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  1. All time shows: The Academy

    Favorites: 2016 & 2017
  2. All time shows: Madison Scouts

    Favorites 1997- That ovation from the crowd at the end just about says it all. they came to play, and pillage, and I guess kill, and they succeeded at each. 1995- The Mellos at the beginning of Malaga, WOW!!! Just pure fun and agression. 1975- Just a great show. How can you argue with Dueling Banjos?!?!?!
  3. All time shows: The Crossmen

    I liked the concept, and even the music from that show, but the visual design seemed "stunted." Everything looked really close together, and they never really, as the great Bruce Dickinson would say, "explored the space."
  4. 2017 DCI A/V

    That's good. Not that I want to have anything cut from a show, but if I had to choose with that show, I want the Seawright announcements.
  5. All time shows: The Crossmen

    Favorites...all of them. 1992- The first "really good" drum corps I saw in my life. Still years later, that show is INCREDIBLE!!! The percussive groove Thurston wrote underneath basically the entire show is just tasty. Then there's the percussion feature...pure groove and aggression (I mean seriously, how many high school band students stood behind a marimba and tried to get that mallet part down to start that whole thing)!!! Then the ending with the question mark, and one of the very few "fan screams" that wasn't just stupid..."Crossmen drumliiiiiiiiiiine" then then *ding* 1998- The opener was cooking, and the whole show was "toe-tapping" fun. 2012- Because Crossmen were BACK!!! It was one of the only times I ever cried because of a drum corps show. Sitting in the stands that night at Finals, and knowing that they were back, and feeling the energy from the members, was amazing (I still think the Semis run was a bit better, IMHO).
  6. 2017 DCI A/V

    Is that the old Jerry Seawright announcements, or the Rihanna vocals?
  7. 2014 gets the nod from me. That percussion book was crazy good, the concept was there throughout the entire show (I mean how many ways can you "TILT" something? Bluecoats: "Hold our beer while we "TILT" the sound as well.) The thing a lot of people talk about is the "pitch bend" at the end, but they were "TILTing" the sound throughout the entire show. A fun show that I still have not grown tired of watching or listening to.
  8. 2017 DCI A/V

    Does anyone know if there are any cuts, I mean edits, to the CDs this year?
  9. Would definitely like to see a podcast or archived stream of this as well. I don;t live close enough to make it there this evening.
  10. Decorum Between Groups at a show...

    Yaaasss, the old, "Did you know so and so, etc, etc..." It is even better if they are a poser and a know it all, then "gently (cough cough)" correcting them, is even more fun. I don;t see why people feel the need to "pretend" that they actually marched. There are a plethora of great musicians who never marched drum corps, and that's all right. Just enjoy the activity, and the other people who enjoy it as well.
  11. Decorum Between Groups at a show...

    Agreed. Which do you dislike more, the SUPER HOMERS, or the KNOW-IT-ALLS, or THE I'M GOING TO LIE ABOUT HAVING MARCHED DRUM CORPS (when you talk to/question them, it is obvious that they never have)? This past year on Finals night we had a know-it-all sitting behind us, and I finally turned around and told him to shut up. He was even talking during the shows. The worst part is, and I know this may make me seem like the "Get off my lawn guy," mixed with a bit of elitism, but he was young (17-19 years old), and when I asked, he had never marched drum corps. Don;t get me wrong, I've met young people who know their stuff about drum corps, even the stuff before their time, and I don't mind if someone hasn't marched, but just don't talk like you have.
  12. When at a drum corps show which of the following do you enjoy more...for me, I like to commiserate with those around me (and my group) and get their thoughts and ideas about the previous show. I like to hear what people outside my small little group think (as sometimes groups can be very homogeneous in their thinking about a group/show), and see if they have any "inside knowledge," tidbits, or facts about the group. For example, my buddy and I go every year to several shows, and the 3 nights of Finals week (Prelims, Semis, Finals), and have actually made some friends with the people we sat by one year, and go over and talk to them each year about the shows/groups, and catch up. It's not a deep personal relationship, but one we enjoy each year for 3 days/nights.
  13. It really depends on what is defined as "Old School." To some that may mean the 70s, 80s, 90s, or even 2000s. Depending on the "cutoff" the success of the show as is would vary. Though I do believe there are some shows that given a modern visual look (to match up with today's "expectations") and slight musical arrangement tweaks, that could compete. Imagine 1992 Blue Devils given a slightly modern twist, and melting people's faces off again with "When a Man Loves a Woman." There are others that I believe could work as well, just might take some minor changes.
  14. All time shows: Oregon Crusaders

    Favorites 2014- Nevermore 2011- The Blue Hour
  15. All time shows: Santa Clara Vanguard

    Favorites 1992- Fiddler on the Roof 1997- Fog City Sketches 2012- Music of the Starry Night Least...I don't really have any