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  1. Nice work Devils. Never thought I'd see the day when BAC would beat Cadets by more than .5.
  2. Coats is in a not so good position at the moment. Almost theee points off the pace and a full point behind the 2rd place corps. That's a lot of ground to make up. Yes, it's been done before, but it's very rare.
  3. We haven't seen the best of BD either. It's a two horse race for sure. At least at this moment.
  4. BD better in drums tonight. 3rd place, but still .5 off SCV. SCV trimmed up the gap in GE tonight, but still came up a bit short. BD and SCV clearly out in front now. We'll see if that continues The drama continues.
  5. Exactly. That Crown year was the exception, not the rule.
  6. All about that GE caption, at least at this point. Whichever corps, if any, can keep the spread between them and BD .3 or lower will have the inside track.
  7. Yeah. Crown having most lush sound of anyone is not news.
  8. BD has put up some shaky achievement scores in the past couple seasons in percussion, but that fifth place in content has to be a concern. Interesting to see if that's an anomaly or a trend.
  9. Yeah, but they don't break out the hose that much, even though they prolly should. That 16 snare feature in the beginning is cool but it hasn't been clean yet. Especially the down the line split.
  10. BD consistently beating the 2nd place corps in GE by .5. If they hold on or do anything near that kind of gap in GE BD will be nearly impossible to beat. Even though BD won't win drums have to think they can do better than 5th.
  11. Much as I hate to say it I don't think so. Truth is BD has been running behind SCV and Coats the last couple seasons in almost every match up. ScoJo doesn't really believe in watering the book for cleanliness. If you check scores typically BD does very well in content but lags a little behind in achievement, usually because they're book and the visual demands on the battery are off the charts.
  12. Very interested to see who wins percussion between SCV and Coats.
  13. I'm late to the party. Which corp had a "bad run" so we can brush aside their disappointing score, and which judges are on the panel that are in the bag for XYZ Corps so we can gripe about that?