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  1. True, but some folks just don't care how they make a buck. Probably have very little idea about GH other than he's a hot topic at this moment. I guess I'd rather think of the page owner as that than a true believer.
  2. So -- why the page? Created by a GH supporter or a troll/like-farmer trying to cash in on the recent activity? Cashing in maybe the operative term. If a FB page could generate the activity this thread has, it could easily be sold off to someone who ditches the content, but still retains the likes and ranking.
  3. I'm a member of several parent and volunteer Corps groups on Facebook and naturally follow several Corps pages. So, imagine my surprise when this page popped up as a suggestion of one to follow. Needless to say, I probably won't. And a quick perusal of the comments indicates most aren't supportive. I wonder how long this page will stay up and it's real reason for existence.
  4. I'd agree. I wonder what the record is for number of posts generated per hour is and did this break it? Also, there were lots of members reading this thread (plus guests and anons) in the early stages, more than even show threads.
  5. I was skimming this thread trying to catch up and was wondering if this show had been forgotten. I know GH appeared in it, but I don't recall much what he had to say. (Sorry if this is late to the party. I'll skim on....)
  6. Corps Responses to Inquirer Article

    From Music City's FB page: In light of recent events within the drum corps community, Music City Drum Corps affirms its commitment to enforce its policy of mutual care and respect for all members. We are dedicated and committed to fostering an environment in which each member has value, in which each member is respected, and in which each member is treated with dignity. We will endeavor to provide a safe and educationally appropriate drum corps experience. It is our intent to strengthen practices that promote the ongoing health, safety, and well-being of every member or prospective member with whom we come in contact. The Music City Drum Corps Board of Directors and Executive Director will continue to examine every aspect of our organization as we assess the integrity and professionalism of our employees, staff, and volunteers. It is well past time the drum corps community confront harassment and sexual assault at all levels, whether from staff or members. We must stand up in the face of historic context and speak for those who have had no voice. We at Music City Drum Corps have a zero-tolerance policy towards these heinous acts. We will aggressively pursue accusations with due process and involve local and state law enforcement where appropriate. We will stand up with the vast majority of the drum corps community in saying “enough.” There can be no tolerance, no justification, and no reason to turn a blind eye in the face of misconduct and criminality. We welcome your comments, criticisms, and communication. Please contact us at to speak up, and to stand with us. Kent Baker Executive Director Music City Drum Corps Nashville, TN
  7. Someone mentioned something like this, but I can't find the post to quote. Plus, several others have alluded to this (sorry if I come across as Captain Obvious): In the Military we have the Inspector General's office attached to every command. The IG is "supposed" to be outside the influence of the chain of command and can, therefore, investigate situations involving even the Commanding Officer. I'm not sure every Corps has the resources to devote to something like this, but certainly at the DCI level and possibly funded by the Corps. Just a thought.
  8. 2018 Southwind - The Guitarist

    From Southwind's FB page: Don't Spend Summer At Home! Just a few slots left: Snare, mallets, bass, tuba, euphonium, and guard. Contact for audition information. Next camp is April 27-29 at Robertsdale High School, Robertsdale, AL #DCIOpenClass #DCI2018 #SW2018
  9. I was hoping to hear a good report from this weekend's camp. Thanks!
  10. Corps Responses to Inquirer Article

    From 7th Regiment's FB page: On behalf of myself and the 7th Regiment Board of Directors, I would like to address the recent article in the Philadelphia Inquirer. As a youth-centered organization, 7th Regiment has a responsibility to ensure that our members feel safe, confident, comfortable, and supported. I would like to reassure you that the health, safety, and well-being of our members is our top priority and we are proud of the current policies we have in place to support this. As we do each season, we will continue to review these policies to ensure that they are current, clear, and followed. Your feedback, suggestions, and thoughts are important to me. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me. Kevin Lowery Director - 7th Regiment Drum and Bugle Corps
  11. Corps Responses to Inquirer Article

    Pacific Crest: Southwind (from their FB page): Southwind Drum and Bugle Corps is, above all things, a youth organization. That means we take the safety and security of our members, staff and alumni very seriously. That’s why Southwind has a stringent policy on harassment with well-defined guidelines on respectful ways to interact with one another. This includes conduct between members, between staff and members, and between our vendors and members. Our policy is a zero-tolerance policy. Further, our policy is clearly explained at the beginning of every season with clear-cut rules how staff and board members are to interact with corps membership. Employment with Southwind is contingent on fully understanding and agreeing to these rules. As an additional precaution, all staff members, board members, and volunteers must submit to a screening for any questionable past actions. Drum corps is an extraordinarily rewarding experience for its members and staff alike, teaching both musical skills and self-reliance, lessons that serve its members and alumni for life. We believe that drum corps creates lifelong friendships based on mutual trust and shared experience. We are proud of the safe and nurturing environment we create for our members, youth who come to us from all walks of life. And we look forward to continue creating a positive experience for future generations of performers.
  12. I wonder if "The Age of Aquarius" would have survived today's standards?
  13. All time shows: Pacific Crest

    I liked the concept of 2014 -- "No Strings Attached." Favorite -- 2016 "The Union" (yes -- biased, too) Next -- 2017 "Golden State of Mind"
  14. 2018 Show Announcent/Rumors?

    And over in OC: I posted a trailer to Southwind's 2018 show -- The Guitarist. (I didn't see a show list thread over there -- sorry!)
  15. Done. It's gonna be interesting. Too bad I'm WAAAAYYYY aged out or I'd help out on guitar. LOL!