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  1. Old Corps Guy

    Pioneer What Next?

    I understand that you are a longtime veteran of DCP. I am concerned that your comments here are an "opinion" that has been stated almost every year. Pioneer does their thing, and for the most part, do it well. They give young marchers an opportunity to tour with the big guys of WC. It is about getting better every day. It is the Pioneer way. While I may agree that Roman is wearing too many hats, he is still giving students from the Midwest, as well as many foreign students, a great opportunity to participate in the marching arts activity. Some students decide they love the Pioneer way and age out every single year. If there are issues with treatment by the staff, that should be addressed. However, I have seen no documentation of such issues. I have seen comments here on DCP insinuating such, but no true documentation. The corps staff work hard to ensure the students get the best opportunity they can considering many just don't have the skill package of the top tier corps. I have had the privilege of marching with Pioneer BITD, as well as going on to DCI and DCA finalist corps. While Roman and I didn't get along, I still valued the opportunity I had to start competitive marching with Pioneer.
  2. Old Corps Guy

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    The uniforms/costumes will be amazing......
  3. Old Corps Guy

    DCI World Champs Finals - Aug 11, 2018

    I thought they might have taken a hit for the timing with the electronics delay.
  4. Old Corps Guy

    DCI World Champs Finals - Aug 11, 2018

    Did Blue Knights take a penalty? They had two issues that could have resulted in penalties
  5. Row 5. They are really loud. And we haven’t gotten to the beast yet.
  6. I’m in 140. They are all loud.
  7. First time sitting this close. Blue Devils. B laying it down like they mean it.
  8. The two biggest "buzz" items to me are how high can Mandarins go and the battle between Cavies and BAC.
  9. Old Corps Guy

    "Big, Loud And Live" Roll Call

    On a plane flying to Indy for Semis and Finals!!!!!
  10. Old Corps Guy

    Cadet kids sick

    That was a rough week for Cavies in 2015. After a standstill in Carolina, they were delayed on their arrival to our school due to a bus issue. They arrived with over 30 still sick and we were able to quarantine the sick in our auxiliary gym. They also used separate showers from the rest of the corps. We were proud to say that when they left our school, there were less than 10 sick. As an FMM, I can't say that I had a more proud moment in all my marching arts volunteering over the years than helping them with a facility to get them well. One of my students got his first opportunity to see drum corps up close that year. He is now a marching member with the 2018 Cavaliers.
  11. Old Corps Guy

    Rehearsal Sites For Indy?

    Just a reminder, some corps have closed their rehearsals for "Finals" week.
  12. Old Corps Guy

    Cavies are in trouble

    Take you back a few years. When it became obvious in 1980 that we were stuck in 9th place, we added the additional time to the end of the show and laid down. It wasn't much for our score, but it sure made the crowd love it all the more. Releasing right on the second gun made it all the sweeter. I will let the guard comment on why they all pointed at the judge's box at the end.
  13. What the HE double hockey sticks Flo? Popping to an ad during Troopers show?
  14. Old Corps Guy

    Allentown Housing Urgent!

  15. I set up my tailgate every year in Allentown. I even play the source music for the current year out of my vehicle. However, I am going to finals this year and won't be there. Next year, tailgating in the lot across from the Ham-Fam is back on.