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    tchah, dash it! The deuced Blue Devils are going to win again!
  1. Good examples of how to deal with sexual preds: Garrison Keillor Al Franken Both of these entertainers were much higher profile than GH - Garrison was taken down very quickly - all mention of him has been removed from the Minnesota Public Radio web site -- Garrison built Minnesota Public Radio into an empire - their current president and board sent him shipping quicker then a chicken catches a grasshopper in July - Took a bit longer for Franken - but claims directed toward his sexual harassment brought him down -- GH needs to be completely expunged from the drum corps activity - I don't want to see his name in any DCI history ever - the art that he had a hand in, contributed to - will live on - the performances of the members will live on --- the memory of GH is nothing but a cautionary tale --
  2. *If these allegations are true* This is just horrifying. That this could happen for so long and nothing, no one report or stop this monster. This is up there with Larry Nasser This is up there with the scandal at Penn State If these accusations are verified and proven, DCI is going to need to completely erase any reference to GH in all DCI Hall of Fame, in the awards, in everything. I don't know how Cadets survive this.
  3. most memorable moment of the theater show tonight was the ending of BAC when the the well-known front line keyboard player pushed another guard member into the fire -
  4. Are they really singing?

    yes! That would be hilarious!! even better than "the wink" "mmmmmmm...... ooooooooohhhhhhhh......... yeah.... is this thing on?? [TAP TAP].....
  5. Are they really singing?

    the My Way sound drop reminds me of either Frank Jr. or Ken Delo from the Lawrence Welk show -- I love it!!
  6. Are they really singing?

    BAC singer needs to communicate with the audience tonight!!! I would love a little impromptu, "hmmmmmmm"-ing type vocalizing to just show us that yep, this is live.
  7. Eagan 16 in Eagan MN - last year was kind of fun - there was a fair representation of kids from Ben Harloff's HS in the audience - Crown was the favorite in the theater -- Curious: is the vibe at theaters generally pretty subdued, or do some theaters get fairly rambunctious? It feels kind of ackward sitting in the dark with strangers and little or no conversation or cheering during or between shows --
  8. Madison Scouts 2017

    when you walk... through a storm... hold your head up high....
  9. Flo .... get out of the pit. NOW
  10. Choir doesnt seem as LOUD tonite
  11. The Cavaliers 2017

    tonight's joke was pretty good -- here's another joke idea for the em cee gag - ok Indianapolis how's it going tonight! hey - do you know how tell the difference between a marimba a xylophone? ... ... a marimba burns longer!!!
  12. Go Floooooooooooooo!!!!
  13. Cadets 2017

    over under for the thread making 1000 pages before Thursday's Prelims?
  14. Biggest Surprise of the Season?

    The biggest surprise for me this year was Crown's weird show - after years of crowd favorite, contending shows, how the design team could come up with such a clunker this year was really surprising...