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  1. Cadets 2018

    I wasn't aware of Buyan, awesome! John Psatahs is a fantastic percussion composer and a few of his works have found their way onto the field. Plant Damnation a few times, most of note being Boston Crusaders in 2010 as well as One Study, One Summary in Bluecoats drum feature last year. Looking forward to hearing that.
  2. Leander was AMAZING in Scholastic A.
  3. Can’t watch IW due to a concert tonight but I LOVED watching the last two nights. Enjoy! :)
  4. Have been watching the whole weekend, some standouts for me: Scholastic A: Leander was about as good as it gets, obviously an A show but a really really really good one. Their 99.4 broke the Scholastic A record which was a 98.85 from 2000 and is the 3rd highest recorded score in WGI history. Last 99+ was in 2014 from Onyx. Some of the most confident rifle work I've seen all weekend. Marian Catholic, Decatur Central, and Green hope were all fantastic as well. AA Stagg was small and mighty defined, eight or nine members and super exposed but so confident and clean. Nice! Flushing had a cute little ugly duckling show, Creep worked super well for that. Independent A: Didn't get to see a ton here, but the Pacificaires were just pure and beautiful. Scholastic Open: Park Vista was SO powerful, incredible message and makes you really think about the way were are taught in school and some of the really messed up (if you agree with their message) contradictions in our society. And they looked SO confident. Eastlake was SO fun! Their graffiti show is one of my favorites across any class, the flag feature on the ladders? WOW! I loved the All By Myself portion of West Shore School Districts show, and same. LOVED Fishers music from the movie Swiss Army Man, really relaxing and pure show. Really enjoyed Cleveland's Joan of Arc show. Klein Oak was last years A champion, this years show as a lot like that. Pure and clean and beautiful. Independent Open: Only got to see the top few groups here but UCF Pegasus Open and CGT Denton, WOW! So confident and interesting like their world class brethren. Two different beasts performed so well. Scholastic World: Northview's show is super fun, really like the way they use the different tarps on their stools. Neat. The ovations that Stoneman Douglas get are everything that's right with the activity. So heartwarming. And they're good too, there is a super cool toss sequence towards the end of their show that is insane! At least to my untrained guard eye. Tarpon Springs equipment ability is insane, can see a lot of Blue Stars guard in what they do since they share Shapiro. Shenendehowa is really intriguing, that flag feature on their spinning platform is super cool. WEST BROWARD! SO FUN! Their Downtown show is easily one of my favorites, attitude, confidence, roller skates, and super cool tosses galore. Such an entertaining and fun show from them! Flanagan is stronger than they've been since they won a few times, really nice show. The interaction with the props, especially with the flag work is super cool! Carmel is so quirky and weird and I love that about their show, it's such a nice contrast to two super understated shows currently sharing the medal podium. Independent World: Interplay is very thought provoking and relevant right now, beautiful show. Bluecoats Indoor reminds me a lot of their drum corps in the summer. Loud, bombastic, exciting, entertaining, and just impossible for me not to love. They look like they're having an absolute blast out there. I love Fantasia's Judy Garland show, just super pretty. I really enjoy AMPs Godfather show, super exciting. I enjoy Etude a lot as well, enthralling and I love the GOT music from a very exciting episode. CGT DALLAS! SO exciting and entertaining, easily a fan favorite and one of my favorites since I've started following the activity two years ago. It's never perfect from the sheer amount of tosses and things attempted, but they're really close to knocking on the door of a medal with a strong performance. Just absolutely enthralling watching them attempt that. The top is so tight with three super different shows! Blessed Sacrament is very pure and technical, Pride of Cincinnati is pure and understated grace, and Paramount is so unusual and exciting! All three could win and all three are great. Excited to see who claims it!
  5. Congrats to Bluecoats Indoor on making Independent World finals in their first year competing!
  6. Sean King has been suspended. New board isn’t messing around.
  7. Burr. Did it just get cold in here?
  8. omg where did you get this time can I have some why am I still awake at this hour
  9. She talks about it some in this video. Some funny other stuff in there too, like her demonstration of the “Imogen Heap button”.
  10. We might all argue over a lot but when it comes down to something that truly matters we are more similar than we would have ever thought.
  11. The impression I am getting is quite the opposite of what is being predicted by some on here, the attitude of a lot of the members I have seen on various places as well as alumni I know is, after getting Hopkins out, to pull together and push to not let this tear their corps apart. The members don’t deserve for this to destroy their summer and corps. Appropriate actions need to be taken and people who committed those atrocities need to be removed and punished......but I don’t think that means not fielding this summer. It’s gonna be so hard in some regards but I don’t think anyone who sees them perform this summer, me included, is gonna scoff at the site of the Cadets because of a stigma. We all know who was responsible and I am sure giving those members my full support. To me what has happened prior to this is what would push people away and not want to be a part of that organization. Now that change is happening and the times are tough it seems the opposite is happening. Of course all from someone outside looking in with a mere few connections.
  12. Additional response from YEA: https://yea.org/news/2005-healing-and-the-future
  13. Any time stuff like this happens, whether it's a teacher, coach, priest, etc. people who try to say and theorize why or why not victims did what they did really really really upset me. Unless you've been through that or are close to someone who has you just need to shut the hell up. That's no ones place but theirs to tell, not ours to try and guess or shame them for. Of course that's a huge part of understanding how this stuff can happen, the atmosphere and environment created for them to feel like the come forward is so important, but that's theirs to tell and discuss, not ours to theorize. This thread has been so shockingly civil.......until the last few pages. Think it might be time for me to sign off DCP. Was gonna do that anyway but reading the way this discussion has headed is pretty upsetting.
  14. Cadets 2018

    The impression I got from Reddit was that if Hopkins was still there, there were gonna be problems. Now that he's gone, I think they'll probably be way better off for attendance.
  15. Madison Scouts 2018

    I really like the music, like I said earlier if last year wasn’t your thing I think this year will be more up your alley. I’m excited to see what they do with this.