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  1. 2015 CD's are here!

    why isn't the 2014 cd being sold? Might as well bundle shipping.
  2. 2015 CD's are here!

    Why is it almost $12 to ship a $25 cd?
  3. over 75, free, must pay for shipping, newspapers get thrown out next Wednesday. Let me know if you want them. Joe
  4. Recently bought the Cadets championship DVD and the 2013 championships DVD. I haven't watched the 2013 DVD yet but found the picture very pixelated on the Cadets DVD. I am using a regular DVD player and a newer 60 inch Samsung TV set to a 16:9 aspect ratio. What are the proper settings to view this properly? I found that both the old and new Cadets shows were quite pixelated so I don't believe it is an old vs. new issue. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. see attached link and PM me if interested 1995 Madison Scout Tour Shirt 2XL Pirate Show Worn but not in horrible condition. $10 plus shipping or make an offer. see shirt here
  6. not to mention this event has ended at close to midnight for the last two years, unsure why it doesn't start at 5pm...
  7. APD's

    on a different note, and maybe i missed it, but can you not buy cd's from 2011? I can't find them on the website - nor can i find downloads of the final performances as APD's... I see 2010 Cd's...
  8. Just out of curiosity, what is Bryds background and experience for this job?
  9. Drum Corps World

    I have a stack of old drum corps world, circa - 1995- 2000. Anyone want them, will mail them to you for free. Let me know before I throw them out. Joe
  10. The New Giant Meadowland

    Have an extra ticket, pm me if interested Free 140/23/3. Hate to see it not get used
  11. I have a box of old drum corps world, from last 90's to early 2000- Would anyone want them before I throw them out? No charge. PM me-
  12. Complete DCI 2011 Tour Schedule

    Cadets are not performing in NJ? Alumni must love this! closest show to NYC in August is Allentown?
  13. I thought I heard Steve R. say that they were broadcasting the show online Saturday (As well as tomorrow), anyone have any details?
  14. Quarterfinals on The Big Screen

    does anyone have the performance order and times?
  15. West Chester Wrumble

    Not on Sunday.