!)”, which, by the way, Cavies should have used in ‘17.
  4. 2018 Blue Stars

    My son who is beginning his 5th year in DCI recently auditioned at Blue Stars’ Los Angeles camp on December 10th. He said the marching style was an adjustment for him after SCVC ‘16 & ‘17 but that overall he had a great experience and was invited to their January callback camp, so my thanks to their staff that came out!
  5. Old skool with the current 150 or old 128 members? If 150 and the hornlines stay the same size with the same quality of musicians as today but put on Gs.... RE: Jeff Molnar’s “Lowest placement in corps history” remark a few posts back...yes, that show *was* a bad idea; it shouldn’t have made the Top 10 that year IMO. On two occasions during late season I sat in front of their hornline arc during warmup and I just wanted to choke the staff.
  6. We'll have to see! His dad auditioned for BD at their December camp in 1980 and did great. Alas, his ride from Orange County at the time had to back out and his parents (who didn't know a thing about drum corps yet) weren't about to let their just-licensed 16 year old kid drive by himself to Concord. Mr. Downey was incredible.
  7. My son who returned from a very successful 2017 campaign with SCVC (he marched 2016 with them as well) plans on trying to make the leap to SCV-A when auditions hit in a few months. 2018 will already be his 5th season in corps...time has just flown by. He was at HS band camp 3 days after Finals-- unreal! His band director (a Cavies alum from their three-peat) worked with Cavies' visual staff this year so they both had really good summers. Guess what style their band marches...? Note to Xmen alums: he's already narrowed his 2018 WC audition choices to SC *and Bones ("Crossmen are really cool, Dad!") I still have my Xmen souvie T-shirt from ''s kinda thin now though, like a spandex uni-- oh, never mind!
  8. I gave up watching Finals due to the feed issues (after a flawlesss week!) myself and others experienced. The biggest buffering gap occurred during SCVs "call and answer" double tounging section with the small ensemble on the tables with the brass in a "V" in the feed kept rebuffering I began to look closely at the image that remained frozen on the screen until Devil's rifle line stepped off. I understand the reasoning behind the costuforms SCV wore, but the spandex tops made almost all the guys look overweight and out of shape with sunken chests and I couldn't help but think "Big Belly Crew". I hope SCV rethinks this in 2018.
  9. Thank you for the VK clip...exactly. Some of the comments I've read remind me why I'm a charter member of the National Organization Of the Offended by the Offended, or NOOOO!
  10. What Bloo and PR did this year CG uni wise was nowhere NEAR "old" VK's well endowed hardbody CG girl who popped out out of a prop cake wearing nothing but a skimpy white bikini and white FMPs during "CA Girls", and she had parents too. No corps will ever top that.
  11. I would like to-- (buffering...) thank Flo for the-- (buffering) sucktastically awful fee-- (buffering...) ...prevented me from wa (buffering....) my kid's last perf (buffering...) and ever (buffering....) including SC-- (buffering...) even after repeated logging out and clea-- (buffering...) it was flawless all week. Today, Nada. Buffered through 2/3 of SC-(Buffering...) oh look Devils just popped up (buffering...)
  12. That screamer soloist is a friend of my son who is also in the trumpet line-- he said the soloist had a blast aging out with VC this year!
  13. Thank you FLO for dropping the feed so I could miss my son's last SCVC performance today; I appreciate it.
  14. Santa Clara Alumni Corps

    My thanks for the PM. As I said on another thread, multiple eye surgeries forced me out of SCVAC in March, then another emergency eye surgery out of nowhere on July 6th blew my plans to go to Indy to watch my SCVC kid as I was restricted from air travel, and you can't drive on the water to the Mainland. On a more humorous note I remember talking with the AC director in the winter and going through the various movements...I looked at Mvmt 1 for Bari 1 in G and said, "Already memorized." 90% of that 1st Mvmt was note-for-note and rhythm the same as what I'd played back in the day. Clowns is another everyone has memorized too since GR's arrangement hasn't changed. Special note: the DM who conducted the RCM portion tonight was the same "Best Hat Toss in DCI after RCM" DM from the '87 YT video who aged out in that performance. His son marched next to mine in the trumpet section this year in SCVC so it was doubly special for that father/son duo.
  15. I'm just saddened because I've missed so much. Three eye surgeries in 6 months caused me to pull out of the SCVAC in March, then July 6th I get hit with unexoected emergency eye surgery again and couldn't travel to Indy (I'm still restricted fromflying and you can't drive from Oahu) to watch my SCVC kid win Open Class. #### it.