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  1. Just for the record, and clarification for those who just reading the postings, this Stu (me) and that Stu are two different Stu's. Carry on.
  2. Nope, not banned; I just decided that I had better things to do with my time after some posters were defending the Cadets hiring a known offender and also stating that DCI had no business telling the Cadets what to do. The only reason I perused through this thread was that someone informed me about the nature of the thread content. And the only reason I am posting now is to respond to a direct question concerning if I was banned. I find it odd, though, that some of those very posters who defended the Cadets then, and saying DCI should stay out of it then, are now advocating the opposite.
  3. So that means everything you wrote about global warming is a farce! Now that I will agree with!!
  4. "Lighten up Francis" - Sgt Hulka (Stripes) Have some spiked eggnog; enjoy the new year parties; and do not take life, especially jokes, so seriously!!
  5. Why not join the New Year's Eve party in Minneapolis where it will be a balmy -15 ambient temp. I heard that the big bash will be on the roof of the Mall of America with special guest Al Gore just wearing Speedos due to the world getting so hot!!
  6. No; a Rapture themed show is not what most conservative's want; there is no desire for a corps to preach. The objection was that DCI is billed as a youth activity, and the on-field 'glorification' imagery concerning the fall of man into the sin of sexual immorality using the wink, wink, attitude that it is ok for youth to take a bite out of that apple. That is not a good message to portray in a youth activity.
  7. I care a lot about what somebody on a site called "Drum Corps Planet" thinks. Anything from Jazzers or Funkmeistets?
  8. Well.... We are all just spuds looking for the real tomato; and it would have been fun to see both Spaz Attack and Booji Boy in the Cavies show!!!
  9. I knew it!! You are actually Jethro Bodine!!!
  10. Sort of like we should not dismiss your comment for the lack of the possessive apostrophe in (a person's opinion)!
  11. 2018 Rules proposals

    Both the tic system of yester-year and the build-up system of today are subjective systems; there is nothing objective about opinion evaluation. That said there is more ambiguity with identifying what is great (ie who is better, Chicago Symphony or Boston Symphony), as opposed to what is error (ie who made more mistakes between those two). So to gain consistency within a build-up scoring system you train judges for cookie-cutter evaluation within subjective opinion scoring and ranking; not only to the sheets but to each other as judges (part of the evaluation to become a DCI judge is how close you score and rank to current judges). With that you also end up with a form of slotting. Why? Because quite frankly while the Chicago Symphony and the Boston have different sound they are equally great; and neither should have to give up their own unique sound for the sake of score and rank. However, the judges are trained to place the sound of Chicago as being the better of the two, which forces Boston to either change their sound or get whacked; and then if any judge dares to say, "Nope, the Boston sound is better" that judge gets axed for upsetting the adjudicating apple-cart).
  12. 2018 Rules proposals

    See bold; which inevitably results in various types of slotting over the course of the season using a small rotation of judges who are intimately familiar with every corps over many seasons. A conundrum created when there is a conflict of saying each corps is to be strictly evaluated based on the sheet criteria yet also added to that is another subjective evaluation that this corps has to be ranked, without a tie, along with 31 other corps by those who know a lot about DCI historical rankings. Thus, by the third week each season, general slotting occurs; it is an unintended consequence but it is inevitable. And that is why if a competent professional who was provided the sheets for study but knew nothing of the the corps and their past scores and rankings over the years (and that's the key) came in as as guest judge for finals, their independent opinion would really upset the apple cart.
  13. 2018 Rules proposals

    So.... Wynton would only be deemed competent to adjudicate brass as long as he ranks and rates the ensembles in the same order as the current crop of DCI brass judges. Now that is funny right there!!! And it says quite a lot about the insular secterian mind-set which permiates many views within DCI.