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  1. looks like we will have male guard members returning this year to Phantom! According to DCI Facebook page and nice little video they added.
  2. we renamed them the Baywatch Girls tonight...
  3. I thought I remember hearing somewhere those 4 mics Crown uses are to help the soloist for timing...i could be wrong. But I highly doubt Crown is using mics to amplify their brass..
  4. Opps...i guess they did build a bridge... =P
  5. I agree. Compared to last years Crown show.. the guard was featured so much more and this year the guards routine in the show takes a back seat. While the members of the guard are doing an awesome job, the stand out features or effects of the guard are not as present as years past.. IMO.
  6. yes...big time. the video feel is very low quality using my AppleTV app... I've tried using my labtop and that isn't better. I switched to my DirectTV now app to see if i had internet issues and that is not the case. UGH...
  7. my Flomarching App is now not working on my tv. UGH...
  8. my pixelation keeps going in and out from High quality to low quality.. not sure if its my internet or FLo.
  9. i swear i can't help but worry every time i watch this show that no one ever slips running down that ramp...
  10. so if any corp wants to do a Star Wars theme show... I think Phantoms uniforms could be altered to resemble storm troopers. =P
  11. here comes the most brilliant flag work....
  12. Carolina Crown 2017

    and someone better periscope tomorrow night to show us =)
  13. Carolina Crown 2017

    They don't perform tonight... I would imagine tomorrow night in Nashville they will as a good test run before Atlanta.