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  1. All time shows: The Academy

    I’ve been meaning to do these threads........this is a great one to jump in on. There isn’t really a show from The Academy I haven’t enjoyed, even the Pianoman show. Well. Maybe 08. 2016 and 2011 are personal overall favorites of mine from any corps and there are a lot of others I *really* enjoyed. Haven’t seen their pre 2006 shows. 1. 2016 - Drum Corpse Bride This was so so so fun to follow that summer, even preseason it felt special. Pretty perfect design, simple and fantastically told story with amazing music and pretty immaculate staging. And it was just full of those magical moments throughout like the xylophones and that amazing closer. Far and away their best and seeing them make finals for the first time just made it that much better. 2. 2011 - (RE)- .......however this show is a very close second for me. I listen to this show all the time. I think this was their 2nd best playing corps and easily their best drumline to me. Loved the wacky color scheme and Hinshaw drill as well. Just a quirky, intense, and downright fun show. 3. 2014 - Vanity Fair This was the start of what would lead to 2016, such a great rebound after 2013. Simple, entertaining, and so much more cohesive on all levels. Really enjoyed watching this one come together, as always it’s a fantastic show to listen to from them. 4. 2015 - A Step in Time This is the year that they started to feel like a potential finalist in the making. Clear identity forming, stronger in all sections than the year before, and this is when they really began to get the fans on their side. This show just felt right for them on all levels. And it was downright fun. 5. 2006 - Danzon I haven’t ever seen a super high quality recording of this show but it’s so so so fun. One of my favorite Latin shows Pretty beasty show for a Division 2 corps. 6. 2010 - Strangers in Paradise Not a lot to look at but they had a fantastic top 12 quality brass line and I love Borodin so this show gets a lot of plays from me. 7. 2012 - Left of Spring Rite of Spring is pretty tired for me but I enjoyed their treatment of it. VERY aggressive show. Loved the absolutely bonkers guard costuming and color scheme. 8. 2009 - The Ascent Pretty standard show but done very well, really enjoyed this one when I was starting to fall in love with the activity. 9. 2017 - By a Hare This would probably be higher if it hadn’t followed 2016. It was a very fun show that just lacked the magic and cohesion of their masterwork the year before. They developed the hell out of it over the summer though. 10. 2007 - The Chase Definitely their breakout season, really enjoy the music. 11. 2013 - Pianoman Yes it was flawed but I admire them going for the audience and having fun with it. I’d rather it be that than something boring. 12. 2008 - Vienna Nights Not a lot to say, source material was given a pretty bland treatment. Solid but not a lot of punch.
  2. This was Hebron high schools opener this past fall and oh my God it was amazing.
  3. 2018 Rules proposals

    I understand the reasoning behind 15 in finals and I sure wouldn’t mind seeing the shows that usually place in that range again......but it certainly mitigates the exclusivity and achievement of placing in the top 12 to me. I feel like the increasing difficulty of making the top 12 pushed corps right on the cusp of that to the high levels we have seen as of late from that grouping. Though perhaps this means that will spread down to 16th to 18th and those corps as well will begin to really excel and grow since what was probably not attainable for another few seasons could be within their grasp now.
  4. This thread makes me realize how much it sucks not to have easy access to shows anymore, lots I still need to see/hear.
  5. 2018 Rules proposals

