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  1. J Willis I appreciate your viewpoints. Thanks for taking the time to share them.
  2. In an attempt to understand the criteria by which the judges are arriving at their scores, can someone explain or direct me to a discussion of caption determinants. I am old school from the tick days. What I notice is the subjectivity, the increased value of color guard and visual, and percussion being subsumed within the music caption. In regards to the latter, this makes sense to me since due to the equality of percussion and brass in the old days, when most observers were more tuned into the bugle caption, often led to surprising outcomes for the casual observer. Thanks for helping me get current.
  3. Best of luck to your son and SCV! Loved them ever since first seeing them while standing on the ready line with my corps in 1969.
  4. Probably a good approach. Some of the storylines are so abstract or their depiction is so distracted that it just makes me a feel like I am viewing a lot of frenetic energy leaving me puzzled as to what the objective is and leaving me unsatisfied.
  5. Good point about how refreshing it is to just enjoy great music and visuals without wondering if there is something in the storyline that you are missing. I was very impressed with the show end trumpet twosome! Some really excellent playing!
  6. I get where you are coming from. We agree to disagree!
  7. This says more about the judges than the quality of the program in my opinion.
  8. Good points, Fred. I would add that I think for several years now the shows are being designed for domed stadiums to augment the amps reverberation. That is why I prefer open air shows which reduce the electronic goo even if I sense that is not the optimal acoustical setting anymore☹️.
  9. Agreed. I find nothing about the presentation appealing visually or musically. They have totally lost their trademarks. I always marveled at the surgical placement of their feet and the spectacular pattern drills which popped due to their white hats. Now they are just a cacophonous black glop. Very poor choices being made here in my opinion .
  10. Yes that is what I was referring to.
  11. Played there many times with the seniors.
  12. Nice piece. The individual members and the corps in general comes across well. Interesting juxtaposition of the elitism of the current activity and the outreach to the inner city by Inspire Arts.
  13. I have this feeling....that this corps will be THE corps to beat come DCI finals. Fifty years of tradition and they are feeling it!!!
  14. I like the Crusaders but am frustrated by the overwhelming amount of minor key based material they have done recently. Some of this year's show seems repetitive rhythmically and tonally.
  15. Point taken , then substitute Puritans for Pilgrims. I think it comes down to what you go to a drum corps show for and for me it is to be entertained by a musical presentation enhanced by visuals. I have a problem when the performance is so theatrical that it restricts the music. I am not looking for a play and a troubled dark performance is not my cup of tea. Point of illustration: I loved 2016 Bluecoats but not so much 2016 Crown despite the strength of their performance.