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  1. I KNEW IT. This was probably the biggest reason i disliked the trombone feature initially. It's bad enough I have to hear the actual song twice a year at seder (even if my family can actually sing fairly well).
  2. What seemed like nearly the whole visual staff left Crown for Boston (Keith Potter, Michael Townsend and his crew, Leon May).
  3. It's not a "justice" or "mercy" option, though...it's a "revenge" or "mercy/justice" option. The son shooting him would not have been "justice." It would have been straight revenge, nothing more, nothing less. Not shooting the man himself and throwing the guy to the mercy of the law shows far more justice, imo.
  4. I've never seen actual good pictures of it until now (heard the horror stories, though). That's...the most early-90's looking thing I've ever seen.
  5. I know. Which isn't a bad thing at all. I enjoy their work. But I may enjoy the Harloff/Prime idea too much.
  6. I mean, probably not. But if I squinted at it really really hard and maybe tilted my head a little and held my thumb just right, I could see a Klesch to Boston move. Not that I'd agree with it, I could just conceive of it. (Note: this is not *just* wishful thinking to see what it would be like if Harloff and Prime teamed up. But it's mostly wishful thinking to see what would happen if Harloff and Prime teamed up.)
  7. BD '08 was the first show I ever went to two drum corps shows in part so I could see that show a second time (both Dallas and Denton in '08, though Bluecoats was another big reason for wanting to do Denton, and Phantom was another big reason to want to do Dallas [especially since all my high school percussion instructors were Phantom/Rennick disciples). I spent most of the summer convinced it was going to break the high score record. And I'm of two minds on whether it should have won. On the one hand, very challenging visual book, and they for the most part performed the snot out of it. Pretty great music book, too (though I daresay not as challenging as the visual book). On the other hand, that percussion finals run was filthy, and earned its fifth place spot. On the third hand, Phantom's visual was pretty filthy, too (the lack of Thompson drill showed, badly), but on the fourth hand, to some extent emotion and reaching the audience/paying customer should matter, right? I end up glad Phantom won still, but if It had gone the other way, I don't think I could be too mad about it now (though I would have been hopping mad at the time--I spent half my band camp free time that August trying to teach myself the marimba parts in the ballad by ear). Similar deal with 2015, actually. I would have been totally ok with either corps winning that year.
  8. Good! Let's see it. They were pretty wonderful at it in the 1994-2004 period. 2007 and 2008 were pretty good, too. And hey, 2005 wasn't that bad musically, either. My issues with the sheets in relation to BD's style aren't usually that they play to the sheets and should change the sheets so they don't win...but drum corps is a spectator sport. I'd much prefer the sheets be tweaked to reward things that are more entertaining, and have BD max out on those. Which, to be fair, they've done quite well on the being-more-generally-entertaining thing since the new sheets went into effect. I'm not saying everything has to be least-common-denominator pablum. But...well, the Blue Devils in 2010 performed Stan Kenton's City of Glass live more times than Kenton's band ever did. There's a reason for that. (And the fact that I have to go back 7 years to think of that example is a good thing.) In general, I'd like to see more simultaneous demand rewarded, and I'd prefer it to be stuff that's easily read on high cam (so, not of the bug-squishing variety, necessarily). Keep stopped down for things when necessary (I'm not expecting anyone to play Flight of the Bumblebee while marching), but play more on the move, too. And that's true of everyone, really. I think Bluecoats have this figured out the best of anyone currently, and I'm not sure they're even that great at it. Santa Clara marched a lot (which was wonderful to see), but didn't play as much on the move as they have in years past (they played a fair amount on the move in 2013 and 2014, from what I recall). But they also got rewarded for it this year, so...who knows.
  9. If ever there were a piece title that aptly describes the current moment...
  10. I think the key word in what he said was "was." Cartwright's work with Bell was pretty magical in their mid-'00s run. Certainly extraordinary for the Texas end of BOA (you know, the better end ) at the time. He had them on equipment still, too. (If you can find it [I can't remember the url], there used to be a wonderful treasure trove of videos of Bell shows floating around the Internet, which may provide some insight.) That era's the era of BOA I'm most familiar with, so it's what sticks out for me when Cartwright is mentioned. That said, it's entirely possible (likely, even) that he's gotten stale in the meantime. EDIT: FOUND IT. http://www.dfife.com/ Useful site is useful.
  11. They added in "And it was G-d-d*** good" mid-season. They only said it once per show, but they did use it.
  12. The whole first verse of "God Said" was in the choir during the opening "Chaos" section.
  13. Have we done Seattle? If not, let's do Seattle. World Class at CenturyLink Field. Open/A at Husky Stadium.
  14. Yeah...but I'm actually capable of winning in off-seasons. :P I like winter seasons, but I'll still play either way.
  15. Didn't Cartwright only join Phantom this year?