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  1. I try my best.........they all deserve some love.
  2. Music City 2018

    LOL NO. I'm a nobody!
  3. Music City 2018

    From what I understand they are trying to upgrade to someone who can be more involved and present year round for the organization. It was announced before the season that they were under evaluation for World Class promotion, I am guessing this came up during that evaluation and they are hiring accordingly as a result. And even if they don't get promoted I am sure the process probably highlights and lets you know what you need to strengthen as an organization to move towards that status. They took a huge leap forward this year on the field and in their expanded tour. They certainly perform and present like a World Class corps now. And if they're strong and improving themselves on the internal side of things I would LOVE to see them move up in the coming years.
  4. 2017 PREDICTIONS!

    Ayy I got something right!
  5. Intereresting preceded by a bunch of dots is my nice way of saying it's a bunch of BS. lol
  6. Wish List for 2018

    I have one wish for myself that I'm about to start working on for next summer but I'll keep that to myself for now
  7. Wish List for 2018

    Another set of amazing shows from Blue Devils down to Les Stentors and I'll be happy.
  8. BEST BD BALLAD 2014-2017

    This topic is like trying to pick the cutest puppy from a litter of incredibly cute puppies. It cannot be done!
  9. That's what did it for me, this show is in a pretty #### small club with shows like 2014 Blue Knights and Blue Stars and 2016 Academy that go past watching drum corps and turn into something else entitirely. When you do that you earn a special place in my heart as a fan.
  10. Blue Knights 2018

    What they did musically in 2017 which was an evolution of the prior four seasons was what I personally would love to see as the future of the activity musically. Pure and INCREDIBLY dynamic brass that stands on its own with just enough modern effects and touches thrown on top to add some sparkle. Incredible pacing and arranging that throws the norm out the window and lets space and staging visually add to the musical texture. Use of silence and letting the energy just breathe. INCREDIBLE percussion writing and performance quality that is unique and special to them. The Schwantner Percussion Concerto portion of the show embodies everything right with what they do. Pure and progressive. Restrained and exciting. It was an amazing dichotomy of what we know and what we can expect. I am SO glad I came around to their show in the end. I gave them some really unfair grief and criticism over the last two seasons and I feel pretty ###### about it. I don't think it was quite as strong conceptually as 2014 or 2015 and visual design had some issues but it got back to the root of why they were my pick for next new champion after 2015. They're so close. With the right show concept and visual design they're gonna explode. And what better year than an Anniversary? Looking forward to it BK.
  11. 2018 Blue Stars

    Aged out as legends. Belton was the first time I stayed for an encore and got up close and they blew me away, will always remember that hornline.
  12. Ahh. I can see the off-season has more than kicked off in its full and......interesting glory.
  13. 2018 Blue Stars

    I really think it's as simple as them finding the right show, every single other piece is in place. I'm sure whatever it is I'll be a huge fan like the last 9 seasons!