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  1. DCI West is the Best - June 25, 2017

    I was at Stanford tonight. I really enjoyed everyone but here are some quick takes: BD - Sound awesome and I found it less esoteric than previous years. This is a top 3 show. SCV - Very interesting use of the mobile platform/wheels. They sound good. No idea what the theme meant. This could be a top 3 show. BK - Don't know what I just saw. Some cool moments but no idea how it all fit together. The weird hand movement got a lot of chuckles. Performed quite well and they sounded good. PR - I enjoyed it. Very much a PR show with a few moments of what they are known for. Definitely not at the same level as the previous three. Academy - I enjoyed it. They sounded better than last year at this time. Show felt very VK to me. I heard many comments about the guard dressed as bunnies being inappropriate. I wonder if this show has the same legs as last year's. Mandarins - This is the best show concept I have seen from them. They sound significantly better than last year this time. I could see them finishing somewhere in the 11-15 range. Pacific Crest - Are they having money problems? They sound worse than the last few years at this time. Guard had plain, single color flags and only one small, poorly constructed prop. They aren't going in the right direction. I hope they work it out?
  2. I agree that you should have thought about this and had your mind set way before you applied for internships. In my work I see tons of competition for our internship positions and see a significant volume turn into offers of employment. IMO, if you have had the drum corps experience already I would go after the internship. Drum corps is great but a leg up on your adult, professional career is rare.
  3. Top 12 2017

    Who's starting the 2027 thread? My money is on the Virginia Odyssey winning their first title.
  4. Top 12 2017

    Crown had made finals 11 of the 12 years leading up to this thread yet still wasn't in people's lists?!
  5. What's missing in today's DCI...

    Weren't the olden days grand!
  6. Carolina Crown 2017

    Moxie - Cough syrup and dr. pepper. Not bad.
  7. Carolina Crown 2017

    RC and a Moon Pie...a carolina treat.
  8. Complaints

    Feel better?
  9. Carolina Crown 2017

    Isn't it obvious what Crown's show will be next year? Come on, 2014 - Out of This World (space or heaven), 2015 - Inferno (hell), 2016 - Relentless (cowboys)....
  10. Carolina Crown 2016

    Might look familiar to some of you: