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  1. Finals Format

    So did the Scouts: they loved the '88 random format! Go to the fromthepressbox website and see this for yourself. The entire season the Scouts were bouncing around 4th to 7th; even at their last regular performance in Aug just prior to heading into KC for Semi-Finals they were around 7th with a score of 92.7. Then, unbeknownst to the fans due to the secret random draw for Finals, they jumped a whopping 5 points, again jumped a whopping 5 points at the very next show which was Semi-Finals and vaulted into 1st place with a 97.8!. The fans did not discover this until the Final scores were announced at Finals retreat! (Added note: some may try to point to 2008 Regiment as a similar example. However, a check of their scores against BD and The Cavaliers all season in 2008 shows that all three were neck to neck throughout the summer; with Regiment being tied with The Cavaliers at least twice and beating BD at least once at Allentown. Nothing like the 7th place to 1st place 5-point vaulting in one show for the Scouts in 1988).
  2. Finals Format

    And French Horns, oh, and Sousaphones are legal now also.
  3. Finals Format

    As for 'one and done' is all that is needed from us dino's perspective to say never again: well the DCI broadcast also tried play by play commentary once during Finals in the early '80s; it worked out about as good as the '88 random draw!!!! So to place that into your position that we are old farts who merely hate change, how about you advocating for play by play commentary as well as random draw?
  4. Finals Format

    Double post
  5. Finals Format

    What new 'anticipation' would this 6 on 6 Finals night random draw actually bring to DCI? (Especially when head to head scores and rankings are well known to most every fan for weeks in advance.) How would it be way more exciting than 2008 when Regiment was known to be third on Thursday, known to be second on Friday, and then the explosion of the crowd on Saturday when they were announced as Champion?
  6. Cadets 2018

    So, apparently even in the 80’s, the administrations of The Cadets, The Blue Devils, Santa Clara Vanguard, The Cavaliers, and Phantom Regiment had already developed, what was to come to a head 20 some-odd years later, the 'G7' mentality. And if they held that mentality 20 years prior to the infamous proposal, what makes anyone think the current administrations have changed their deep held beliefs just a few years after the leak of the proposal?
  7. Yep; in the 1970’s and 1980’s DCI was all about the youth and not about the staff alright; It certainly was the youth performers’ names that appeared in the programs and were mentioned on the broadcasts not staff and designers names like Bobby Hoffman, George Zingalli, Tom Float, Jim Ott, Dennis Delucia…. Oh to go back to the good ole days when it was all about the youth and their names being placed in the DCI Hall of Fame and not just the adults!!!!
  8. Finals Format

    That top 6 bottom 6 draw type format format was also the way DCI '88 was split; and it stunk!!!
  9. Benson Martin Clinton Thorogood Gershwin Handel Lucas Carlin Foreman Plimpton Clooney Wendt Harrison Brett Steinbrenner Takei Lopez Peppard Hamilton Orwell Segal Burns Patton C. Scott Washington Carver Strait Jones
  10. Uh.... never mind, I do not want my humorous sarcasm to get this thread locked by the mods.
  11. Likely the best thing you ever posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Sign the Petition

    Brasso: I have said this before, and will repeat it here, folks used to congragate at the barbershop and cuss/discuss the state of affairs from high school football to debating the US Constitution; it is an American tradition; it is healthy for the open freedoms we have in this great nation. Now, in the age of technology, instead of just local barbershops we have blogs and chat rooms open to those beyond the local. The same freedom of openess in discussion is here, but just a different venue. So this type of banter certainly is beneficial to us exercising our open discussions on various matters.
  13. Great idea! You finally have a point! The Cadets have dropped from 1st to 7th; they are part of the rest now competing for 7th to 8th place just like you said. The USA can only support the 6 top tier organizations, again just like you stated, above the Cadets. So let's take the current top 6, put them in the top class which the USA can support, and put the Cadets in the lower tier. Is that acceptable to you?
  14. Sign the Petition

    Jeff, don't get your shorts in a wad; we (I) trust you. But there is no real verification that can be garnered at all by you or by us because you also stated that the supposed policy is "not for public consumption" and even you have not seen the official policy. And when we are talking a 501c3 YOUTH based organization, that secrecy is rather suspicious if not disturbing. We are not seeking names and/or accusations, but merely an 'official' policy statement from a public tax-exempt charitable non-profit. You yourself stated that it is not for public consumption, yet you made a public statement that the policy does exist. If it is not for the public to know, then you should have not told the public of its existence. But since you did make the pronouncement, where is the document of verification other than "These guys said so"?
  15. Sign the Petition

    You state that the DCI policy is not for public consumption; I state that while I trust you spoke to people who say there is a policy I also require varification before standing firm that there is in fact a policy; then you want me to ask Dan for it after already claiming it is not for public consumption. Paradox or circular, take your pick.
  16. Sign the Petition

    I do not doubt you, just need DCI to provided the documentation for vatification. Trust, ... but varify.
  17. BOA Finals - Indy - Nov 11

    If this thread stays in the DCI WC section it says 'a lot' about Drum Corps and Bands being synonymous. Just saying.
  18. That's ok... most woodwind players 'can't' count anyway!
  19. Sign the Petition

    I live by the axiom coined by Ronald Reagan: "Trust, ... but varify!" So it is not that I have no trust, it is just that DCI is not releasing any varifiable information to support that trust.
  20. Sign the Petition

    And that, ladies and germs, is the essence of everything posted on DCP!!!
  21. And the sniff test says..... G7 now proposed as G9.