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  1. Highwaydude

    Carolina Crown 2018

    Glad I grabbed the link :)
  2. Highwaydude

    Carolina Crown 2018

    like the uniform or not. As long as Crown continues to play awesome brass, puts on an entertaining and emotional show, and gets me up standing at the end of 12 mins. Then i'll have no complaints.
  3. Highwaydude

    Phantom Regiment 2018

  4. Highwaydude

    Carolina Crown 2018

    Tap Tap Tap.... feel free to drop me a present in my mailbox.
  5. Highwaydude

    Carolina Crown 2018

    love those notes near the end of the video!
  6. Highwaydude

    Carolina Crown 2018

    if you listen to the background...is that THE BEAST sound effects I hear?
  7. Highwaydude

    Boston Crusaders Announce 2018 Program

    is this not already covered in the 2018 Boston Crusaders forum?
  8. Highwaydude

    Carolina Crown 2018

    you beat me to it.. LOL and all those trombones...is this show music?
  9. looks like we will have male guard members returning this year to Phantom! According to DCI Facebook page and nice little video they added.