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  1. Oh yeah. Correct. Forgot about that.
  2. Impressive season by Cavies. I wasn't a huge fan of the concept, but I saw them at NightBEAT and those guys really sold it. Nice work.
  3. I'm looking forward to people proposing rule changes so BD won't keep winning.
  4. BD comes in third in the music caption and still won by almost a point. Nice.
  5. My boys come through once again. Congrats BD!!
  6. Despite the close score, SCV won CG and still came up short. They'll have to pull an inside straight to take BD finals night.
  7. I honestly couldn't care less what the show title is or even what the concept is. At the end of the day I either like what I see and what I hear, or I don't. It's that simple.
  8. Carolina Crown 2017

    I saw Crown at NightBEAT. Can't for the life of me figure out why they feature all that singing. You have the best hornline. Powerful, powerful sound and balance and you're featuring solo vocals. I don't get it. Let that hornline do its thing.
  9. Not sure about crowd favorite, but Metamorph is being well-received for sure.
  10. One thing I've learned to appreciate about this show is how the references to past shows is pretty understated. They stayed away from too obvious references.
  11. Agreed. Hasn't been talked about too much, but since that near tie in Powder Springs, BD has widened the gap on SCV. Not by much, but trying to make up .3 or .4 on BD is a tall order. They've closed that gap in percussion on SCV, who will win the Sanford as you said, but BD just has to stay close.