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  1. We're the ones hosting BD before they head up to Allentown. I've been trying to work it out with my boosters to have Fran announce our band show for years. They keep going with the local announcer (who is good as well). One of these years Fran, I'll make it work.
  2. This is a good idea. I added to my YouTube and Rhapsody/Napster playlists. Thanks for the suggestion.
  3. Spotify is on Liahona and I know Liahona is really good staying on top of it. I am sure will get updated soon. My YouTube and Rhapsody/Napster playlists have both been updated.
  4. Titles have been added to my playlists.
  5. Wouldn't that be an opportunity for The Academy to use a Phoenix?
  6. Looks like a change or did I miss something? Either way, titles have been added to the playlists.
  7. These titles have been added to both of my playlists.
  8. My playlists have been updated with these titles.
  9. My playlists have been updated as well with the Genesis changes.
  10. Did anyone get the titles from the Buccaneers at their spring preview this past weekend?
  11. Since my wife doesn't follow drum corps and I am an FMM, I will agree that the lyrics are perfect for this show. Anyone tells my wife and I will challenge her to actually come on this site and learn to appreciate drum corps. After all, it is "My Way"
  12. Buccaneers are only showing "Theme" with the music of..... I was just wondering what if titles of the music by Zimmer, Barber, Strauss etc. were released since they were played yesterday.
  13. Jersey Surf titles have been added to my playlists.
  14. Do we now have titles for the Buccaneers show?
  15. SCV tracks have been added to the playlists. Starting to look like a really good year.