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    1974 because I played DCI finals my first and only time.
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  1. Yes, Dream crowds loved their drum corps! Here it is. Especially at 12:23!
  2. I think the crowd roar at the conclusion of St. Kevin's performance at the 1964 Dream in Jersey City is amazing. It is captured on the Fleetwood recording.
  3. I enjoyed Crest,s Transcontinental RR theme and some nice Doppler horn effects.
  4. Nice review. Thanks for the eyes from the "Left Coast".
  5. Thanks for the great review! I always love to hear your insights. The only corps I have heard live, so far, is Boston and that was music only and under sub-optimal conditions(indoors). So it is definitely too early for me to render much of an opinion. My impression at this time is that they have a more accessible program than last year but that the brass section is less mature than last year. Percussion seems strong AND mature although I am not a percussionist. Music is more recognizable and not as dark as last year although still not containing enough major chords for my taste. I am lukewarm to the vocal feature but she does have a beautiful voice and like you, I do not have a sense of the direction of the program. Being a Boston homer, I would love to see them finish in the top half at finals. At this point I am pessimistic knowing the strength of the competition. I sure hope they surprise me!
  6. Beautifully written, Frank. It makes me wish I could have known the man.
  7. I could definitely do without the syntesizers though. My sentiments as well. I used to feel that the depth and balance of the acoustic sound was a good gauge of how accomplished the brass section was. The synths homogenize everything and you can't tell anymore.
  8. Mike, I had a similar experience with my corps (Appleknockers) in 1969 at little Hobart College in Geneva, NY. I was sitting out the exhibition at the half-time of the Army vs. Hobart lacrosse game. Hobart at the time had a very active "Students For a Democratic Society" chapter which was actually later infiltrated by a government agent known as "Tommy the Traveler" seeking subversive activity (made national news on the CBS nightly broadcast). Anyhow, I found myself sitting in a hostile crowd of students jeering the appearance of the corps fronted by its Honor Guard as "emissaries of the War mongering American Legion". They viewed the corps members as brain washed into making this militaristic/patriotic display. You are right about the Vietnam era of drum corps being an uncomfortable time for our activity with drum corps being an isolated niche. Sure, it is still a niche only now one which is more exclusive and without community ties...but a wonderful niche it is!
  9. I believe he has passed away. In 1994 I wrote him an irate fan letter because of my frustration the the top four corps in prelims that year never performed in exhibition after the show was suspended due to rain. I had traveled a long way to Boston and it was my only chance to see drum corps that year. He was conscientious enough to send me a personal letter of explanation regarding the decision.
  10. I think Paul hit the nail on the head about the shrinking demographic. Of course the other half of the equation is the loss of a source of new young members as the community basis for drum corps has vanished. I consider myself lucky to live in metro Boston where the sheer size of the activity that once existed here is enough to sustain two fine alumni units (and not so long ago three with North Star currently working on a come back as well). This is now my 16th season of alumni drum corps and the inevitable march of time will result in us fading to black in the absence of active community drum corps. So I am enjoying the opportunity to recreate that which meant so much to us as kids and I am grateful to be able to do it with and for those who remember and appreciate what once was...while it lasts.
  11. Just to complete my story of April 5, 2005 here is the long lost photo of the Appleknockers junior corps taken at Marion, Ohio at the U.S.Open just after our prelim performance which placed us 11th and in the finals of a national competition the only time. The best of memories! (I am the soprano just above the third contra player)
  12. The Kingsmen did beat St. Joe's once in 1967 prior to State Legion at Buffalo. This certainly added drama to the match up at Buffalo and MSJ seemed on edge that AM as they rehearsed on the next field over from my corps. Joe's prevailed in the championships, however. I do not recall there being prelims and finals, just one show. Something strange happened on the Fleetwood recording. It was almost like someone turned the microphone level down on the Kingsmen as if to justify Joe's victory for posterity. I was there in person and what I heard was nothing like the recording. I still have sweet memories of the impact from the Kingsmen's euphoniums as they turned into the stands during the triplets in Maleguena. It was like being pelted in the face!
  13. I do not imagine they took getting beaten by another NYS corps (Brassmen) lightly. That is something I almost never saw happen in the six seasons that I competed against them.