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  1. any double belled upright euph solo?
  2. tedrick

    2018 Uniforms!

    ok - thanks - I'm referring to the nice baritone section shot from Adrian College field house --
  3. tedrick

    2018 Uniforms!

    I'm confused - the picture above - Cavie's no?
  4. tedrick

    2018 Blue Stars

    excited to hear the good reports! looking forward to Thursday -- question for those of you who have heard the show: would you say the show has tempo variations or is it all kind of a smooth groove - that's what I think of when I think of 70s pop music -- Is there very much up tempo? Or is it kind of medium tempo/ballad feels? Thank you!
  5. @xandandl fair enough - I guess I would say try it -- see how it goes -- if it goes well, (which I think it would) great! if it doesn't go well, say, "Welp, next year we're just going to be all guys, or all girls" -- kind of like how color guards are mixed some years and not other years (ie Phantom or SCV) -- it's cool - there are plenty of drum corps to choose from for everyone and flights to Indiana are reasonable --
  6. I know that the connection to Scouting was tenuous - but now that BSA is no longer a male only group - no reason to remain a male only corps - I think this summer is going to be a great show with a great soloist -- there is no reason to be afraid of opening up the ranks to everyone -- In drum corps every member contributes to a complete whole - every member brings value -- I appreciate the tradition of the all guys corps like Madison and Cavies -- since the 90s, Cavies have been the stronger of the two and it's been easier for them to sustain the all male thing -- Madison could open up auditions to all interested individuals and see how it turns out -- if for some reason down the road they decide to change back to being all male, fine -- whatever -- we don't need to be all absolutist about this -- it's just performing arts.... it's not like we're doing brain surgery here or trying to colonize Mars.... Art is not an exacting science -- Art is open to lots of experimentation without any really cost for failure -- Madison goes coed for a few years, maybe they become the new Bluecoats -- maybe they become don't --- give it a whirl, try it out, change back if you need to -- Failure is not final.
  7. tedrick

    2018 Uniforms!

    would have been perfect for BD 2016!!! Oh, wonder! How many goodly creatures are there here! How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world, That has such people in ’t!
  8. tedrick

    Boston Crusaders 2018

    I agree - I really like the up tempos - sounds like it's going to be be fast and exciting! I like the Amazing Grace quote as well --
  9. tedrick

    Madison Scouts 2018

    Nice article: Madison Scouts celebrate 80th year — and first female musician
  10. tedrick

    2018 Uniforms!

    Thank you Craiga - well said! The members are not driving the activity - the designers are -- I agree that the art form needs to continually evolve - my hope is that the quality of the musical production does not suffer at the expense of visual innovations. My hope is that designers are not designing out musical excellence in order to expand the visual, dance side -- We have enjoyed some extremely entertaining shows over the years - if the music is supplanted with pre recorded electronics and if the main emphasis is placed on dance and visual/drill, we should start to raise the concern that although the new costumes are designed from the finest, lightest, most magnificent cloth the world has ever seen - at the end of the day, The Emperor Has No Clothes.
  11. tedrick

    2018 Blue Stars

    Getting rev'ed up for next Thursday's DCI Premier in the theaters - trying to get a feel for this year's show: Repertoire: We've Only Just Begun - Paul H Williams, Roger S Nichols Skyscrapers - John Alden Carpenter Precious Metals - Thomas Newman (They Long To Be) Close to You - Burt F Bacharach, Hal David Images Oubliees - Claude Debussy Rainy Days And Mondays - Paul H Williams, Roger S Nichols I Won't Last A Day Without You - Paul H Williams, Roger S Nichols So -- looks like the 2nd half of the show will all be fairly down tempo - I imagine there will be a lot of lush beautiful hornline moments -- but where is the energy going to be coming from if all of the music is down tempo? Should we be preparing for a BD-esque park and blow for the final part of the show?
  12. tedrick

    2018 Blue Stars

    Good background on Karen Carpenter - I remember being in 7th grade in 1982, my homeroom teacher loved Karen Carpenter - she was very sad at the news of KC's death - https://www.independent.ie/life/the-real-reason-karen-carpenter-was-driven-to-anorexia-26703889.html
  13. tedrick

    2018 Uniforms!

    not sure if anyone else has pointed this out, but is this a great country/a great activity or what? the performing organizations are so well endowed financially, they can purchase new costumes and drum covers (probably drums) every year -- the people running these performing arts organizations are financial geniuses! What was the last top 12 corps to fold? Glassmen? Has the marketplace reached a sweet spot where all of the 16 or so elite organizations can exist and there is not a financial strain? Is there a perfect balance between revenue and expense? Truly this is a golden age for the activity!
  14. tedrick

    Madison Scouts 2018

    I marched a single season with the Scouts in 90 and I believe we set a Scouts record for number of free days - I do not ever recall there being any limits on buying or getting off the bus - we didn't stop at gas/truck stops usually though - I think we mainly always stopped at rest areas -- In the Blue Stars we stopped at small gas stations all the time -- when it was expected that this was just a gas stop for the equipment we had a simple saying -- "Pee-no-buy" No one ever had a problem with it --
  15. tedrick


    someone forgot to pay the web hosting bill....