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  1. What you want for 2018

    I know I posted my massive list, but I have one more thing that I want to see, especially after the lack of them in the last few seasons: I want to see the return of the "True Ending," where corps have a "False Ending" they use until Atlanta-ish and then unveil the actual ending with new drill and music before Finals. I especially missed that from Bluecoats and The Cavaliers this season, but those were always one of my favorite things to look forward to.
  2. What you want for 2018

    Alright, strap in. We've got 24 corps in World Class and I have a slow day at work so I have 24 opinions to share. Let's go! Blue Devils, you have an odd history with me as of late. I tend to really like your shows after the season. This past season might have been because I was all aboard the Vanguard hype snake train, but this has happened a bit lately. I would love to love your shows from day one. Blue Knights, just keep being weird and keep being you. I've loved everything since NoBeginningNoEnd, so keep doing you! Blue Stars, just keep your sound how it is and I will be super happy. I've also loved your past few "story shows" like Le Reve and Star Crossed, so maybe this is your true niche. Bluecoats, as much as I enjoy this hip new rock vibe you have going, I tend to think of shows like Metropolis and Brave New World when I think of you. I would personally love a return to the dark tech sound you had going, but if not just keep rocking out like you did with these past two shows. Boston Crusaders, I'm so glad you went dark again with Wicked Games, and Animal Farm is one of my all time favorite shows, so I would love to see them come back this year with a dark and gritty show like those. Who knows, maybe they can medal this year (please medal this year!). Carolina Crown, I really dig the bold choice you took last year with the singing and the Akiho. I never thought I would say that No One To kNOW one would work with Crown. I want to see them take this same newness and freshness and maybe combine their darker side of Inferno and Relentless back into it. Unleash the beast! Colts, last year was kinda cool, but I really feel like Dark Side of the Rainbow and ...And A Shot Rings Out were better, so it would be cool to see them return to this genre. Crossmen, I really want to hear them groove harder. Like Unity or Fragile levels of groove. I also like the contemporary vibe they took last season, so maybe mixing the two would make it awesome! Genesis, The Other Side of Now was a cool show, but it just seemed like a generic "First Year in World Class" chow. I'd really like to see them get a stronger sense of identity that I can recognize. Jersey Surf, why did you leave the Bridgemania and Soul Surfin' identity? It worked so well for you! Please go back to that, we need another corps like Bridgemen or Velvet Knights. Madison Scouts, last year was a really bold choice, and I feel like you pulled it off very well, but my Madison thoughts tend to go with A Drum Corps Fan's Dream I and II, so perhaps they could find a way to be new and fresh while also mixing in those Latin tunes. Kinda like Reframed, but grittier if they want. Mandarins, I just want to see them in Finals. Last year was fantastic, and I love the idea for Life Rite After, so seeing them move forward with that would be awesome and could lead to something special. Music City, welcome to World Class. My comment for Genesis kinda serves as a warning to them. Stand out and don't disappear in the crowd. I loved Tribe and this group has me excited. Oregon Crusaders, I like the blend of classical and pop that they had going with Hunted and ENcompass, so continuing that would be cool. I hope to see them rise a bit. Pacific Crest, just keep doing what you're doing. Golden State of Mind was fantastic, and I have a feeling this year will be awesome too. Keep climbing! Phantom Regiment, I like the darker show from last year, but if there is one corps that I think should lose the electronics, it's you. Just let the classical music be your identity and stick with it, I don't think you have to modernize it. Be more Into the Light and Juliet, less Voice of Promise and Phantasm. Pioneer, just keep showing up and doing what you do. I love seeing them still around, and I feel like they improve year after year. Santa Clara Vanguard, I would love to see them keep with the edgy and kinda minimalist music of Ouroboros, but go even further like they did for Inventions for the New Millennium, Pathways, etc. When I think Vanguard, I think of those shows. Seattle Cascades, I also just hope they keep in the same genre. O worked really well and I loved Set Free. Keep it up! Spirit of Atlanta, I fell in love with Crossroads last season. The show overall was great, I loved the music, and it just works. I see great things in their future, just keep at it. Welcome back, Baby Blue! The Academy, I feel like you lost me a bit last year. I loved A Step in Time and Drum Corpse Bride, and I feel like this is your niche, so I would love to fall in love with your show again this year. The Cadets, I really like last year, but it didn't feel like The Cadets. I know the rep for this year, but just please make it feel like I'm watching The Cadets, The Cavaliers, welcome back to greatness. I love this attitude of great shows that don't take themselves too seriously. Please medal this year, I would love to see the return of the Green Machine to greatness. Troopers, I have a challenge for you: Please make me look forward to a Troopers show. I'm not saying they're bad, but I've never really been a Troopers fan except The Road Home and Magnificent 11, and I would really look forward to looking forward to you.
  3. All time shows: Blue Stars

    2017 2014 2009 2012 2008
  4. According to iTunes, my top few in order: Blue Devils Blue Stars Spirit of Atlanta Crossmen Bluecoats and a shout out to BDB. I love listening to that drum break, it's straight fire.
  5. All time shows: Blue Devils

    From 2000-forward: 2012 2017 2003 2009 2011
  6. http://trib.com/news/local/casper/article_331f7916-b0c2-5139-aff5-546550b19604.html
  7. All time shows: The Academy

