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  1. So that means everything you wrote about global warming is a farce! Now that I will agree with!!
  2. "Lighten up Francis" - Sgt Hulka (Stripes) Have some spiked eggnog; enjoy the new year parties; and do not take life, especially jokes, so seriously!!
  3. Why not join the New Year's Eve party in Minneapolis where it will be a balmy -15 ambient temp. I heard that the big bash will be on the roof of the Mall of America with special guest Al Gore just wearing Speedos due to the world getting so hot!!
  4. No; a Rapture themed show is not what most conservative's want; there is no desire for a corps to preach. The objection was that DCI is billed as a youth activity, and the on-field 'glorification' imagery concerning the fall of man into the sin of sexual immorality using the wink, wink, attitude that it is ok for youth to take a bite out of that apple. That is not a good message to portray in a youth activity.
  5. I care a lot about what somebody on a site called "Drum Corps Planet" thinks. Anything from Jazzers or Funkmeistets?
  6. Well.... We are all just spuds looking for the real tomato; and it would have been fun to see both Spaz Attack and Booji Boy in the Cavies show!!!
  7. I knew it!! You are actually Jethro Bodine!!!
  8. Sort of like we should not dismiss your comment for the lack of the possessive apostrophe in (a person's opinion)!
  9. 2018 Rules proposals

    Both the tic system of yester-year and the build-up system of today are subjective systems; there is nothing objective about opinion evaluation. That said there is more ambiguity with identifying what is great (ie who is better, Chicago Symphony or Boston Symphony), as opposed to what is error (ie who made more mistakes between those two). So to gain consistency within a build-up scoring system you train judges for cookie-cutter evaluation within subjective opinion scoring and ranking; not only to the sheets but to each other as judges (part of the evaluation to become a DCI judge is how close you score and rank to current judges). With that you also end up with a form of slotting. Why? Because quite frankly while the Chicago Symphony and the Boston have different sound they are equally great; and neither should have to give up their own unique sound for the sake of score and rank. However, the judges are trained to place the sound of Chicago as being the better of the two, which forces Boston to either change their sound or get whacked; and then if any judge dares to say, "Nope, the Boston sound is better" that judge gets axed for upsetting the adjudicating apple-cart).
  10. 2018 Rules proposals

    See bold; which inevitably results in various types of slotting over the course of the season using a small rotation of judges who are intimately familiar with every corps over many seasons. A conundrum created when there is a conflict of saying each corps is to be strictly evaluated based on the sheet criteria yet also added to that is another subjective evaluation that this corps has to be ranked, without a tie, along with 31 other corps by those who know a lot about DCI historical rankings. Thus, by the third week each season, general slotting occurs; it is an unintended consequence but it is inevitable. And that is why if a competent professional who was provided the sheets for study but knew nothing of the the corps and their past scores and rankings over the years (and that's the key) came in as as guest judge for finals, their independent opinion would really upset the apple cart.
  11. 2018 Rules proposals

    So.... Wynton would only be deemed competent to adjudicate brass as long as he ranks and rates the ensembles in the same order as the current crop of DCI brass judges. Now that is funny right there!!! And it says quite a lot about the insular secterian mind-set which permiates many views within DCI.
  12. Either 42, because that is the answer to the ultimate question, or 3, because that is the number of licks the owl says it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.
  13. 2018 Rules proposals

    Cobham, Gadd, etc.. have corps experience and that is why I chose Beauford, Katche, and Shelia E. as my examples. Their non-corps professional musical experience and perspective are just as musically valid as Prosperie and Davila, but because they view drumming, time, rhythm, etc in a vastly different artistic mind-set they would be deemed incompetent to judge DCI by many within the marching realm because what they see as great rhythmic art is different than what academic/marching drummers see as great rhythmic art. That is why I countered Jeff when he claimed Prosperie and Davila are from a different mind-set mold when in fact they are way more alike than unlike (see their background experiences I posted earlier). And DCI wants like-minded judges for consistency sake; and that is fine. But an unintended yet real consequence of that is the general slotting which does occur each season in DCI. Footnote. Gadd slurs the heck out of the Crazy Army cadence he used to open Legend of a One-Eyed Sailor; it lays back so far it takes you back to last Sunday. Compare that to the way BD just recently played it; not only as a tribute to their own past but also a tribute to him. If Gadd was judging (a groove he made famous mind you), even though he went to Eastman, even though he has drum corps experience, if he whacked the BD clinically strict non-slured style and application of that cadence he would be deemed an incompetent judge!!! That is what I am getting at!!!
  14. 2018 Rules proposals

    Yes I have heard 'DCI' adjudication recordings from both. They may structure their comments differently, but they end up scoring and ranking DCI units extremely close to each other's scores and ranks. If they were on a DCI split panel, judging the exact same caption, with Jeff placing SCV first and Julie placing them second with a 0.1 point difference, DCI would say that is fine. But if Jeff placed SCV in first with viable reasoning and Julie placed them fifth about a point behind also with viable reasoning, one if them would get canned. But that would not happen due to their extremely similar backgrounds, experiences, and musical value sets. Not only is adjudicating subjective, but varaition of subjectivity is minimalized by securing judges with similar backgrounds like Jeff and Julie not disimilar backgrounds like Jeff and Shelia E. Oh, and no personal attack from you this time; keep refraining from the personal and things will be fine.
  15. 2018 Rules proposals

