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  1. Less than two weeks!
  2. That 2010 hornline had some serious punch. And I totally agree on 2011, I listen to that one all the time, it's not just one of my favorites from them it's one of my favorites period.
  3. I played Xerxes at a summer camp about 7 years ago, fun piece!
  4. Seeing a show for the first time without a lot of previous knowledge is pretty fun I must say........
  5. I suspect we will get quite a few announcements this weekend. Last camp weekend for a lot before move ins.
  6. Definitely some copyright stuff, just corps being really careful and securing everything and making everything is in order. And last years champion held out on the theme and music really late. Probably some "if they won doing it we should do it too" going on but that is just speculation.
  7. So to steer back in the positive direction. Little birdie tells me that I should be really really really excited about Madison Scouts program this year.
  9. Indeed. I was 6 so yeah haha.
  10. 15:26 to the end of this would be awesome, could hear a lot using it too.
  11. What is that called? A lovers quarrell???
  12. Actually, I don't believe a lot have marched drum corps if any (I'm speaking for Canyon and north, the panhandlepanhandlepanhandle). I'm not sure if any of the heads have, I know there are some 90s Phantom Regiment, Madison Scouts, etc. former MMs but no one that has marched very recently. I know at my school I REALLY pushed the theater stuff as a student for some after two a days activities, and it just kinda spread like wildfire through the students to other schools and now directors are bringing them in by the busloads. The interest has been pretty student initiated, but the HS band directors really embrace and support it too.
  13. I'm from Canyon, currently finishing up my Music Education degree and about to start working on my Masters in percussion performance. Not many people from around here on DCP......haha. Did you go to Abilene Christian by chance? Great program, performed at TMEA in February I believe. There was absolutely nothing in the way of drum corps until recently up here. I do find Guardians decision......interesting to look at starting one up in Lubbock. Horizon has been vying for Open Class designation in Odessa for a year or two (know a few people there, great little thing getting started) and I think there is another trying to set up shop in Midland......getting a tad crowded up here for what is a far less dense and wide spread scene in the huge world of Texas bands. When I was in HS starting about 10 years ago (oh my God...)......not a ton of investment in bands and not a lot of great programs to be honest. But over the last few years there have been a ton of new directors especially in the Amarillo ISD programs that have breathed huge new life into a lot these programs and it seems like schools are supporting them a lot more. The support and fan base for DCI has also exploded as a result. When I was in HS the Big Loud and Live events were lucky to have 15 - 20 people, now they're at two theaters in Amarillo and selling out at both. I know the number of auditionees from up here has increased quite a bit too, I don't recall any when I was in HS and now I know there are kids all over trying out. Lubbock has a lot of good programs to draw from too, and Midland/Odessa has a good few big schools as well to recruit from. I'm guessing they're recruiting form El Paso as well.