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  1. Not to mention... how many RAMD dinosaur whack-jobs are there out there who are willing to take a risk to take down DCI just because they’re pist off about Bb horns, non-traditional uniforms, electronics, and body movement? To deny that this possibility exists would be silly.
  2. Maybe Dean wears a red bandana and Dan wears a blue one?
  3. I would argue that nearly every single kid - other that seeing the news that Hop is gone - has no clue what any of this means (all of the drama with the board and such). When I was marching there was nothing in my brain except camp, show, horn, music, sleep. I understand I'm lucky my corps never went through anything like this, but even with the severity of the situation I would guess of the 150 MMs, 148 would pay 0 (or less) attention to the governance structure of the corps or its parent organization, and certainly didn't choose to march there because of it.
  4. Goodness gracious yes. You have no idea what services DCI provides to corps on a daily and nightly basis.
  5. I just wonder what the pre-show announcement will be like.
  6. Can I vote for 1995 all 5 times? edit: please?
  7. Hey, when I was a young boy, my father took me into the city to see a marching band...
  8. 2018 Show Announcent/Rumors?

    You guys know... Good grammar is the difference between knowing you're shi-t and knowing your shi-t. Sorry, had to circumvent the filter for the comedic effect.
  9. Tresona's SPiN Network

    I would argue this. Staunchly. And I would win, in embarrassing fashion for you.
  10. Tresona's SPiN Network

    Plus the $1000 fee the Band paid to have a 'channel.' What a racket.
  11. Now you get to tell me why my argument is narrow-minded? Just because you disagree with me? My argument is extremely well-founded, at least given the example BigW used. You resorted to insults. Why? My point is simply that Eras are Eras, and no one is better (or worse) than any other.
  12. Re-read the sentence and it should be self-explanatory. If it's not, then ponder this question: What was the "Golden Era" of Major League Baseball? Use your same criteria above. Hint: I marched in the 1990s, when Star was awesome and Phantom won their first and Crown was growing and Glassmen were awesome and drill evolved and show design became a real thing and continuity began and percussion writing became actually musical and there were some legendary musicians, designers, and arrangers that drove the activity forward and established new paradigms for the activity. MY era was the Golden Era. Right?
  13. It's always these guys isn't it? The ones that feel like they need to come in and crap on everyone else's Corn Flakes? If I decide tomorrow I'm going to stop eating at McDonalds, I don't go stand outside the restaurant and tell everyone, and reminisce about how it was different 50 dayum YEARS AGO. I just kind of... stop going. People who want to enjoy a tasty Filet O'Fish can still do it without me standing at the door telling them how stupid they are for liking that sandwich. And newsflash - there wasn't a Golden Era. Those kind of comments are the pinnacle of ignorance.