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  1. Accusers/victims don't file criminal charges. Only a municipal, state or federal attorney can do that.
  2. frachel

    2018 Staff Announcements (new thread)

    My 1st apartment was directly next door to Immaculata. Horrible downstairs neighbor I had to call the cops on many time (really old lady), even knocked my motorcycle down a few times (finally caught it on camera). sorry for the diversion, now back to drum corps..
  3. frachel

    2017 Mini-corps lineup?

    And.. I got sick on vacation and can't play tomorrow :-( I'm so bummed (had 2 mini corps performances and an I&E duet).. but I'll be there to cheer everyone on.
  4. frachel

    2017 Mini-corps lineup?

    I'm in 2 of the groups performing.. there for fun, to play and have a great weekend! I didn't even know it was scored until I went to DCA last year for the 1st time (playing in a small and large ensemble group). Placement is the last thing on my mind, I want the crowd to be entertained, and have some fun playing!
  5. My chest cavity is still vibrating from the synth bass and the show ended 30 secs ago. what's the point of tubas any more? posted from the DrumScorps app
  6. Normally I get seats up top for Allentown, but ever since the stadium design pushing the field ~15 yards or so further away from the audience I find the volume just isn't there when sitting high (except for power chords), so this time I got seats lower.. smack on the 50, row 24.. and the difference? Still can't hear the horns, but this time due to the old "thunderous goo" and amped pit. I'm a horn guy.. I know what they're playing, and have listened to lot and rehearsal vids, played along with transcriptions.. and I could barely hear the stuff I know is there. One of the of the final 3 corps, can't remember which at the moment, when they turned front and started playing i could barely tell there was a hornline.. but my seat was rumbling from the bass on the synth I can tell you that. You can heard power chords, or when the put and syth aren't playing (rarely), but that was it. Maybe my ears are old, but my 17 year old daughter felt the same. It's tiring hearing the "but its designed for Lucas oil with the super high, far away box".. this isn't Lucas Oil.. how about designing for the 20+ shows for the fans all year as well? You'd think in 10+ years they'd figure out how to balance the volumes.
  7. Favorite music book of the year right now for me.. Glad I saw the video - if I can't get on the 50 for Allentown I'll want to make sure I'm to the right of the 50 (looking at the field from stands), they concentrate on that side of the field a lot more.
  8. frachel

    Cadets 2017

    Facebook specific, but the same idea..
  9. frachel

    Opening Night!

    Cinemark 12 in Hazlet, NJ. Reserved comfortable recliners :-) Going with my daughter.
  10. Wouldn't mind a PM with any links :-)
  11. frachel

    Cadets 2017

    Just to clarify - I just found the video, I don't know who did the running commentary in it. He also got one thing wrong - he mentioned the "9/8" section, but it was alternating 2/4 and 5/8 (9/8 would be easy with no "halt" in the step like the 5/8).. you can see here at "31"
  12. frachel

    Cadets 2017

    Speaking of stuff hitting the cutting room floor, here's some early season Garfield 87 rehearsal
  13. Currently playing 3 movements of the LoTR Symphony #1. Holy double-tonguing-from-hell for all the trumpets (4 trumpet parts in this one) in Gollum. His stuff is certainly interesting.
  14. frachel

    DCI horn sponsors?

    I loved the Adams trumpets I've played, I didn't know they did marching instruments, that's awesome!
  15. It doesn't answer your question, but this thread brings back memories - I wrote computer drill writing software for a college project back in 1990! For the time, it was pretty good (dont know if there were any others back then). I used my 87 garfield drill sheets as the show for my project, lol. Wish I would have continued with it and tried to sell it back then! Oh well.