    I'm still relatively new to The Academy (even in comparison to older corps), so I'm only really familiar with them since 2009 (the first year of Semis DVDs I have) 2011: (RE) - I love the concept, love the music, everything just fits and I would not be mad to see some corps out of Finals to see this in the Saturday show. 2015: A Step in Time - Such a fun concept that really works well for them and lead to 2016. 2012: Left of Spring - I really like this turn in intensity from everyone's favorite recent whimsical corps. I kinda wish they stayed dark for a while. 2016: Drum Corpse Bride - The took a good overarching view of show design and made it into a Finalist show. Good job! 2014: Vanity Fair - I really enjoy the music. That's all I really remember.
  8. All time shows: Madison Scouts

    Favorites: 1995 1996 2008 2011 2012 HM to 2007 and 2009. I have yet to see either show, but I love the audio from both, especially the Kashmir opener from 07 and Malaga from 09.
  9. All time shows: Genesis and Music City

    2016 for Genesis.
  10. The number of World Class Corps

    There will be 420, and everyone will be playing Bob Marley shows. This will fulfill the prophecy set forth by George Hopkins prior to the start of the 2016 season.
  11. All time shows: The Cadets

    The Cadets are a unique corps for me. I tend to be very "meh" towards them in the season, and then I usually sway drastically one way or the other once the DVDs come out. I don't think there is a corps' shows that I have more polarizing opinions about than The Cadets. Also, I still haven't watched much of anything pre-2000, so I have always (well mostly, thanks '09) known them as The Cadets and not GC or CBC. In chronological order: My Favorites: 2005: The Zone [dreamscapes in four parts with a door] 2007: This I Believe 2008: ...and the pursuit of happiness 2012: 12.25 2017: The Faithful, The Fallen, The Forgiven (this was my Cabaret Voltaire for this season) Honorable Mentions: 2004: Living With the Past 2009: West Side Story '09: Conflict and Resolution 2015: The Power of 10 Least Favorites: 2006: Volume 2: Through the Looking Glass 2010: Toy Souldier 2014: Promise: An American Portrait
  12. 2017 DCI A/V

    So I just got my DVDs and the first thing I watched was what was left of Blue Stars. Yikes... No sugar coating, the cutting did some real damage.
  13. 2017 DCI A/V

    I got mine with Next Day Shipping if that matters at all.
  14. 2018 Rules proposals

    Sad day, another year without pyrotechnics. I just want my Rammstein show to happen. :(
  15. All time shows: The Crossmen

    Continuing my post 2000's bias (I own the Legacy Collection but I haven't watched all of it), here are my Top 5 in chronological order: 2002 2004 2012 2013 2016
  16. It's officially time to start thinking about next year!
  17. 2017 DCI A/V

    Just got my FedEx shipping notice!
  18. Video edits 2017

    We interrupt this discussion on piracy and the ethics of piracy on the 2017 Audio/Video thread to bring you this message: As of last night, the DVD and DVD Bundle say "Add to cart" instead of "Preorder" and have no mention of being a preorder and having a future ship date. Hopefully this means the DVDs will start shipping tomorrow! Now back to your regularly scheduled DCP.
  19. All time shows: Santa Clara Vanguard

    Even with my recency bias of only really knowing shows from 2000 - present, this is still pretty tough. In chronological order: 2001: New Era Metropolis is just such a Vanguard show. Quirky but intense music, awesome visual, and overall well paced show. Plus it just seemed different than everything else I remember from that year. 2009: Ballet for Martha is just absolutely gorgeous, from start to finish. 2013: Les Miserables is just so much fun from start to finish. Easily one of my favorite shows to listen to. 2015: The Spark of Invention is such a unique show, and the light trick is perhaps my favorite late-season addition ever. 2016: Force of Nature is stunningly beautiful, impossibly so.
  20. Video edits 2017

    Did anyone else get an email from FedEx about a shipment coming soon? I got one day shipping, so maybe that's why I got my email today, but hopefully the CDs will show up tomorrow! :D
  21. Where To Find Videos?

    I lucked out and found the entire collection at my local library.
  22. Best Musical Moments In DCI

    I've been on an SCV kick lately, so from that: '17 Closer '16 Ballad (Sanctuary) '15 Ballad (Pure Imagination) '14 Opener '13 Opener (Look Down) '12 Opener (Jupiter/Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machine) or Closer (Mars/Music of the Night) '11 Ballad (The Eternal Knot) '10 Middle Movement (not really a ballad, but not not a ballad....idk, Bartok was weird) '09 Closer (Simple Gifts) or just that entire show! '08 Closer (Cloudburst) '06/'07 I don't really remember... '05 Closer (Chorale from Russian Christmas Music) '04 Closer '03 Ballad (One Man Show) '02 Opener (Trivandrum) '01 Closer (New Era Dance) '00 Ballad (Adagio for Strings) '99 Opener (The Canyon) '89 Closer (Music of the Night)
  23. Video edits 2017

    I got this reply directly from Customer Service a few minutes ago! https://m.imgur.com/EVIyydu
  24. Video edits 2017

    I sent a message to customer service on Friday, hopefully I'll hear a definite answer tomorrow.
  25. Video edits 2017

    Not sure if this is the "official" Audio/Video thread, but Preorders are now available.