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  1. As Terri answered, I agree with her rousing sentiment. I prefer to fly into Philadelphia - take I-95 south, then I believe it is 476 north. I have flown into Philly at least 20 times for the Allentown show, and only once to Newark. I generally fly into Philly Friday late morning - then have a casual drive to Allentown, arriving at 2 or 2:30. I check into a hotel, then have Friday dinner at the Allentown fairgrounds. I park for the afternoon and evening once on Chew by Greenwood cemetery.
  2. Is Atlanta in or out?

    MARTA runs on schedule. God bless public transit.
  3. Ahoy from the megabus! Crossing the Skyway en route to tonight's Top 12 at Lucas Oil. Expecting Broken Arrow, Homestead, and Carmel to advance from today's 30 band semifinals. Who else will advance? If you want more than 150 on the field, this is a great show to see how The Woodlands or Marion Catholic does it successfully. BOA allows the entry of the next performing band into the end zone whilst the current band is most often in it's final minute of their show. I try to not let it distract me. DCI holds the next unit in the tunnels. I am amazed at the number of writers, guard directors, percussion leaders, and other talents who juggle DCI commitments and high school bands. Thank you for sharing joy each fall when our DCI summer ends.
  4. BOA Finals - Indy - Nov 11

    Tarpon Springs did not trek north this year to Indy. Sad face emoji.
  5. BOA Finals - Indy - Nov 11

    Currently, the downtown Indy eateries are full to capacity with long lines, as semi finals are done, the stadium cleared, and the doors have reopened for finals. Such a tight schedule! At Pie Five pizzaria on Washington, the kitchen has run out of marinara sauce!
  6. 2018 Show Announcent/Rumors?

    Let's do the Crown Warp again.
  7. This is a big garage sale, and with the Bluecoats attaching the 3 magical OBO letters, respectful and polite negotiation is the order of the day - like on Pawn Stars or at the Allentown yard sales I am drawn to every first Saturday morning in August. As the Bluecoats's opening price is $2000 for an orange slide, you reply with $1000. Then they say $1900, then you blurt out BUT LOOK AT THE SCRATCHES and BLEMISHES so how about $1150, and so on and so on. Once you have U-hauled your $1400 orange slide inside your apartment, you make room for it, by schlepping your davenport to the curb.
  8. All time shows: Jersey Surf

    Bridgemania! I have a dozen sets of unopened, colorful thunder sticks leftover from their over-the-top Allentown performance.
  9. 2018 Schedule

    Thank you for the reminder. I just booked an Allentown hotel for 2 nights via Priceline Express Deals.
  10. 2017 DCI survey

    One question asks which restaurants we ate at -- and 40 or 50 restaurants are listed --- but not my two favorites - Slippery Noodle and Shapiro's. One multiple choice question asks where we stayed at, but the overnight Megabus back to Chicago is not a choice. Another question asks if we attended less or more DCI events in 2017 when compared to 2016. I attended MORE in 2017, as I missed two 2016 shows due to work commitments. We are asked if we attended Finals in Bloomington and Pasadena. We are asked what section we sat in at the 2017 championships. Then asked if we would want a different or same seat for 2018. There are questions about SoundSport and DrumLine Battle. We are asked if there are enough restrooms at Lucas Oil. We are asked what parts of the show we like most: the guards, the percussion, the music, the brass, or the combination of it all.
  11. Death to the Seat Poachers

    At the 1982 World's Fair in Knoxville, I entered the popular China exhibit through the exit doors. One season on Broadway, I left at the end of Xanadu at the Helen Hayes, and headed next door to the St James at its intermission to catch Act 2 of Gypsy. Years ago, when Chicago's Cadillac Theatre was the dull Bismarck hotel auditorium, I would crash the closed-to-the-public annual high school show choir competition. I would wear a black Tshirt, and told the volunteers at the entry door that I was working upstairs in the booth.
  12. Death to the Seat Poachers

    Looking forward to Garfield's comments!
  13. It was very tiring this season reading through many show threads only to see complaints about Flo instead of actual commentary on the corps.
  14. 2017 Garage Sale - Everything Must Go!

