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  1. I'm no Blue Devils homer. I almost always root for someone else to win every season (including this one). But in my opinion, the Blue Devils' show this year was exceptionally entertaining. Blew me away every time I saw it. I would have preferred for SCV to win, but I cannot deny that BD had the best show/performance of the season.
  2. Not stupid ... just ignorant/ill-informed.
  3. Got to give some props to BK before I go to bed. The show had some visual problems, and they didn't quite get it as clean as I hoped they would, but man I love just about everything this corps has done the last 4-5 years. Musically, they are on the threshold of being elite. Hope they continue on the path they are on and improve where they are weak. Nothing would make me happier than to see them get more and more competitive every year. (And it doesn't hurt that they are from my home state).
  4. Wired. I checked my speed ... I am getting 200+ Mbps down through the same connection. Can barely see anyone's faces in the multi-cam feed it was pixelated so bad.
  5. Highest SCV score in 18 years.
  6. Thanks for this. I don't agree with all of it, but a lot of it makes sense and I appreciate that you spent the time to share your thoughts.
  7. I've watched on Roku most of the season and it has been great. Watched on a PC tonight and it was all pixelated to hell. I have blazing fast fiber internet, so I can't imagine it was a connection issue on my end. Video just looked incredibly compressed.
  8. Very interesting point. You've almost changed my mind on the headgear thing. Still miss the Aussies for SCV though.
  9. I'm a bit late to the party, but was Flo as bad tonight for everyone else as it was for me? Absolutely horrendous quality, worse than any other time this season. If it was a connection issue, it wasn't on my side. Not acceptable for Finals night.
  10. Congrats Blue Devils and Cavaliers! I wanted SCV to win more than anyone, but I can't dispute that the Blue Devils deserved it. This may have been their best corps ever ... insanely good.
  11. Not sure how anyone could not be a fan of Santa Clara.