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  1. So what tesmusic posted at the same moment I did.
  2. More than that the crowd reaction they got at finals. Explosive. That was awesome to see them getting that kind of reception for the first time in a good while.
  3. I consulted corpsreps after my guess. Not who I woulda guessed.
  4. Cadets in 97 seems too obvious...
  5. Can't believe this didn't pop into my head right off the bat. This might not be the direction that Oregon Crusaders go but they use Enigma Variations as the backbone for this show and mix in a ton of other stuff. One of my recent favorite HS shows.
  6. I guess. I'm not saying they have a special privelage just I'd feel a bit out of place. Probably sounds really dumb, wish some were closer to me and I'd probably have just gone for it by now.
  7. I've actually really come to love that show.
  8. Blue Devils and Santa Clara Vanguard seems like an obvious choice to me as well, two of DCIs most storied corps, both from California, (at one time and I'm hoping in 2017) fiercely competitive with one another, and like mentioned both having an anniversary year. Bluecoats coming off their first ever championship seems like a possibility as well. And probably not but after the year The Academy had I'm sure they'd have to be/were on the radar at some point.
  9. I always thought it'd be fun to do social media/internship stuff for DCI or a corps, always just felt like where I never marched I don't deserve that over alums/former MMS, etc.
  10. The people I know who are by no means avid followers of the activity really enjoyed it, just hoping for some tweaks and fixes. Hope they just focus on the season as a whole rather than a bunch of individual members, or just focus on one or so from whichever corps they choose.
  11. I've talked to a few that quite like it (from two seperate corps)...then again none of us can speak for the majority of marching members.
  12. Their uniform seemed VERY show specific, so I'm betting on a new one. I'd be shocked if they came out in the same thing they wore last year. I think that breaks any cycle they were on even if they were on one (they had the prior one 2 seasons (3 including 2013 which was slightly different) and the one before that for 6 seasons).
  13. Yep, that's where I heard it before I posted it. Vanguard Cadets in 2014 as well.