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  1. Not dead. Pining for the corps.
  2. Interesting that Mars was in the news today, albeit only as propaganda.
  3. Hmm . . . "estate" implies the composer is dead. Elton John, Tim Rice, and Hans Zimmer are all still with us, so it seems The Lion King is unlikely. Isn't there some prominent dead American composer like Leonard Bernstein whose estate announced several years ago that they were severely reducing licensing opportunities?
  4. See the thread in the DCI forums. (DCI has announced they're using FloMarching.) Lots of explanation there of problems with the BOA and WGI streams. I wrote to DCI when I saw their decision and said, quite bluntly, that I was very concerned. They assured me that they would make sure FloMarching did a good job.
  5. Does "Gabarina" qualify as a parody, which is generally understood to be covered by fair use?
  6. Definitely sarcasm! Bigly so.
  7. Or "fake news"?
  8. Hmm. Retrospectively, a key failing of their 2016 show was that it didn't include any Russian music. Who knew?
  9. There are quite a few DCA shows that I've never even seen on video, much less live. Of those, the one I'd most like to see is the championship performance by Westshoremen in 1996. Although I also hear that the Bushwackers' performance in the 1992 prelims was one for the ages. On the DCI side, I'm very fond of Jersey Surf's 2002 take on the music of West Side Story, but I only know it from the CD and have never seen the show.
  10. Is the streaming only in the U.S. or only in North America? Wondering about whether fans of Les Stentors from Quebec. Obviously it's hopeless for fans of any European corps taking part in DC(I?).
  11. No, I hear they're going to "pivot" by the time they reach the 100-day mark. (Which, if we start the count from the first competition, means they'll have all the kinks worked out by Sep. 30.)
  12. Urk. If true, it's better than nothing, I guess, but they're so bad.
  13. I appreciate your efforts, going back several years, to try, as a means to foster more constructive dialogue, to see things from the G7 point of view. That said, theirs is a case where the difference between means and ends was quite blurred.
  14. No worries! I didn't mean to imply you'd done a bad thing.