    I’m a fan of that one.
  6. Cadets v.s. Boston Crusaders

    Ahh. This topic went exactly where I would have anticipated.
  7. 1993 Star of Indiana needs no explaining and 1998 Glassmen has always been a favorite of mine. Just great music and beautiful drill with a KILLER drumline.
  8. Hmm. Blue Devils - Celebratory of their past, present, and future. Hardly dark. But butterflies are pretty spooky up close, remember that one episode of Spongebob? Yikes. SCV - Yes snakes can be scary, I think they’re kinda cool but that’s just me. Pretty serious tone but not really dark. Carolina Crown - Unless he was a confused Colts fan watching their field get ripped apart not sure what was dark. Pretty uplifting message I think. Unless you don’t like singing with your drum corps. Then this show is the most evil of them all. Cavaliers - Maybe. But it was funny. Bluecoats - Unless you have an unexplainable fear of Bob Fosse dancing at you in your nightmares that show was just extremely fun music with some flaws. Boston Crusaders - Obviously the occult one. It was the most fun I had watching a show live last summer. Maybe I need some help when girls are swinging and burning and I am screaming with joy. The Cadets - Too Catholic for him? Blue Knights - Probably didn’t understand it which translates to fear and it’s evil. But a positive message nonetheless. Phantom Regiment - If I had to listen to that voiceover say fantasy all summer I’d probably be convinced a demon was trying to seduce me. Blue Stars - Not getting the girl you want is unfortunate but hardly something to throw an exorcism at. Crossmen - I mean bonda....cages are kinda spooky. Madison Scouts - Coulda been even darker and people woulda loved it. And outside the top 12.......what. Mandarins? That’s about the only darker tone one outside of some OC shows I can think of. Just kidding overall. Guy is pushing an agenda and uses this to try and fit and force it like Jeff said above and IMO using the drum corps activity to do that is pretty dumb. I laughed though so thanks for that. :D
  9. Have heard this one on the field or I wouldn't necessarily listen to this and say hmm a drum corps should play this. The translation to the field was pretty spine tingling to me at least.
  10. DCI Design Staff's Other Work

    Oh absolutely. That show that Johnson did this fall and the 2014 one are pretty remarkable, 2017 live was about the most fun and energergized I've felt by a music program. Just all about chemistry and where they'd fit.
  11. Oh it's certainly warranted, yikes. It's buggy as hell. I just didn't have anything to add on that.
  12. DCI Design Staff's Other Work

    I was in San Antonio this year so it's fresh on my mind too. :) Will update as I remember/acquire more information. Off the top of my head: - Claudia Taylor Johnson (1st at BOA San Antonio) Don't think Carol Britton Chambers has ever really poked her head into DCI despite being such an incredibly successful and prevalent arranger in the BOA world. Daryl Pemberton wrote drill for Cadets in 2016 but they changed to Bobby Jones for 2017. - Hebron (2nd at BOA San Antonio) Hebron actually switched away from Will Pitts in 2016 to someone else, trying to remember who. Think it might be Michael Martin. Kevin Nix does their drill, don't think he's doing anything in DCI at the moment. - Vandegrift (3rd at BOA San Antonio) JD Shaw and Andrew Markworth split up the music of course with SCV and Crossmen. Jeff Sacktig writes the drill. - Flower Mound (6th at BOA San Antonio, 5th at Grand Nationals) Wayne Downey arranges here, check out 2015 and 2016 especially. Amazing stuff. 2017 was great too just not quite there performance wise. Mitch Rogers does the drill design, with Oregon Crusaders and Cavaliers in the recent past. - Marcus (7th at BOA San Antonio, 4th at BOA Grand Nationals) Hmm. Not 100% sure here but I think Michael Klesch does the arranging and drill is in house? More sure of the former than the latter. - Cedar Park (8th at BOA San Antonio) I am pretty sure that Michael Klesch or JD Shaw does the music... ...and Jamey Thompson does the visual design (COME BACK TO DCI PLEASE). - The Woodlands (11th at BOA San Antonio, 7th at BOA Grand Nationals) Wayne Downey arranges I believe, On the Waterfront in 2016 was amazing. Vanderkolff does the visual design, they're always one of the more aggressive and top tier in terms of visual content and demand in Texas. - Leander/Round Rock (14th/18th at BOA San Antonio) Same(ish?) teams. Ryan George for sure on both, Colin McNutt for sure on the Leander side. Jeremy Hunt does the drill design, he was with PR in 2015 and then was gone after that.
  13. Complaining about the new website seems to be the popular topic but I’m very excited to see The Battalion expanding their tour and Golden Empire expanding their tour all ththe way to Indy after an incredibly successful 2017 season. Can’t wait to see how they do.