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  1. Honestly though Cappy - no amount of me or anyone else sitting here talking about it is any 'proof.' Although I gave very vague examples (I am not naming names), I also think the best way to do it is for people to investigate for themselves. Look for the horn members wearing battery packs and wires. Look for ensemble using WAY too big of a mixer for their pit. I can sit on the internet and say the sky is purple, but you have to see it for yourself. I'm just telling people it's there. And it's no secret. And there are a LOT of them doing it. It's not like it's hard to locate. I'd guess there's at least band (or more) doing it at every Saturday show in the fall in my state, even if it's a small show. And... it isn't against the rules.
  2. Considering San Antonio already has record ticket presale, I don't think this is a statement you can accurately back up.
  3. I have lots of other examples. I am a competitive band director myself. In a big marching band and BOA state. I hang with these guys, I compete against them, I play golf with them. I am not going to call them out in a public forum. They mic their best players in each section. Sometimes discreetly (mics under uniforms, etc), sometimes not so (walk near them during visual warmup and see cords hanging off of brass instruments). They mix 12... 18... 20... etc of their best players into the pit mix. A small sample from each section of the band. This doesn't mean that what you hear is only these top players, rather it is the quality players that are mixed in and then that 'ensemble' sound can be produced and layered into what is heard from the box. The field judges are still sampling player to player. And since that sound is decent (and the bands have good reputations as well!), they are getting credit for what's going on on the field. But they get a TON of credit from the box. As another poster said, use your brain. It's not hard to see, not really even that hard to hear. And watch DCI. They are doing it too.
  4. Not naming names. They are out there.
  5. The corps I just referenced was certainly one of the 'big boys.' In fact, one of the top boys.
  6. There are (extremely highly competitive) high school bands with large hornlines who are micing the top two players in each section and putting that into the main mix. I think it should be done away with, but this seems like it clearly has its impetus in that style of performance. I stood in front of a corps the other night and knew exactly what I was hearing - the best players wearing mics and produced through the mix for the entire show.
  7. A lot of this is similar to the reason Captain America: Civil War was the highest grossing movie of 2016 yet movies like Manchester by the Sea or Spotlight win the Oscars. Also: remember that a HUGE portion of a General Effect score is the level of performance - which is what often makes Blue Devils untouchable.
  8. That's 50 DKP minus.
  9. And they are FREAKING AWESOME
  10. It rained on them right before they came down the ramp.
  11. Almost everyone has added a semi trailer just for props this year. At least one corps in attendance tonight has added an "audio" truck as well. More stuff on the field...
  12. And now we're at the point where the Cavaliers guard stays in one uniform for the entire show while their hornline and drumline remove multiple pieces throughout the show :D Total reversal of the past!
  13. For my money she was 1000% better during the encore. Stunning, even. Could be for a variety of reasons. Even just first show nerves. There were nights the vocalists in e=mc2 were off as well. Give her a chance. As for the Judy Jetson comment... Did anyone notice her dress is one of the MM hats, just upside down? Maybe a subtle clue at the not-so-subtle change in design for the 2nd act... And I'm not even a Crown mark. I think you all are being way too harsh on that young performer.
  14. It rained on them right before they brought everything inside.
  15. Bluecoats' guard uniforms........