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  1. Madison Scouts 2018

    Here's a show design idea I had recently. "Escape" ...sort of a Shawshank Redemption with a twist. Guy is wrongly arrested and inprisoned. In prison he suffers torment and fight..losing his friend (ballad being the song Lost). He escapes but is killed in his escape. Show ends with him reuniting with his friend.
  2. I started the 2017 thread...why not 2018. Let's hear ya. What do you wish for in 2018? Keep costumes? Go back to superman suit? Modernize superman suit? Show ideas? Let's get the banter going.
  3. Madison Scouts 2017

    Alright...Scouts back in on a Saturday. Not my fav Scouts show ever, but a step in the right direction.
  4. Madison Scouts 2017

    A lot of great reviews and praise for The Men tonight. And widened that margin with Mandarins. Keep pushing, brothers.
  5. Madison Scouts 2017

    I agree...it's missing something. Not sure what to add but it lacks. The GE Mandarins and BC are putting out there is impressive and exciting. It was good to see Scouts live tonight. I applaud the Men for their work, but I'm just not a fan of the product when you compare it to others..namely Boston whose staff hit a homerun with that show concept. Some good moments, but nothing that just blew me up out of my seat.
  6. Beauteous Birmingham - July 27

    I know I'll get blasted by some, but I was not a fan of Blue Stars' show. Just one man's opinion, but it was boring and there was too much electronic "stuff"
  7. Beauteous Birmingham - July 27

    Whether BAC medals or not that staff knocked it out of the park with the show idea and effects.Academy...goofy but cute. Sort of a nod to VK 1992.
  8. Beauteous Birmingham - July 27

    Boston...WOW WOW WOW WOW......Best ending effect since Phantom 2008 in my opinion.
  9. Beauteous Birmingham - July 27

    Scouts.....weird. cool closer but just weird. Some timing issues and issues with hornline balance. Too many individuals sticking out. I'm an alum so I was anxious to see this live. I applaud the members and their work...but this show did nothing for me on an excitement level.
  10. Beauteous Birmingham - July 27

    INT is up. Mandarins....music book has issues but their visual package is great. Some very cool stuff going on with the guard.
  11. Beauteous Birmingham - July 27

    I'm here now....and IT'S HOT!!!!!!!. Also a very long hike from warmup to stadium and very hilly. Gonna be some tired performers and fans tonight. Good luck to all...and GO SCOUTS
  12. Madison Scouts 2017

    I watched the video on youtube of the closer in Minnesota and I literally yawned. Feels my biggest fear is coming true....try TOO hard to be different. Costumes are one thing, but boring, abstract and non recognizable music...i can't get behind that.
  13. Madison Scouts 2017

    No posts in this thread since Friday....feels like the white flag has been waved by many. I haven't, but I'm less than excited as I watch my beloved Scouts stagnate while others soar. Looks to be a battle with the Mandarins this year......smh. so sad that the Scouts have fallen so far behind.
  14. When it comes to using the mentioned college stadiums, there are many hurdles that have to be jumped through to use the facilities...the athletic department, the university....it's not a simple process. Also..this close to football season...good luck getting an AD to sign off on the use of a field with natural grass. Those grounds crew folks treat that grass like their baby and they take great pride in keeping it pristine.
  15. Madison Scouts 2017

    Decent number for Scouts tonight. Well within striking distance of Stars and BAC. Every critique I've read says this show has all sorts of room to grow.