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  1. Most symphonic trained players cannot swing. Some can crossover, like Wynton, but most are way to clinical in their sound and feel. Which is wonderful for symphonic, but square as #### for jazz.
  2. I did not say the ensembles improv, I said there is a vast difference in the interp of the written notes in both feel and sound. The Chicago Symphony Orchestra will approach the music of Duke Ellington in a vastly different manner than the Harry Connick Jr. Big Band. They both will play in triplet, but the CSO will be clinical and the HACK band will swing hard!!
  3. Sure, but the ensemble in a jazz band does not read and perform the black notes on the page in a clinical manner the way a symphonic orchestra does.
  4. IMO, most symphony orchestras suck at jazz; most concert wind ensembles suck at jazz; their approach of 'play the notes on the page as clinically exact and precise as possible' butcher the feel and sound. The same holds true for most of the competitive marching ensembles.
  5. Nope, that is something that can be quickly checked to see in fact if it is a fact. But I do not care at the moment about the weather in Baltimore. What I do care about is checking the validity of two-year drop in plcement and a G7 corps would have been kicked out of the G7. Where can we see documents to support that claim as fact.
  6. Haunted, not hunted, haunted one!!
  7. But..... it's always sunny in Philadelphia.
  8. In your own mind, I am sure that is a true statement.
  9. I may be droning on and on, but I am not being incorrect; you did post two different scenarios on how and when six discovered the content in the document. Moreover, come to think of it, a little kid in a sandbox with his plastic shovel yells, ‘Shut Up!’ when someone pesters him and that is to be expected. But an adult in a business meeting, if he yells that, either he has lost the foundation for his argument or has something to hide. Just sayin’.
  10. No, you do not 'have' to do snything. But documented support on your opinion that there was a solid two-year drop and your out of the G7 would then switch to being fact as opposed to being just 'you say so'.
  11. Interesting in how you phrased that!!!! Because the only thing I am inserting into this thread is that the scenerio of the six, as in where and how they found out about the content within the PowerPoint document, was told differently by you in another thread. And the only reason I cannot actually quote those other posts and put them side by side here is that they somehow got deleted around the time someone split-off items into this thread. Again I am not claiming conspiracy, they likely got accidentally deleted, but they are gone nonetheless.
  12. This is DCP; a blog; a chat room for corps idiots like us to bloviate, rant, rave, irritate, annoy, exchange niceties, click on the like button, .... If that nothing really more than a glorified sandbox to exchange opinions is 'Business' to you, well that does explaine a lot.