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  1. banddad1

    Carolina Crown 2013

    Thanks for sharing this!! Those are some very talented PERFORMERS and I could listen to them all day. Just superb!
  2. banddad1

    World Class Signature Banners

    That's exactly what I had to do. After a lot of trial and error, I figured that out. Thanks for the info, though.
  3. banddad1

    World Class Signature Banners

    THANKS MAN!! That worked. I appreciate your help!
  4. banddad1

    World Class Signature Banners

    Sorry for being such a bother. I was able to get one banner on my profile. However, when I tried to add two, it placed them adjacent to one another and not on top of each other like everyone else's. Any suggestions there to fix that?
  5. banddad1

    World Class Signature Banners

    No, that's not an option. How did you get yours?
  6. banddad1

    World Class Signature Banners

    Help! I want to get one of the banners but when I right click on the banner "Copy Image Location" is not an option. what am I doing wrong?
  7. banddad1

    La Crosse Creamery

    That's what i thought
  8. banddad1

    La Crosse Creamery

    ok thanks for the explanations...............
  9. banddad1

    La Crosse Creamery

    What's up with these judges not showing up for a show? that's 2 nights in a row now!! all of the groups deserve full panels now. Do the judges get penalized/fined for not showing up to a show?
  10. banddad1

    La Crosse Creamery

    Good Luck to all of the corps tonight! A good warmup for tomorrow.
  11. banddad1


    There was one started: Corn Fields in Iowa. I guess these 2 need to be merged now.
  12. banddad1

    Crown's Percussion

    Thanks for the comments regarding the percussion section. I'm just trying to get a handle on the scoring process. I hope Crown can continue to work hard and clean their product. I understand the need for consistency and hopefully they willl find the right mixed to continue to make that happen.
  13. banddad1

    Crown's Percussion

    What is it that Crown needs to do to improve their Percussion scores? I am sure the kids are very talented amd they workm extremely hard. Is it the instruction that they are getting? Is it the written musical book that they are given to play? What is it? It seems like every year we see this same thing, the brass achieving very high and the percussion is lacking far behind. It would seem that the music judges would reflect some of the perc weaknesses in their scores as well. I dont get it. Anybody wanna shed some light on this?
  14. banddad1

    Warrensburg, MO TOC Smackdown!

    I thought Debbie Torchia was supposed to judge Guard tonight? Wonder what happened?
  15. banddad1

    Crown's Percussion

    How much does the front ensemble play into the overall percussion score? There is never talk of them, always the field battery. Can anyone clue in a non percussionist?