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  1. And it says will begin shipping the week of 12/15. So christmas gift may be possible!!
  2. 2018 Schedule

    I bought mine as well last monday and cant believe how fast they sell--the two middle sections (not upper) go in seconds--its hard for me to believe they dont hold some back because each year i go i will be around people who have never been to a show--it seems impossible they bought theirs in October --in a matter of a couple minutes. Oh well it is a mystery to me
  3. I guess i see that it has changed for the moment. And the usual rules for the football field and game do change. Each drum corps show the field changes from its usual purpose as a football field to a place for something completely different--a show. As dci has continually changed through the years, some of the changes have dealt with the parameters of the field--not following the boundaries of a football field and its rules for the game--so they allow members beyond the "the out of bounds" lines etc. so all i am saying for crowns show is that they make actual changes to the field by removing the lines, numbers,, and rearrange it.
  4. This can add new sense to the singer as she sings "i have been changed for good." Because of drum corps, the football field has been changed for good. Bluecoats tilted it and now Crown is tearing it up. i dont always need an interpretation of every moment but it is meaningful to me to add some insights and ideas each time i see it. i think the throwingg of the zeros ws added last night and the "torn up" Colts flag as well--so they do change the football field.
  5. For me those runs by the front ensemble (Marimbas especially) are the most emotional moment for me in the whole show. So when they turn and the horns are playing that gorgeous slow part and the marimbas then do this amazing run, i guess it is the contrast for me that is so powerful, somehow the front is capturing the pulse and energy of this whole movement (maybe even show) for me, and it catches me emotionally everytime. I have been lucky enough to see their show live 9 times this season and see numerous rehearsals and i would agree that the electronics at this point have not been consistent; sometimes the front overpowers the horns, other times there has been no amplification, but each time it still is a powerful moment for me. But i certainly understand everyone reacts differently to all these moments in what they want, wish or hope for. Anyway it will be interesting to see how this all continues to evolve, but i am guessing they will keep the ballad to the back --though i am glad for the change in the soloist approach in placement and instrument.
  6. I am currently in Denver and it is raining a lot--I hope it clears up--the rain in Casper was a downpour -so i hope there are not two cancelled shows for them. Plus any moisture on that stage for the Bluecoats and it becomes more dangerous than it already is. I also love the new changes in Bluecoats show, especially for the brass during the drum break. Stop the rain and let them compete!
  7. DrumScorps v3 now available!

    Is the "season pass" content available for the iPad?
  8. Did anyone attend the concert Bloo performed of their music on Wednesday? Just curious how it all sounded ( i know they just stood and played), but curious to hear--i saw some photos and it looked like a lot of people were there. Thanks
  9. If they return to Florida I really hope they chose bigger venues than last year's. All three venues were sold out and they could have had so many more fans had the stadiums been larger. I was at all three shows and noticed they would not let any volunteers or staff into the stands with their passes because there was no available space and it got distracting at times from where i was sitting as the ushers argued with the staff etc Anyway they could easily expand to a bigger venue..
  10. It will be perfect since on finals it will Caturday! I have seen the Bluecoats in cat shirts etc. on Caturday--perfect!
  11. I agree--and it is yet another way they presented their theme--Down Side Up--they took our eexpectations and thwarted them from when the impact would be to what a Ballad could be, to Drums (clapping) brining in the corps, even uniforms, and total corps dancing, electronic etc--they took the predictable parts of a drum corps show and turned it --well like the title of hteir show says. Loved it.
  12. Cadets 2017

    I guess to me it just seems after a whole entire season of very long, grueling, seemingly endless days, letting it all just end there on the field where it should end-not the parking lot-in a somewhat relaxed and celebratory mood seems appropriate to me. It's done, so breathe deeply and hug or whatever. But what the corps wants to do is up to them. The only thing that bothered me a little on finals night (I was there all three) that even when they showed the video montage of all the corps, the Cadets did not even look up at the screens and held their stance. The video is a fun moment to see what moments they choose to show. And to be fair I noticed Santa Clara members did not look up at all either. I didn't quite get that--the video has been a somewhat new "tradition" --can't they be allowed to tilt their head up to maybe see themselves?
  13. Need More Shows Like The Academy

    Saw Academy all three nights and loved it every time! Just perfect