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  1. Full-field tarp?

    On one of the "Legacy" DVDs from DCI's earlier years, one announcer asks the other what differentiates drum and bugle corps from marching bands. Just look at the field, the second announcer says: no yard lines. Was that actually true, by the way? If it was, this development would represent a return to the past.
  2. Full-field tarp?

    Repertoire: One Day I'll Py Away Py Me to the Moon Py by Night Py Like an Eagle Gonna Py Now
  3. Full-field tarp?

    I don't actually have a Twitter account, though I browse certain feeds fairly extensively. (And if it's good enough for the most powerful person in the world to use, who am I to condemn it?) But I actually found this link via the Music for All home page (As I type this, it occurs to me that the band that won the contest this evening in your town has a giant silver fly-over tarp, a la Crown 2015.)
  4. Full-field tarp?

    Was that particular tarp on springs?
  5. Full-field tarp?

    White hash marks on a white tarp.
  6. Full-field tarp?

    That was Center Grove.
  7. Earlier tonight at the Bands of America "Super Regional" competition in St. Louis: Will we soon see this sort of thing in DCI?
  8. Speaking of former Bluecoats' stuff, I noticed that a West Virginia band has one of their ramps from 2016. (While an Ohio band seems to have acquired an SCV '17 wheel/table.) Also the OSU's band's take on "The Boxer" seems Bluecoats-inspired.
  9. The Cleveland Orchestra is actually an interesting case, because (as I'm sure you know) about ten years ago, a couple years after Franz Welser-Möst succeeded Christoph von Dohnányi as music director, the chief classical music critic for the only major daily newspaper here, Donald Rosenberg, was demoted (well, reassigned), apparently for being too critical of the orchestra's performances. in review after review, he argued that Welser-Möst was failing to live up to the high standards set by Dohnányi and his predecessors, Georze Szell and Lorin Maazel. Rosenberg sued his employer, unsuccessfully, alleging that they had bowed to pressure from the Orchestra--I'm not sure but I think the claim was that the Orchestra had threatened to stop buying ads in the paper, or maybe that well-heeled board members of the Orchestra had put other financial pressure on the paper's owners. I remember that the west coast critic whose comments I used to launch this discussion once wrote on his blog about the Rosenberg case that, were he in the position of having to regularly review a group whose work he didn't like, he hoped he'd have the financial ability to quit rather than having to repeat the same points again and again. Certainly we have all heard claims that certain DCI judges show strong favoritism for or against certain corps. If it's true, though, one question might be: if they're right, ought they to keep on saying so or step aside?
  10. Yes, I was, in the initial post, but I was responding here to a reply which said that classical music critics don't talk much about performance.
  11. Well then, my work here is done.
  12. Oh, I don't know about that. Seems to me that classical music critics are usually reviewing a well-established piece, and their opinions are almost entirely restricted to how well the conductor and musicians do in conveying what the composer intended. You rarely read a review where the author questions what, say, Mozart or Brahms thought they were doing.
  13. Huh. I saw Belpre's marching band perform just a week ago at Marietta.