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  1. I also miss that kind of drum writing. I like....meaty stuff like that.
  2. I LOVE that closer.
  3. What a cool sounding concept! Really looking forward to it.
  4. I would hope that there is more than a uniform/style that makes a corps.
  5. Then RIP to my favorite DCI uniform. D:
  6. Listening through some corps reps for 2017, I'm so excited about Both Sides Now, such a fantastic song I think will translate very effectively to the field.
  7. I listened to last years show today, I still think Turning was a FANTASTIC ballad and one of the few points in the show where I really connected with the theme/message they were trying to send. I think it was successful even if the rest wasn't. I fear with the passage of time it will get lost because of the stigma it already has garnered.
  8. Yay, found one that it doesn't appear any drum corps has played, very emotionally charged piece (written in memory of JFK after his assassination).
  9. Totally agree, I hope they can change what seems like a stigma that you can't do fun and lighthearted and succeed, they've certainly proved that wrong to a certain level last year, hope that trend continues. They are a voice DCI is in short supply of, I feel like they're a Velvet Knights/Sky Ryders successor in a way.
  10. That's where I was thinking of it going too, I love that idea.
  11. We're almost there people! Will be here before we know it, I know after spring break (mine was last week) the rest of the school year flies by and teaching seems to be accelerating that process ten fold. Something tells me we are in for another year of really fun shows top to bottom...
  12. They took it down for some reason... Was a post about the upcoming marching roundtable podcast that has their design team on it.
  13. Something tells me they will stick to their guns in that regard. :)
  14. Oh totally.
  15. As long as it's as fun, engaging, and easy to follow as last year they could place 23rd or 1st and I would not care. Just keep doin what you're doin with the difficulty/depth bumped up a notch or two again like they've done for 3 years and they'll be set.