    But to get it back in the tube... it works best when the paste is already mixed with saliva. Just sayin'.
  16. 2018 Rules proposals

    (By the way I have high respect for Jeff and Julie); but let's test your claim that their backgrounds are so vastly different that they bring a lot of diversity to the adjudicating system: Jeff Graduated from The University of North Texas; Julie graduated from The University of North Texas; Jeff was a member of the UNT PASIC ensemble; Julie was a member of the UNT PASIC ensemble; Jeff has been associated with the PAS Marching Percussion Committee; Julie has been associated with the PAS Marching Percussion Committee; Jeff has written for, instructed, and adjudicated many High School Marching Bands; Julie has written for, instructed, and adjudicated many High School Marching Bands; Jeff was a Professor of Percussion at a University; Julie was a Professor of Percussion at a University; Jeff has written marching percussion books for Row-Loff publications; Julie has written marching percussion books for Row-Loff publications; Jeff has been associated with DCI corps prior to becoming a DCI judge; Julie has been associated with DCI corps prior to becoming a DCI judge; ..... Oh, sorry, you are correct... Jeff is with the Hellcats and Julie is with CAIXA Trio,... and that makes their backgrounds so diverse that they bring vastly different mindsets to the DCI judging table. which brings me to the next comment: The reason that Jeff and Julie view the sheets, and the performances, in the same way is directly related to their extremely common backgrounds (see above) combined with that is the exact way DCI wants adjudication provided from their judges. Put Carter Beauford in there to judge, who has no background similarity to Jeff and Julie whatsoever, and his scoring-ranking results would be way different. And although his scoring-ranking would be valid based on his professional musical background, he would be deemed incompetent by most, including you, if his 'professional and authoritative' subjective opinion varied from that of the rest of the judges (who also have similar backgrounds to Jeff and Jule and not Beauford). So because of that, slotting, not at a strict single position, but slotting in a very small ranking range is inevitable because cookie-cutter artistic views and evaluations is what DCI wants from their adjudicators; that does bring consistency, but it also brings slotting. You called me an A**; that is personal. I do not mind the sarcastic humor, the sarcasm of say linking to an Ernest Save Christmas video clip to counter a point in which you disagree, but when you call someone an A**, that is "extremely personal". Oh, and thanks for the apology!
  17. 2018 Rules proposals

    When DCI starts using drum judges that have professional backrounds like Manu Katche and Carter Beauford, as opposed to professional backgrounds like Julie Davila and Jeff Prosperie, and allowes them to adjudicate according to their own diverse musical expertise, your claim that the adjudicators are diverse will have merit. But until then DCI shall still have all judges with similar cookie-cutter backgrounds and musical views. By the way, we disagree often, we have traded sarcasm in good fun, and I have a thick skin, but cut it out with these less-than subtle personal swipes.
  18. 2018 Rules proposals

    Boxing, unless there is a ko, is a subjective scoring competition that has a defensive component where points are given out by subjective judges; and the winner, again with the exception of a ko, is determined by this subjective points system. And as for slotting in contests like DCI and Olympic Ice Dancing, there is no 'secret sauce'. Slotting, within a placement or two, is inevitable when the subjective scoring is the sole factor in determining placement by like-minded, like-trained, and like-experienced judges.
  19. 2018 Rules proposals

    Please show where I 'complained' about slotting. All I have done is pointed out that subjective scoring of like-minded judges lends itself to slotting, and that various-minded judging lends itself to some judges being deemed incompetent. By the way, slotting is not strict to just one placement but is limited to a parameter; and 2008 is an example of parameter slotting. BD was slotted in the top 3 all season; they never we're going to fall to say 11th by Finals like what can happen to an early season 1st place team in 'objective scoring' competition.
  20. 2018 Rules proposals

    I never said securing all like-minded adjuicators was a problem; it is exactly what DCI desires. But cookie-cutter adjudicating does lead to slotting. And slotting is being discussed as a possible problem. The only way to eliminate slotting is to secure judges from different value sets; but that causes the non-cookie-cutter judges to be deemed incompetent by the same people complaining about slotting.
  21. 2018 Rules proposals

    Within DCI there has never been a judge secured with zero experience. There have been judges with opinions that differ from the cookie-cutter norm, and they have been deemed incompetent; but they were still experienced professionals. And that is my point; judges who think alike, act alike, judge alike, which is what DCI desires, will automatically 'slot' alike. And those who see things differently, though experienced, will be deemed incompetent because they do not slot corps in the same order as the cookie-cutters. That is the marching arts bubble.
  22. 2018 Rules proposals

    Here is the humor in this chatter: When all judges come from the same academic/DCI/MB experiencial mold, have the same training, the same musical and artistic value sets, look at the sheets in the same way (which is what DCI desires), the adjudicating results will be consistent; but then they are looked upon as slotting corps and/or in collusion with one another...... On the other hand, when qualified judges come from different experiences outside of academic/DCI/MB (say the commercial side), are trained differently, have different musical and artistic value sets, look at the sheets differently, and score differently from the cookie-cutter crew, they are deemed incompetent. So much so that if Wynton was secured as a guest judge, but scored brass differently than all other DCI Brass judges, even he would likely be deemed incompetent. But such is life in the bubble called the marcing arts.
  23. 2018 Rules proposals

    Uh... That's twice a day; but the clock is still broken. "And now taking the field, The Blue Drivels!"