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  1. So...um...those drum scores, huh... New guy?
  2. Quick recap glance: GE seems much more in line with the other captions than on Thursday (which leads to the humorous thing that right now based on most recent scores, the highest GE corps out there is Cavies). Cadets perc had a better showing tonight. And an excellent guard showing, apparently! BAC brass and analysis ahead of Cadets, which matches what Kevin said about their sound. Good to see Saucedo judging this year! (Assuming R. Saucedo on the recap is who I think it is.)
  3. Looking at recaps now...holy west coast deflation, Batman (at least in terms of GE). A solid point below last night (which means nothing in terms of how they stack up competitively, but seems a bit nonsensical nonetheless). Devils first across the board except percussion (yay Rennicks). Regiment and BK tied in GE, but BK ahead on visual and music. And kudos to Academy!
  4. Parsley's right out, though?
  5. Might be to keep them clean...what with it being white and all.
  6. Please tell me they're actually introduced as "On the starting line..."
  7. I actually like this. I'd like it more if the ouroboros was in the typical SCV baldric location, though.
  8. A thought, related to the above discussion of east coast vs. west coast streaming/shows: How hard would it be to move the start time for Indy about an hour earlier...and have a second crew at pick-a-show on the west coast (I'd do Stanford, but that leaves the question of what to do on the weekend) to do the back half of that show after an intermission? It'd let us see the west coast corps early for once (which we apparently only get to see if someone not at the show we just watched won the previous year, and then we only see the championship run from the previous year). It'd let them work out some kinks with what non-Indy shows will be like. And it'd be a decent place to start grooming the next generation of people--you could have Rondo and Dennis in the booth in Indy, bring their usual local TV news reporter in to do the sidelines, leave Dan on the PA...and then have Will and two more people (e.g. Willie Veenstra, maybe a guard alum--surely someone who's a recent drum corps alum is going into communications/broadcasting as a career and would be interested) handle the same gig at Stanford, likely with Brandt on the PA. It'd definitely be more of a challenge than they currently have, but it'd be a nice way to let us get a feel for the larger, nationwide start of season, it'd let us get earlier exposure to BD/SCV/whoever-goes-west-that-year, and it'd be a way to start developing new talent (because unfortunately Rondo and DeLucia aren't going to be around forever). Thoughts? (H/T: my mom, who suggested this on our post-theater debrief phone call last night.)
  9. There's a lot of potential with this show, IMO. But there are also some larger changes I'd make, too. Like, I'd drop the tempo on the "sway" half of Agnus Dei to make it a bigger showpiece (let more of the lyrics get caught, too). But I'm not sure there's space for it unless you drop De Profundis, too (and possibly replace with some of the music from the original bridging the two halves of Agnus Dei), which...I think I'd be ok with, but it's a slightly bigger change than what's being discussed above.
  10. This. See: BAC 2014, where on the opening night broadcast it was like, "whoa, they're going there, ok, let's see how this goes," and by August it was like, "yes, we get it, stop whining."
  11. Talked to manager, and now it's on. Yay!
  12. 21 in Bowie, MD. Nothing on screen yet. Is there supposed to be? (Pre-show trivia and such)
  13. Ain't early season grand?
  14. Fascinating. What that reminds me most of, more than anything, is the lights-out video from 1999. Not the whole "finishing the show with the power out" bit, but how...unfinished it sounds. If you go back and watch the lights-out vid, and watch the finals run after it, it's bloody amazing (a) how good they sounded already at the start of '99, and (b) how much of the show they still had to add in. Rewrites of the opening, the up-tempo bits bookending "Adios Nonino," the entire bit with the quads on the djun djuns in the closer, the tag on the end of the closer...hearing the two in context, the early-'99 video sounds incredibly incomplete, even by BD standards. And similarly, it sounds like they have a lot to add here, too. There's pretty great bones on the thing already, to be sure, but there's like a whole 'nother section of the closer to add on, to my ears. Probably some other bits, too. Which, if they do with it what they did in '99...there goes #18.