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  1. Is Atlanta in or out?

    It depends -- ATL in July. If it's raining, you get wet inside (leaks) or out. If it's not raining, you still get "drenched" with the humidity. IOW, you're gonna get a little damp.
  2. Is Atlanta in or out?

    That paid VERY well.
  3. Is Atlanta in or out?

    I've heard from folks who've been there that there is. Rumor has it the Falcons wanted it loud.
  4. Is Atlanta in or out?

    Another big game, more leaks! #CFPChampionship
  5. Thank you! I was afraid Teal Sound wasn't going to get any love.
  6. Does this REALLY belong on a drum corps forum? I'm seeing only a tenuous connection if any at all. There is also a lot of spin going on, but nary a CG member in sight.
  7. Is Atlanta in or out?

    Cost or sound issues? I heard mixed or mostly negative reviews on how the Benz works for bands.
  8. Is Atlanta in or out?

    Looks like ATL is out right now --- at least the airport. SOA is already gathering folks at MARTA (mass transit) to drive to volunteer housing for the night.
  9. Is Atlanta in or out?

    A friend of mine attended the GA HS football championships at the Benz in the snow. He said the roof leaks — could see it dripping several rows in front of him.
  10. I’ve worked (professionally) with C# since version 1.0.
  11. I’ll give it a spin. Edit: Too bad it’s written in C++. I might have wanted to help out with development. Sigh!
  12. Finale — my goto notation app. Composing/arranging: Even if you only spend 20-30 minutes a day working on a piece, it’s worth the effort. My problem — I loved arranging more than attending classes. Don’t be like me. Haha!
  13. Semester exams? Or concerts? Or both?
  14. My concern is that submissions become the property MuseScore to be used as they see fit. I certainly hope I’m wrong, but friends say I tend to be cynical.
  15. Protected: my first thought, too.