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  1. N.E. Brigand

    Glenns Falls NY

    Very curious to see how Legends and Spartans match up. Non head-to-head scores suggest Legends have slipped a little and Spartans may be surging this year.
  2. N.E. Brigand

    Bakersfield, CA - July 20, 2018

    Very interested to see where Battalion fits into this mix. Note that tonight's scores will determine performance order for tomorrow's show.
  3. Well, that's a shame. Looking forward to seeing them all later in the year! And thanks for the update.
  4. N.E. Brigand

    Texas is so hot ...

    Chuck Berry's only no. 1 hit.
  5. N.E. Brigand

    Belton, TX - July 19, 2018

    I was just reading how climatologists expect some Indian cities to be become too hot+humid for human beings to survive (without A/C, which a large percentage of the population doesn't have) in the not very distant future: within the lifetime of kids born today.
  6. Speaking of ice, last year a band in BOA competition, Homestead, who just missed Finals, had an actual (but small) ice skating rink on the field.
  7. Not scoring the shows is an unusual move--although a sensible one. When was the last time it was decided not to give scores due to environmental conditions?
  8. N.E. Brigand

    How bad is this year's percussion?

    OK, what about the more general question: at approximately what score can a percussion section said to be good? Feel free to answer that in relation to a corps' overall score. For instance, allowing that everyone's tastes will vary, is it, say, 80%? A percussion performance of at least 16 and an overall corps performance scored at least 80? What adjectives would you use to describe different levels of quality, and can you loosely match those adjectives to scoring ranges?
  9. Because of the weather or for some other reason? I was really thinking of attending this, but it's more than two hours from here. I'll chance it against the risk of storms, though.
  10. Storms are predicted at 50% for Saturday evening. Here's hoping they miss!
  11. N.E. Brigand

    How bad is this year's percussion?

    OK, but does that mean that Crown's percussion was bad in, say, 2012?
  12. N.E. Brigand

    How bad is this year's percussion?

    I absolutely believe it. But even when they were only a sixth-place unit, they were still very good!
  13. N.E. Brigand

    How bad is this year's percussion?

    I'm trying to establish what people think scores mean and what they mean when they describe a corps' performance, or an aspect of that performance, as good or bad. I wasn't kidding about people saying that Crown's percussion was bad. That really happened. I thought that was ridiculous, but the time to raise the question again was in a later season, right before corps started earning Box 5 scores. (And I only made it by a few hours!) The thread title is, as already noted, deliberately provocative, so as to get people to read the content and consider the questions. But the ideas are serious (if perhaps not very important). I mean: if Crown's percussion really was bad when they were scoring in the 18s, then these corps scoring in the 17s must be awful, no? Once last year, I did try a variation on this theme, when I asked how the Bluecoats who scored 72.30 in the first show of 2017 would score in the 2016 Prelims. Would the Bluecoats of 6/22/17, transported back then months using my time machine, really place behind the Spartans of 8/11/16? (In other words, what are the real scores behind the scores we see?) How much objectivity can we squeeze out of this subjective activity?
  14. N.E. Brigand

    How bad is this year's percussion?

    I'm also curious as to what updates, if any, have been made to the sheets since the version linked above were made public.
  15. N.E. Brigand

    How bad is this year's percussion?

    Box 5 means 90%. Or "Always". As opposed to "Usually", "Sometimes", "Infrequently" and "Rarely". As in is the percussion achieving "clarity of rhythmic articulation" and "balance and blend" and "expressiveness and musicianship" and so forth "always"? Or not? [Here are the sheets, at least as they looked in 2013. (Thanks to skywhopper for having posted a link that I could find quickly.)