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  1. We're moved in! Corps name: Texas Zephyrs Location: Fort Worth, TX Class: Open DCPI username: ftwdrummer
  2. IN Texas Zephyrs ftwdrummer Open Fort Worth, TX
  3. All time (based on seeing in-person and recorded) 1) Phantom 2008 2) Star 1993 3) BD 2000 4) Cavies 1998 5) BAC 2000 6) Crossmen 1992 7) Bluecoats 2007 8) Blue Stars 2010 9) Madison 2013 (honorable mention Blue Stars 2014) 10) VK 1992 11) Madison 2014 (honorable mention Academy 2016) 12) Troopers 2009 Since I started following DCI (so, 2005 on): 1) Phantom 2008 (hm Cadets 2005) 2) Bluecoats 2014 (hm BD 2011) 3) Phantom 2005 (hm Cadets 2009) 4) Crown 2008 5) Phantom 2011 (hm Bluecoats 2005, SCV 2009) 6) Crown 2007 (hm Bluecoats 2008, Phantom 2010) 7) Bluecoats 2007 8) Blue Stars 2010 9) Madison 2013 (honorable mention Blue Stars 2014) 10) Madison 2011 11) Madison 2014 (honorable mention Academy 2016) 12) Troopers 2009
  4. Isn't that how it used to be done on this side of the pond? I vaguely recall caption awards coming after scores in the '88 retreat, for example (watching the video, to be clear).
  5. That's where I'm headed next. Only problem with that is that the one I enjoy the most ('13) is also the one that's most impossible to bike to, because of how weird the time signatures get in the second movement.
  6. It's in the rotation, too. I just got tired of typing "Cadets 'XX" all those times in a row.
  7. I've recently started listening to shows while on my exercise bike as a means of helping set my pedaling tempo. However, I'm starting to run out of shows at a fast enough tempo for the pace I'm trying to set currently--there's only so many times you can listen to Cadets '07/Cadets '83/Cadets '05/Star '93/Cadets '00 before it starts to get old. So, what recommendations do you have for faster shows ever (tempos in the 180+ bpm range) that might be good to use as pace setters on an exercise bike?
  8. From what he described in his post, I would guess: Green = 2009, "The Grass is Always Greener" Tan = 2010, "A Second Chance" Black star = 2011, "Rach Starr" Crown = age-out Gold = 2012, "For the Common Good" Black = 2013, "E = mc^2"
  9. Could throw "Shenandoah" (which they used well in 2014) in as well.
  10. I'm pretty sure it's been there longer...at the very least, the marching style I watched last year looked more or less the same as the marching style they used in (easiest example off the top of my head, because it's the one where I noticed the marching style the most) 1992.
  11. Star '92 is one thing away from being what would have been the perfect America show from Star. They should have closed with "American Salute." Those mellos on that piece...
  12. Looking at the 1980 Bridgemen show, they appeared to have some grounded percussion as well (assuming that the videos labeled Bridgemen 1980 are actually from 1980--they're definitely the Bridgemen).
  13. Having not paid attention to the Texas high school marching band scene in close detail...for a while...Leander's back?!?!?!? Awesome! What else has happened with that? Presumably CTJ has taken over the mantle of "awesome San Antonio band" from Churchill and Reagan before them? Cedar Park still doing things? Anyone big in Houston other than The Woodlands? I vaguely recall Hebron moving on top of Marcus/Bell in D/FW a few years back--that still a thing? Also, is Round Rock still a thing? Any of the other Austin schools? Sorry...I think I just released all of my latent Texas band nerd left over from high school...
  14. I'd throw '11 in there, too. But of the three shows mentioned in this comment, '13 was the best, by far. Let's be honest, the only reason '15 did as well as it did placement-wise was because Cavies got the plague and lost a week and a half (or so it seemed) of rehearsal time. If that hadn't happened, Madison's ninth again, and it's another kinda ho-hum Madison show.