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  1. As a prior service Marine that served in the Commandant's Own..........................Say it isn't so. I wonder how high up the Chain-of-Command they had to go to get permission to remove their covers while outdoors.
  2. What you want for 2018

    Marching Synths and more cowbell
  3. 2018 Programs & Playlist

    I'm going to go out on a limb as say this is going to be a dark show....... Source music for the show includes: Dies Irae – Berlioz Music for Strings, Percussion and Celeste – Bartok Uninvited – Alanis Morissette Danse Macabre – Saint-Saens Midnight and the Stars and You – Bowfly Symphony for Organ and Orchestra – Copland Music has been added to YouTube Playlist.
  4. The Cavaliers 2018, 70 years of excellence

    I have just learned one of my students was offered a contract this past weekend. As an FMM, I couldn't be more proud. I look forward to seeing him grow in the marching arts with one of the finest organizations in the activity.
  5. 2018 Programs & Playlist

    These have been added to the YouTube and Rhapsody Playlists.
  6. Blue Devils 2018

    We enjoy hosting and it makes for a great educational experience for our students at the beginning of the marching band season. We make sure the ensemble rehearsal in the evening is free and open to the public. We even let the corps set up their souvie tent so they can make a few bucks. We are lucky enough to have administration that enjoys drum corps. The first words out of the new principal a few years ago to our band director were "Have you ever hosted a drum corps?" Talk about music to my ears. We have hosted Blue Devils, Cavaliers and Crown since those words were uttered.
  7. Post your dot book

    This could be very scary. I know some of my notes are not for the eyes of children.............................
  8. Blue Devils 2018

    It is not the exact same. We are hosting the Blue Devils before the Annapolis show at one of the schools where I am a Volunteer Instructor (Show Coordinator). We are hosting Crown earlier in July at another school. Both locations are in Purcellville, VA. I have the privilege of hosting multiple corps again this year.
  9. Blue Devils 2018

    For those of you in the DC area, you will have an opportunity to see the Blue Devils at a live rehearsal in Northern VA again this year. More info to follow as we finalize our school as the host facility prior to the competition at Navy-Marine Corps stadium in Annapolis, MD on July 31.
  10. Carolina Crown 2018

    For those of you in the DC area, you will have an opportunity to see Crown at a live rehearsal in Northern VA again this year. More info to follow as we finalize our school as the stop-over host facility between the Clifton, NJ show and the CrownBEAT show in Lexington, SC on July 6.
  11. Minnesota Brass Announces 2018 Production

    The source music for this show has been added to my Drum Corps 2018 playlists on YouTube and Rhapsody/Napster.
  12. DCI Uniforms from 2018 and beyond

    Correct me if I am wrong, The Cavaliers "Game On" uniform for the guard was full-on athletic apparel. The wait is already over and in the past.
  13. The logistics issue really comes down to time/facilities. I have hosted Blue Devils and/or Cavaliers for the past few years before the DCI Annapolis show. I also have several other schools in our area that have hosted or are interested in hosting. We treat hosting as an educational event for our students. This helps keep the costs down for the corps. An open rehearsal is a great way to motivate marching band students at the beginning of the marching band season. We also let the corps put up a souvenir stand during open rehearsals so they can make a few $ while they stay at our facility. There are two challenges in hosting a corps for an Annapolis competition. The first is many of the Maryland schools lack the turf fields desired by most corps. I saw some corps having to rehearse on parking lots with no access to the stadiums in Maryland schools. The second option creates a distance issue. As I mentioned above, I have hosted several corps over the years. However, we are in Virginia and many corps don't like the 60-90 minute drive. It would be great to have DCA back at Annapolis. I fear it won't happen due to these issues along with the hotel costs.
  14. 2018 Programs & Playlist

    Thanks again Liahona for your fine work. It is truly appreciated by all. I will continue the YouTube and Napster/Rhapsody lists as well. Both can be found by searching "Drum Corps 2018" on either site.