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  1. 2018 Rules proposals

    No, but neither does 80. If you want a perfect square, you have to either go to 64 or 81. If you wanted an 8x10, drop guard to 36 and boom, perfect 6x6 square. (again, though, I did pit, so the numbers on the field are generally a ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ to me.
  2. 2018 Rules proposals

    Breaking them down into "Agree," "Agree, but Can See the Logic for No," "Disagree but Can See the Logic for Yes," and "Ummm...wat?": Agree: 5) Annual Rules Congress (Kevin Shah, BK) -- YES PLEASE. It would save us the minor tremor of terror all of us had when Hop noted that because corps have purchased things already amplification wouldn't be able to be addressed before the 2020 Congress. 6) Brass Amplification (Michael Martin, Cavies) -- Also a YES PLEASE. I'd extend it to 12 at a time, personally, but VERY YES on this, though I'm not sure how you'd enforce it, unless T&P was given a monitor for the sound system. 8) Percussion adjudication and Music Analysis (Kevin Shah, BK) -- Getting field sampling of percussion is important. We've had that debate. Moving the drum judge back on the field and splitting music analysis into two captions (one brass, one percussion) at regionals/championships would handle the "are we addressing drums correctly" question. I'd similarly be ok with splitting visual analysis into two people, one more marching/maneuvering-focused, one more guard focused. 9) Update the Music Analysis Sheet (Kevin Shah, BK) -- Agreed, especially with the things that he specifically mentions (electronics) Agree, But See the Logic for No 7) Brass 2 (Michael Martin, Cavies) -- Field-level brass adjudication doesn't sufficiently monitor the ensemble. I could see the argument for addressing this as part of redoing the Music Analysis caption, though. Disagree, But See the Logic for Yes 3) No scoring before July (Pitts) -- yes to all the things you said in your reasoning, but that's always been true, and it's not like early season scores have ever mattered that much. That said, I could agree with possibly using the system mentioned in proposal (5) before July 1st, as a compromise here. 4) Ordinals only, no scores (Hopkins) -- I see the reasoning for wanting to balance relative judge weights out, if for no other reason than (as I believe I've discussed in the past) visual judges are more inclined to give higher scores than music judges (see: the number of max scores given in visual achievement captions vs the number given in music achievement captions). That said, some times one group really is just that much better than another and that should be reflected accordingly. Having done four years of high school marching band under ordinal rules (Texas UIL), it kinda sucks. That said, could be applicable before July 1. Ummm...wat 1) Expand to 154 (Furlano) -- yo, just march 76 brass and it'll be fine. Or knock out some synth players if you really need 80/40. 2) Expand Finals to 15 (Cesario) -- start with where you'd put them on the field for retreat. Then go on to how long Finals would take. And 13-15 already get the perk of being in the movie theater; that seems like a big enough bump.
  3. All time shows: The Crossmen

    Favorites 1) 1998. Because that pit feature makes me cry basically every time I listen to it. (Related: I was in pit.) 2) 1992. Pretty much inimpeachable. 3) 2002. Heat of the Day is fun. So is Strawberry Soup. 4) 2014. The new uniforms were great. Musical selections were delightful, especially with Caravan woven throughout. The Maltese Cross --> 40 --> park and park was bloody delightful. 5) 2012. THAT SCREAMER. Delightful music, pretty solid drill...and dang was it nice to see them in Finals again. HM: 1997. Because you have to at least acknowledge their highest score ever. 2005. Because Classical Gas is fun. Least favorites: 1) 2009. Crossmen...you're the Crossmen. Why are you doing Twilight: the Drum Corps Show with Medea and Evanescence? Just...just be the Crossmen, not the RRHS Drum corps. 2) 2010. No seriously, stop trying to be the RRHS drum corps.
  4. So, Star '91 is probably one of the five best champion shows ever (I personally have it first, but I can see arguments for SCV '89/Cavies '02/BD '14/etc.). But there's a question about it that just popped into my head tonight. So, we've read the story of Zingali teaching the cross-to-cross on the fly, more or less coming up with it on the spot in rehearsal one day. Does anyone remember what the ending to the show was before that got put in? I don't know when it got put in in the season, so I have no idea what parts of the country would have seen the original ending. And it's unlikely that publicly available video of it survives, unless someone still has their VHS that they recorded with their camcorder in 1991. Anyone happen to know?
  5. DCI Design Staff's Other Work

