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  1. DeanInChicago

    Michigan City, IN - June 24, 2018

    Judy and I have arrived. Every audience member is wrist banded upon entry. This helps eliminate gate crashers. Bring a light jacket or sweatshirt.
  2. DeanInChicago

    Fan Uniform for Opening Night?

    Hey, if these shirts are XL and you want to make room in your life, I will gladly accept these t shirts from you on Saturday in Michigan City.
  3. DeanInChicago

    Fan Uniform for Opening Night?

    Cadets Christmas show t-shirt. Joy to the Corps.
  4. DeanInChicago

    DCI Season Debut Cinecast

    A google search reveals June 21 2018.
  5. A sincere thank you to the many DCP posters these past few weeks for demonstrating remarkable class and thoughtful discussion on this heartbreaking topic.
  6. On GH's Facebook page, the ABOUT section has been updated. Previous work references to YEA!, The Cadets, and USBands have been removed. I assume that GH made these changes.
  7. I first saw the CEO blip on Wednesday, April 11. When I googled Jeff Fiedler last week, the search engine connected me to the YEA! site. Very disconcerting.
  8. I have not noticed any changes. For now, it's like a frozen time capsule. I wonder if GH will ever post again.
  9. Why do more than 15,000 friends still follow GH's Facebook page? Why did GH stop regularly posting on April 3? Why did he move out of his former apartment to new digs at the end of March? Why are his new digs just one block away from the YEA offices? Why am I visiting GH's Facebook page daily since Thursday, April 5?
  10. What I do not understand is the current google search term "Jeff Fiedler." For several days now, the search has connected to the YEA! site.
  11. DeanInChicago

    Cadets 2018

    I believe the 2 minute brass camp video is the corps song - Oh Tannenbaum is the melody.
  12. As Terri answered, I agree with her rousing sentiment. I prefer to fly into Philadelphia - take I-95 south, then I believe it is 476 north. I have flown into Philly at least 20 times for the Allentown show, and only once to Newark. I generally fly into Philly Friday late morning - then have a casual drive to Allentown, arriving at 2 or 2:30. I check into a hotel, then have Friday dinner at the Allentown fairgrounds. I park for the afternoon and evening once on Chew by Greenwood cemetery.
  13. DeanInChicago

    Is Atlanta in or out?

    MARTA runs on schedule. God bless public transit.
  14. DeanInChicago

    BOA Finals - Indy - Nov 11

    Tarpon Springs did not trek north this year to Indy. Sad face emoji.
  15. DeanInChicago

    BOA Finals - Indy - Nov 11

    Currently, the downtown Indy eateries are full to capacity with long lines, as semi finals are done, the stadium cleared, and the doors have reopened for finals. Such a tight schedule! At Pie Five pizzaria on Washington, the kitchen has run out of marinara sauce!