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  1. Four Pieces for Orchestra, by Simon Jeffes (1949-1997) 1. Perpetuum mobile 2. Southern Jukebox Music 3. Oscar Tango 4. Music for a Found Harmonium All four parts are very fine, but nos. 1 and 4 are catchy, too. (Thanks to David Bratman for a blog post that brought this music to my attention.)
  2. All time shows: Madison Scouts

    Huh. I thought that was the highlight of the show. (And 1989 is awesome.)
  3. All time shows: Madison Scouts

    Ironically, they would revisit one of those tunes to greater effect a few years later: Paul Hart's "Remembrance". I wish Madison or another corps would tackle "I Can Cook Too" again. A real catchy number.
  4. Nice! But they're not World Class yet, so this post should probably go in the O.C. forum.
  5. 2018 Rules proposals

    That's often said and often true of many artistic endeavors. But a good show-off can also be effective.
  6. 2018 Rules proposals

    I did, again, because it seemed like an intentional effect to me. A bit like that moment in Blue Devils' "Constantly Risking Absurdity" where the guard sets up for a big rifle toss and then deliberately drops their equipment. And in general, I've opposed most so-called evolutions in recent drum corps history, but inevitably, after a few years, a handful of exceptions proves that I was wrong to be so broadly contrarian. Turns out I'm more like Jeff in that I find it's bad execution that matters more than the lousy principles.
  7. 2018 Rules proposals

    Well, I was sort of looking forward to retroactively congratulating Mandarins on having made Finals for the first time last year.
  8. 2018 Rules proposals

    I didn't mind it when the Bluecoats played to the back left corner and the sound was coming from the speakers up front, because we could all tell what was going on: it was a deliberate effect--just like when they did the pitch bend in "Tilt", they emphasized the effect by holding their horns away from their faces. I did object to what I heard other corps doing last summer, which either sounded bad, or seemed like a sneaky way to get additional volume without working for it, or both--and had the further effect of making me suspicious of all corps, which isn't a good way to feel.
  9. 2018 Rules proposals

    Or does the water get him instead?
  10. For that matter, "Countless Screaming Argonauts" would be a good show title.
  11. Has any corps done a They Might Be Giants song? I think there's enough to work with in the likes of "Birdhouse in Your Soul", "Particle Man", "Your Racist Friend", "Sold My Mind to the Kremlin", and a number of others.
  12. 2018 Rules proposals

    Who are three people who have never been in my kitchen? ... What is Radio City Music Hall?
  13. 2018 Rules proposals

    Jim Coates from that video: "We also have to let our audience decide what's good or not."
  14. 2018 Rules proposals

    Could you be specific about which change(s) you think could significantly change DCI forever?
  15. I read in this article about Spotify being sued for $1.6 billion by a licensing company that Congress is considering a "Music Modernization Act" that would change the way music is licensed. You can read more about the proposed law in this piece at Billboard. It's not clear to me how this would affect drum corps, but as licensing has been a regular topic of discussion here, I thought it would be of interest.