    Sacktig and May both work with other groups, as listed above. Bocook has been brass arranger at BK since ~2012.
  6. TOC shows

    (Because I'm feeling snarky today.)
  7. Cadets 2018

    So, baseless speculation time: Beddis succeeds Aungst the elder when Tom takes over for Hop?
  8. Cadets 2018

    I mean, they did...a couple of them, in fact...just not live. Not sure that makes it better.
  9. DCI Design Staff's Other Work

    My thoughts exactly. Could be a great fit at a not-Crossmen corps (seriously, she's done some great work in San Antonio), but Crossmen weren't a great fit for that design team.
  10. DCI Design Staff's Other Work

    I think she may have been in on the Guidry team at XMen when they first moved to Texas (and became that weird XMen/Reagan hybrid for three years that we all try not to speak of).
  11. DCI Design Staff's Other Work

    Off the top of my head, Ryan George (arranger for Leander) is at Boston, and Will Pitts (PR) arranges for Hebron (among others). My Texas powerhouse rankings are about a decade out of date, but Van Matthews (LD Bell) is now with Madison. @DrumManTx can probably fill more of these in--he's more tapped in to the current scene than I am.
  12. All time shows: Boston Crusaders

    Important caveat: for most of my time following drum corps, Boston has felt (to me) like...well, like "generic drum corps show X." They've been fine, solid shows, but nothing truly spectacular. This is probably just my own personal bias working against them, because I enjoy the shows...there's just not really been anything to make them particularly "special" for me. That said, there are a few exceptions, and I present most of them below. I should really heavily underscore that all of this is my opinion and perception of things, and is not meant to ascribe anything to the corps itself, motive-wise (mostly relating to my least-favorites). Favorites in chronological order: 2000 (RED): such a delightful show to listen to! Wrapping Bolero back in at the end (so getting the good parts of Bolero, without all the needless repetition), the snippet of Carmen...the singing. It all just worked. 2009 (The Core of Temptation): best use of electronics in the first year of having them available (the apple bite). I still occasionally shudder thinking about the horn toss. And the "Bacchanale" while lying down on the field worked SO well. 2013 (RISE): different color palette! Shifting color palette during the show. Good musical selections! early season 2014 (Animal Farm): when it first came out, this felt like it was Important, as drum corps shows go, and calling out what had happened. And the G7 set was pretty dope. 2017 (Wicked Games): One of two shows in this set that really falls into the "generic drum corps show X" boat I mentioned up top (with 2013). Very well executed (great singer!), and a show that, if any corps were going to do it, Boston would be the one, but...shrug I guess just kinda...there for me. Least favorites, in no particular order: 2015 (Conquest): for a 75th anniversary show, it was...well...bland. The banners never quite worked the way they wanted them to, the story never quite conveyed well...just kinda there. 2016 (Quixotic): just didn't work as a show. It's a testament to the members that they scraped into Finals, because that was nowhere close to a Finals-level design for them. late-season 2014 (Animal Farm): this may be off because 2014 is the one year that I had the season pass (we miss you, Fan Network), but by the time Allentown rolled around, the premise of the show had gotten stale. Like, at first it worked as a "yeah, we're telling it like it is and sticking it to them!" but by the end of the season it felt like "really? you're still going on about this? Still?" And the finals week changes didn't help, either. "Oh, you're now making the subtext that we all got on first viewing because the meaning was plain as day text (literal text, in the case of the narration) because it wasn't clear enough?" "Oh, now you've put the DCI logo on your flags to try and convey your point even more?" "Oh, now you're whining about the baby powder thing because the rule was correctly applied? Come on." Animal Farm was a great early season show. But the kids couldn't march it, and rather than clean the dirt, things that made the show decidedly worse/whinier were added in.
  13. DCI 2017 Photos?

    DCX, presumably (dcxmuseum.com)
  14. Cadets 2018

    Hmm...if it's three men and one woman, it's probably "On the Town," then... Presumably WSS would "cast" Tony, Maria, Anita, and...Bernardo, presumably? Or different singers taking on different roles at different points in the show.