    INT not for sale. It's a classic. Will return next season.
  15. Santa Clara Alumni Corps

    After finals, I had the good fortune of meeting front ensemble member Rick Jones at the Indy Megabus stop Sunday at 2AM. Turns out, we were both on the 2:35 red eye to Chicago. Rick has a flight today back to California out of O'Hare. Rick is the guy who played the colorful bird whistles in the breath-taking Alumni performances. "I had never played one before," admitted Rick. "I played marching timpani back in the 70s. "My picture is up at the hall on Space Park, as are hundreds and hundreds of others." The Alumni set up deluxe air mattresses in one large coed arena at the 4-H fairgrounds in Danville, west of I-465 on Monday, August 7, and put in over 40 hours of rehearsal. Rick beamed with Vanguard pride about meeting old friends and the current members. "It's not about winning," remarked Rick when he headed down memory lane. "It's all about obtaining achievement."
  16. Cadets 2017

    How perfect to hit 10,000 posts today, during Sunday morning church.
  17. Lucas Oil - Parking?

    Plus, Shapiro's is on McCarty.
  18. Indy 2017

    Ron once had the byline of "Inside the Forties". He was buying and selling this past weekend in Allentown.
  19. Best places to eat in Indy this week!

    When I visit Shapiro's, their chilled salmon salad is my go to. It is large enough to satisfy. If especially hungry, I will grab one of the bowls of blueberries or kiwi, and the winning broccoli salad. Meanwhile, your fast food choices: White Castle on South Street a few blocks east of stadium. Arby's on South Street, en route to The Alexander Hotel. The Omni usually has complimentary granny smith apples in their lobby. Au Baun Pan (sp?) on the Circle. Third floor of Circle City Mall has your Chick Fa Lay. Atrocious spelling, but you get the drift. The vending machines at the Greyhound Station are a good source for Gatorade and honeybuns. Jimmy Johns one block south of the Circle. Regrets, there are no Popeyes, Burger King, nor McDonalds in the immediate downtown. I like Punch Burger on Ohio, the perfect tator tots at Slippery Noodle, and the Idaho Spud candy bars at the candy shop on the Circle. Idaho Spud is not stocked in the summer months as the coconut does not travel well between Idaho and Indy. Good soups at Chase Tower on the second floor. Oh, and there is a Chipotle on Washington. Order the featured item - and see if they have any clue what it is.
  20. Indy 2017

    Hello again Wonker. My brainstorms always need fleshed out more. When I think of Finals, I think of the Top 12. The final 12 means 12 shows. Yeah I know the event is ONE SHOW, but in my book, the evening is made up of 12 smaller shows. The performances of the one dozen finalist corps - this is what I mean as the 12 shows. I admit that I generally skip the early bonus shows on Finals night: InPact band, Open Class champ, the Marine corps, the line up of sponsors. Yes, it is all worthy, but the Top Twelve is why I attend. With apologies to your wife, I can only offer the original idea to just you. Let's guess that of all the possible top 12 shows to see, you most want to see Santa Clara. I would then pick Bluecoats, then you would then pick Blue Devils, then I would pick The Cadets. so on and so on, until we are left with Crown and maybe Madison or Mandarins. Between shows, we would swap spaces in the 140-240 video lobby. I will go pee while you enjoy Blue Knights, then you can buy popcorn while I view Crossmen. Yes, you would still need to buy a general admission ticket to get into Lucas Oil, while your wife strikes out on her own.
  21. Indy 2017

    Hello again Wonkadoo. Hey, just like Disney World allows parents to ride swap, why don't we go halfsies on my Section 141 row 20 seat. Seriously. As the seat set me back $129, how about we do playground picks back and forth, and you may choose first. That way, we both see 6 great shows from a wonderful seat. Your cost to join in the merriment will be $60 - such a deal. We need to collaborate so that you get to finals!
  22. Indy 2017

    Hello Wonk-o-rama. I recommend buying the least expensive tickets at the Lucas Oil gate, then sitting in the empty, expensive seats until the seats are claimed. Just don't tell anyone you are doing this. Mums the word.
  23. Hit several garage and yard sales this morning in Kutztown, Allentown, and Fogelsville, Scored an umbrella, Michael Jackson CD, trash can, gloves, 2 books, and a great 25 cent lemonade from a little girl. The girl only filled the cup halfway. "Fill it to the top," the mom said. So the little girl fills it to the very top, then sips some lemonade out of the cup. "No," gasped the mom. "He will need a new cup." So the little girl pours my first cup of lemonade into a new cup. * * * * * Meeting up with Tony and Teresa at 2PM at Prime Steakhouse east of the airport. Good luck to all the corps tonight.
  24. Selling a pair of upper deck seats. Friday and Saturday both available. Sit up high: section Q row 16. Seats are in section to the left of the press box, if you are on the field looking up, and nearly the same height as press box. I will eat the service fees. Tickets are being sold at $45 face value. Total price $180.