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  1. Just to clarify - I just found the video, I don't know who did the running commentary in it. He also got one thing wrong - he mentioned the "9/8" section, but it was alternating 2/4 and 5/8 (9/8 would be easy with no "halt" in the step like the 5/8).. you can see here at "31"
  2. Speaking of stuff hitting the cutting room floor, here's some early season Garfield 87 rehearsal
  3. Currently playing 3 movements of the LoTR Symphony #1. Holy double-tonguing-from-hell for all the trumpets (4 trumpet parts in this one) in Gollum. His stuff is certainly interesting.
  4. I loved the Adams trumpets I've played, I didn't know they did marching instruments, that's awesome!
  5. It doesn't answer your question, but this thread brings back memories - I wrote computer drill writing software for a college project back in 1990! For the time, it was pretty good (dont know if there were any others back then). I used my 87 garfield drill sheets as the show for my project, lol. Wish I would have continued with it and tried to sell it back then! Oh well.
  6. It's actually a lot easier to do than most people think. I don't see a need for it in a DCI hornline since you can just stagger breathe on any really long notes.
  7. Lead soprano music for that year, probably 80% exactly the same or so..
  8. We're doing semifinals. Thanks for the kind words too, Allentown was an absolute blast!
  9. This is pretty much only true for your local town "anyone can play" league anymore. Local rec, Little League, Babe Ruth, etc, and that doesn't fit with an analogy to DCI. Club teams fit better, and those work like every one else is saying.. you pick a team to try out for, if you make it you pay and play. You can try out for whoever you want, and as expected there are clubs which are much more selective, and they tend to typically win or place high in most of their leagues and tournaments. They don't have any type of transfer policies in place.
  10. That horn player is at least 8 steps back and 4 over from the guard person and isn't falling, they just have their right leg in a much different position than everyone else.