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  1. When did halftime get hijacked?

    We don't host. Closest contest to our school is 1h 10m away.
  2. When did halftime get hijacked?

    We're talking about high schools at this point.
  3. When did halftime get hijacked?

    No, it is FACT in my area, it is not an opinion. An opinion has no factual basis. I respected some of you a lot more until tonight.
  4. When did halftime get hijacked?

    You took my quote out of context. I was referring to the student body supporting the Band at home football games. Very few ever travel to long distance events - be it football, basketball, band contest, cross country meets, etc.
  5. When did halftime get hijacked?

    It's not an opinion. I'm active in the field, it's a fact. You'd be intelligent not to argue the facts of someone who is knowledgeable and out there on Friday nights (and in the hallways every day).
  6. When did halftime get hijacked?

    Why? Why can't it be to showcase their REAL purpose - their continuance of their MUSIC education? Can't it be different for different places? And who are YOU to decide anyone's purpose? The world doesn't revolve around some 1970s Texas idea of football.
  7. When did halftime get hijacked?

    Probably the same amount of the student body that attends a football game if it were an hour and a half away... very few, but a few.
  8. When did halftime get hijacked?

    I disagree, and argue that nowadays - most of the student body is happy to support their friends in other activities. High School kids these days are a lot different than they were even 10-12 years ago.
  9. When did halftime get hijacked?

    OK whoa whoa. So you're saying Band students and their hard work exist solely for the entertainment of the football crowd? I'd argue - staunchly so - against that notion. In fact - my Athletic Director, and all of my school administration KNOW - that while I am a HIGHLY enthusiastic supporter of school spirit around the building... the Band's presence at halftime of a football game is 100% a dress rehearsal atmosphere for our competition show. We come over and play the Anthem pregame, then we play the school song after the coin toss and after each score. At the end of the first quarter, we leave to go do our competition warmup routine. We perform our show at halftime. Our student section and crowd - by and large - stay and watch the Band during halftime and cheer for our kids. More often than not, a large portion of the crowd leave after the Band performs - so many at times that the AD has gotten letters asking if he can somehow 'require' the crowd to stay and watch Q3 and Q4. And we have a decent (+.500ish) football team. After halftime, we clear the field and my kids go back to the school and change out of uniform, after all, we have our REAL performance the next day and the kids don't need to be the last ones out of the school. If the kids want to go back to the game and sit in the student section, more power to them and I support that 100%. Oftentimes I will head back to the bleachers and sit and watch the rest of the game. At basketball... the Band is ALWAYS present in full force - I make it a requirement for every student to be at games. We stay the whole game, and it is loud as hell in our gym. Teams HATE to come here because the Band is so into games. I love school spirit and I love my school. I may be in a lucky situation, but at the same time, I have made it clear to everyone that my kids are given a Friday night showcase for THEIR hard work, talent, and dedication. They're going to go out and burn down their competition show. And we're going to be better at our real performance the next day because of it. Why can't school spirit be... "Hey look, we have a freaking championship-calibur band!" At some places it is, and people are very proud of their competitive marching programs.
  10. 2017 DCI survey

    To be honest, that's about enough talk of all of the exposure of all of your "bags and personals." There are fines for things like that!
  11. It's funny how they all want to be the first to announce their staff but the last to announce their show design.
  12. I'll argue that all day. It's VERY EASY to look at a crowd in a given stadium and have wild variances on estimated attendance. I concur with Tim K - the newer stadiums look bigger but many times hold fewer bodies. It's all in how the sections are distributed, box seats vs. bench seats, etc.
  13. It has nothing to do with whatever you're calling fictional entertainment (FYI, nearly all forms of entertainment are fictional entertainment, save for music and sports). It has to do with proper reporting and oversight to things like your state's Board of Accounts. Recordkeeping has greatly improved in just the last few years. Whereas to find accurate records you used to have to sift through boxes of paper files, stubs, and whatever, now you open a spreadsheet and CTRL-F to locate something. It's not rocket science to think that the accuracy of these things for whatever event is highly suspect the farther we go back in years.
  14. hearsay hearsay hearsay blah blah blah get off my lawn this thread has probably run its course at this point.