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  1. Shoes to wear during the season?

    Don't stray too far from your normal shoes. Anything that you have ever used to exercise before, and your feet, joints back, etc. felt good afterwards will work. It's definitely not a "one size fits all" solution. In the end, make sure you get whatever shoes you decide on several weeks before Spring Training, and begin to "break them in." You don;t want to wear brand new shoes the first day, and get blisters. Also, have at least 2 pairs for the summer, if not 3, and break all of them in prior to move-ins. Whether this be to have a pair in waiting should the other get wet, or just as they wear out over the course of the season. Speaking to your foot specifics, I think New Balance has several options for people with flat feet. Also, you may be able to get a foot specific fit (or as close as possible) with their multiple designs/models of shoes.
  2. Madison Scouts 2018

    What are we defining as "tough" and "bad ###" To me, that BD ballad last year was extremely "BAD ###." Or what about the opening to Crown's show? That was pretty old school, and "tough." What about the power that the SCV hornline played with in 2017? Or, how about the aggressiveness of the SCV drumline? Or BD's drumline? What about Boston setting people on fire? that seems pretty "tough" and "bad ###" to me. (Clearly tongue in cheek on the last comment)
  3. All time shows: Phantom Regiment

    1996- Loved the show, and the interplay between the brass and percussion 2016- May not be a popular choice, but because of a former student aging out that year, this gets a nod from me 1993- One of the best 3rd place shows ever 2007- On Air was an underrated in my opinion 2012- Turandot was done very well on the field
  4. All time shows: Bluecoats

    That's interesting, since IMHO 2004 was the year that they really made a turn towards being a consistently ELITE group. The drumline that year could really play as well. I remember commenting to a buddy after seeing them in Murfressboro that year, "That's the best Bluecoats D&BC I've ever seen/heard."
  5. All time shows: Bluecoats

    2005- That show was just groovin' from beginning to end. 1989- A fun show all-around 2008- Great show, and as already mentioned, "The Boxer" yaaaaaaasssssss 2007- "You have the right to remain silent..." a great moment 1996- I loved the concept 2014- A bit cliche maybe, but it was a great show. The splits in the snares during the feature... For the most part, since the 2000's, this group hasn't really missed on a show. When people are talking about basically everything from 2000 on, you know they're doing something right.
  6. BD- More of the "in your face" and toe-tapping charts. I loved the ballad, and then the way they tied it all together and melted our faces off at the end. SCV- I liked the use of new music, but could do without the individual ensemble carrying the meat of the brass book. Crown- Mentioned already, but too much of the vocalist. It would be fine in a small part (see Boston 17, Crossmen 2015). Loved the opening of the show. Cavies- Loved that they played well, and were able to bring some levity to their program as well. Bluecoats- Keep doing "your thing," but maybe go back to more traditional style uniforms. Boston- Loved the percussion writing, as a nice mix of old school/modern progressive writing. The use of vocals was just enough.
  7. What you want for 2018

    A show that just melts my face off when the hornline lets loose (without extra amplification). Drumlines that are aggressive, and clean, and groove throughout the show (think Thurston's Crossmen years) And really, just great shows that I want to watch multiple times. It would be great to get to semi-finals and not have a group that is my "restroom break."
  8. What you want for 2018

  9. All time shows: Blue Stars

    A great description of how the show/storyline progressed (or seemingly didn't). Also, I had a hard time with the Gatsby section, as I would have liked to hear some early 20th century jazz in that section of the show.
  10. All time shows: Blue Stars

    Favorite 2010- Houdini show was fantastic!!! Least 2017- The arrangements just didn't do it for me.
  11. Excitement brewing in Milwaukee...

    Good to see the efforts paying off!!! I'm looking forward to seeing/hearing Pioneer in the 2018 season.
  12. Ditto on "...all of them..." but most often: Blue Devils Mandarins Music City Crossmen (for that french horn solo)
  13. All time shows: The Colts

    Favorites 1993- Summertime was grooving 1997- Some good arrangements of some fun tunes 2014- I loved the concept Least 2015- Too much narration. Though I did like the semi-finals night change to the end...shoot the girl by accident instead of the other dude.
  14. All time shows: Blue Devils

    Imagine if they could've written the article a year or so later, and used the ballad, and last half of the closer from 2017. Goosebumps for me every time!!!
  15. All time shows: Blue Devils

    Favorites 1992- That closer (When a Man Loves a Woman) alone lands it on my favs list. 2017- From design to execution, and oh yeah, those soloists, and that ballad, and well just sit there and let us blow your face off!!! 1976- Channel One Suite...enough said 2003- From the beginning snare solos, to the hot closer.