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  1. DrumManTx

    Mandarins 2018

    I caught a video. Wow. Wow wow wow. They’re doing the kind of shows that are right up my alley this year and last. VERY dark and super weird but in a way that is emotionally captivating and entertaining as hell. I can not wait to see them on the road this summer.
  2. Thank you. :) Was great seeing you guys.
  3. DrumManTx

    2018 Tour Premiere

    I was all over the place! Let me know when you’re at a show again!
  4. DrumManTx

    2018 Tour Premiere

    I don’t think I’ll ever forget tonight. Can’t sum that up into words. I need working for this activity to be a part of the rest of my life.
  5. DrumManTx

    Our friend DrumManTX

    Don’t feel like I deserve any of this attention......but thank you everyone. So excited for the world to see what these incredible members and staff have been working on for a month. It’s so inspiring to watch every day.
  6. DrumManTx

    Our friend DrumManTX

    I am alive and kicking no worries. ;)
  7. DrumManTx

    Our friend DrumManTX

    I was actually about to post this to explain where I’ve been and introduce myself for real but it seems @Terri Schehr beat me to the punch! I said it all in the article but I am so lucky to have the opportunity to work with such an incredible organization this summer. The members, staff, and volunteers are all such incredible people. It’s hard work but the people I get to interact with and getting to be around that incredible thing that goes on on the field the whole summer? So worth it. This has truly been a life changing experience thus far and getting to write about it and share this experience? Wow. Don’t know what I did to deserve this. But. :) If anyone wants to meet up at a show shoot me a message!
  8. DrumManTx

    Our friend DrumManTX

    I’d love to meet up with anyone who reaches out, just shoot me a message on here. :)
  9. See you there. :)
  10. Hmm. Maybe I’ll see you in a bit.
  11. DrumManTx

    Your favorite All-Time DCI Year

    It is definitely going to be 2018. I can guarantee that.
  12. DrumManTx

    2018 Programs & Playlist

    Lots of announcements and teases this week.
  13. DrumManTx

    Blue Devils 2018

    After how I ended up loving last years show, I’m really looking forward to this. I love which painting/artist they’re picking as an inspiration, definitely right up their alley. And what a bad ### title. I am hoping I can catch it multiple times over the second half of the season. :)
  14. DrumManTx

    2018 Programs & Playlist

    Me like.
  15. DrumManTx

    Big, Loud & Live 15

    I’ll be in Detroit
  16. DrumManTx

    2018 Programs & Playlist

    He is the beast. Be weary.
  17. DrumManTx

    Carolina Crown 2018

    HAHAHA. One could also say it low key slaps. It just means it’s a good song/piece of music.
  18. DrumManTx

    Blue Devils 2018