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  1. random thought: how do we think BDB would do if they got handed an old BD show that won? like, if next year they announced they were doing Rhythms... at the Edge of Time, and the only thing that changed would be transposing it for B-flat instruments, where would that place? posted from the DrumScorps app
  2. ftwdrummer

    Santa Clara Vanguard 2018

    To my mind, track record. SCV's staff has a past track record of relatively consistent placement year-to-year (off the top of my head, I only recall one Gaines-designed show that didn't medal, but I don't remember when he started writing for Cavies). Unlike Crown and Bloo, once they've gotten up to this level, they've stayed up (compare with Crown, who medaled in 2009, then dropped and didn't make it back up until 2012, or Bloo, who medaled in 2010, dropped and didn't make it back up until 2014, then dropped in placement again in 2015 before winning in 2016). They've also shown the ability to reload talent-wise--by all accounts, there should have been a drop-off this year based on the number of age-outs last year, and it didn't happen. Both of those make me optimistic that SCV 2019 will go better than Crown 2014 and Bloo 2017.
  3. ftwdrummer

    "Big, Loud And Live" Roll Call

    I'll be breaking my streak of attending BLL at 10 years, on a plane to go home and introduce my parents to my fiancee's parents. Someone who's in the theater: lots of thanks from here if you can transcribe (or at least paraphrase) some of the pre-show interviews with design staff--who talked for which corps, and what they talked about. I'd be specifically interested in the Cadets rep (Shanefield, presumably), but I'd love to get word of the others as well. Thanks in advance.
  4. ftwdrummer

    Cadets 2018

    Good morning, Cadets.
  5. The ballad is in Icelandic, so... Sensemaya is in Spanish.
  6. ftwdrummer

    Carolina Crown 2018

    You sure about that? Consider, for one example off the top of my head, Cadets 2014. Alternatively (if you want a throwback), Star '92. (WHY DIDN'T YOU USE "AMERICAN SALUTE" WITH THOSE MELLOS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?)
  7. ftwdrummer

    Iconic Drum Majors

    Willie Veenstra was pretty great for Bloo 2013-2015. Definitely had a fanbase among the younger set (based on my sister's fandom of him).
  8. ftwdrummer

    Santa Clara Vanguard 2018

    In the dance break a la 2001, maybe?
  9. and THAT'S why I'm only watching that show on high cam until Indy. (I trust Tom Blair to know to cut to high cam when there's a bloody Z-pull. He hasn't failed us on that before.)
  10. Almost as if they had to re-conceive the show two months before the season started?
  11. Sounded to my ears (via Flo) that the treble singers' mics were cutting in and out, but the lower-register voices were fine--that could have contributed (A LOT) to the roughness. That was a rough mic run (from the very get-go--guess we know that solo's live every time now) and there were some definite visual tics I was catching along the way on hi-cam (e.g. tuba missed his timing on the tuba soli in Sensemaya). If that's the worst run they have this year (and it's definitely the worst run I've seen them have, which, again, on Flo only), they'll be fine. But it makes me nervous how the mics are going to hold up come Indy (see: Crown 2017).
  12. That's what I've been doing most of the season. I heard that multi-cam had better audio today, though, so I'm trying it on for size. Will probably switch to high cam for Cadets and SCV.
  13. We now have ads with the live audio in the background. I much prefer this to no audio.
  14. ftwdrummer

    Murfreesboro, TN - July, 27, 2018

    Inclined to agree. And I'm not going to see it live. There's a few pretty easy visual tweaks I'd make to it to sell the end a hair better, though (with the very, very, VERY obvious caveat that Michael Gaines has a way better idea of how to do things visually than I ever will)... Leave the mellos off the top of the middle stack for the sustain, keep the guard duet up top. They can come off during the drum break when people run up the stacks, which is when... ...the cymbals run up to the center (four cymbals in the middle, two mellos on either side), so we can wrap this thing up the way all good Vanguard shows should. Also, have to say: it's not the flashiest, most-spectacle-filled Gaines drill ever (that's probably still 2006, I would argue, though I'll hear arguments for 2002 and 2004), but it's (a) clearly his drill, and (b) pretty wonderful to see perfectly competently composed drill on a football field again. There are few enough excellent straight-up drill writers anymore (off the top of my head, basically just Weber, Gaines, Sacktig, and May; Murphy doesn't really write drill so much as he writes beautiful staging that happens to occasionally incorporate drill these days) that seeing one of the best ever churn out a perfectly solid, unspectacular, basically perfect for the needs of the show drill feels special. It should probably also be noted that this is one of the few years I can think of where he's had to write a show where the buck as to how what was timed didn't stop entirely with him. In pretty much all of his years with Cavies, if he had a visual change that demanded changing/breaking up the flow of the music, the music changed (see: all the random eight-bar percussion fills in 2007 that killed the momentum in "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant"). This year seems a bit different, in that I think the music side of the equation here has more emphasis than it did at Cavies. Kinda nice to see, as a music guy.
  15. ftwdrummer

    Cadets 2018

    Almost as if they realized they had two more weeks of the season to get to the 97-100 range at the top end?