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  1. Any word on CD/DVD/Blu-ray products for 2017

    It could also be against The Sun's Gone Dim since that was also in the ballad.
  2. Any word on CD/DVD/Blu-ray products for 2017

    But hey, the silver lining here is that this suggests we are indeed getting BluRay/DVDs . So that's kind of a win.
  3. Any word on CD/DVD/Blu-ray products for 2017

    Not sure if this is 100% confirmed, but The Cavaliers ballad got hit by copyright according to a poster on Reddit.
  4. All time shows: Blue Knights

    2008 2011 2014 2015 20i7 2016 would get a favorite nod, but I'm still mad at them for not using the lyrics to Saturn as a voiceover like they did for To Build a Home and I'm Alive.
  5. All time shows: the Cavaliers

    Top 5 in chronological order (My list is basically from 2000 forward, since those are the shows I really know). 2006: Machine was the show that got me into drum corps when I caught it on ESPN. Nothing more to say that's already been said, other than that there is a reason it makes up half of my username. 2007: And So It Goes is such an underrated show, being sandwiched between 06 and 08, but Billy Joel is such a great soundtrack for the field. Amazing music, fun visuals, this show just rocks! 2008: Samurai was just stunning. Machine introduced me, Samurai made me fall in love. Still my all time favorite drum break, and it's going to take a lot to change that. 2010: Mad World was the first show I saw rehearsed live (I'm still mad at Mother Nature for raining out the Lisle contest!), and... Wow. I never marched, but this show made me consider talking to my college band teacher and asking him if I could borrow a mello to practice for 2011. Just seeing the dedication to their craft without the performance lights shining, seeing the raw energy and emotion... I think someone already said this, but this show is the defining LOS show for me. This is the show I show people to introduce them to DCI. Mad World will always have a spot in my heart, right behind Faust for pre-LOS. 2016: Propaganda was what this corps needed and what cemented what will be a very successful future for the corps. It's such an intense, fun, and appealing show. Super easy to get into. Super proud as a fan of this corps to see this follow 2015. Bottom 3: 2002: Yes, I'm the odd one out who doesn't really like Frameworks. I used to love this show, but after a while, I just got bored with it. I just skip to the drum break to the end when I watch it now. I really hope I refind the spark I had with this show. 2013: I love the music, and the idea of Secret Society. It just doesn't click with me. 2015: Game On was a sketchy show for me from the beginning, and I feel like this was a huge swing and miss for what they could've done with the theme.
  6. Excitement in Rosemont...

    Darn, I was hoping for either "Do It!" or "Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf."
  7. 2017 Favorite "Moments"

    During the Little Green Men section of the show, one of the members would grab a microphone and tell a joke, usually one that involved innuendos. My personal favorite of these was something along the lines of "Alright Semifinals, how are we doing tonight? Ya know, I gotta be honest. Being a member of The Cavaliers and being around these guys means that I always see a ton of (sad trombone sounds)... Green."
  8. The Cavaliers 2017

    Hell, they pulled off Billy Joel very well, so I believe they can do Chicago.
  9. 2018 Prediction Thread

    Not gonna lie, I had this typed up as they were announcing scores and clicked submit as soon as they announced the last score, lol.
  10. It's officially time to start thinking about next year!
  11. Man, I do not want to be a judge tonight....
  12. The Cavaliers 2017

    I'm pretty sure I caught the new thing in the theatre event. Is it a brand new thing or a new old thing? If the latter, I definitely caught it.
  13. 2017 World Championships Prelims - Aug 10

  14. Big, Loud, and Live: where you watching?

    Orland Park, IL, Marcus Cinema! This is my first Big, Loud, and Live since 2012, so I'm excited!