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  1. I think it will be interesting for you to revisit this topic in 10 or 20 years.
  2. That feels backwards to me. Is there something inherently less musically substantial about drum and bugle corps than about, say, string quartets? If the music were good enough, it could be adapted to other forms.
  3. I'm quite enjoying that. Thanks for the link!
  4. And de Meij was actually in attendance at Finals that year, which was even noted on the PBS broadcast that night. I asked him what he thought following the Lord of the Rings performance at Valpo, and his face took on a pained expression. He said that he admired the talent on display, but was disappointed that the music took a back seat to the visuals.
  5. I saw de Meij himself conduct a 25th anniversary performance of this at Valparaiso a few years ago, featuring two wind ensembles. Michael Boo was the tympanist for one of the groups, but there being only one tympani part, he stepped aside to allow the other to perform.
  6. BD did nicely by The Godfather in 2006; maybe a corps should tackle Goodfellas too.
  7. Got an interesting email about de Meij just the other day: https://www.gofundme.com/return-to-myddle-erde-symphony
  8. Another great movie. But you don't look a thing like Joe Pesci.
  9. It's funny reading about this (and bank robbery) here, since I popped into this thread to ask if any corps had looked into Russian money laundering. I heard about this American guy who bought a mansion for $41 million and then a few years later sold it to a Russian kakistocrat for $95 million; the Russian dude never even visited the property and has since torn the place down. Maybe if DCI and all the corps pool their funds together, they can buy something else that would appeal as a cash sink to the "fertilizer king" or someone of that ilk, and thus more than double their investment. Although the American did end up giving a job to one of the Russian's business partners, so maybe DCI should be prepared to offer, say, a judging slot. Then we can make jokes about "the Russian judge" like they do in figure skating!
  10. I highly recommend a movie that was released last year, Hell or High Water, starring Chris Pine, Ben Foster, and Jeff Bridges.
  11. I would say that Open Class is getting healthy. There are still far fewer corps than there used to be.
  12. This is absolutely correct, in my opinion, although it should be pointed out that your method is as subject as any other to the danger of "drying up": people move away or die all the time. Planned giving can help with the latter: get your program into their wills! Still it would be nice to hear about different fundraising techniques that have been attempted. I haven't read past the first few posts of this thread yet. Is there a list compiled in here somewhere? E.g., Blue Devils' sources are A, B, C, while Cadets' sources are X, Y, Z? I work in theatre, where in addition to "earned" revenue (primarily ticket sales), which in most theatres supports 40-60% of the expenses, the remainder is funded through "contributed" revenue which includes: (1) individual giving, including that from board members; (2) corporate giving; (3) foundation giving; (4) government support (local, state, and federal--the latter usually tied to a specific program); (5) special events (e.g., big benefit gala with entertainment and an auction); and (6) quarterly transfers from an endowment.
  13. At least he kept his shirt on.
  14. "It isn't true." (For all I know, it might be, but Liahona did say please.)
  15. A forthcoming book may interest you: The Show That Never Ends: The Rise and Fall of Prog Rock by David Weigel. Due out in June, it says.