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  1. For the record I agree people were getting way too nasty about the singer last night, and I'm not saying that cause I'm scared she's gonna get her feelings hurt, I say it because it's just totally disrespectful and not in any way classy. Was referring to the other discussion.
  2. Think we all need to relax........
  3. Those uniforms look SO good.
  4. I'm so pumped to see their show.
  5. That ending was just explosive in every single way, LOVE this shot. One of those capturing a moment perfectly images.......I need to check out this guys other pictures.
  6. (copy paste from my Reddit post) Honestly for what it is.......it's the classiest spandex type uniform I've seen. Super understated in a beautiful way, looks well made, and I'm excited to see what effect the gradient at the waist, the red around the forearms, and circle around the upper torso do from up top. With Michael Gaines on board I can't help it think there is a reason why they did this. Honestly I'm sold.
  7. Thank you thank you thank you. Looks like you've got some great seats!
  8. Something I haven't seen beaten to death. Question. Was it me or did the uniform make the drill really hard to read? They're like a shade to light or a shade too dark and I had a hard time reading the drill last night.
  9. That has a beautiful understated quality to it, feel I'm gonna be in the minority but I really like it.
  10. I have a feeling I'm gonna like a lot of the shows premiering tonight top to bottom.
  11. I LOVE DA POWER SHOTS! (almost typed power ##### and I definitely don't love those).
  12. Use of contrast is what I am getting from it.
  13. The guard does a flag exchange in a circle around the corps in that final push before the ballad that is like 20 yards. I audibly gasped.
  14. @Hook'emCavies, I think based on what you seem to like you're gonna find a lot to like in this show. I loved them last night and by the time you get to see them I bet they have more design details ironed out and it'll really start to cook. Ignoring the show this is the best and most confident I've seen them in June in awhile. I think a great season lies ahead. Not everyone is gonna like it but don't let that get you down, keep an open mind and just remember they were less than 3 points behind last years champion and less than 1 behind an INCREDIBLE Carlina Crown corps. I hope you can survive the anticipation!
  15. So who is all gonna be there? Have fun and I'm looking forward to hearing some thoughts! And stay cool......