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    1976 - West Allis Wranglers, 1979 - Pioneer, 1980 - Cavaliers, 1982 – Phantom Regiment (Partial Year), 1984-88 - Commandant’s Own, United States Marine Drum & Bugle Corps, 1990-2001 – Washington Redskins Marching Band, 2010 – Reading Buccaneers
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  1. I'm holding off until the July 15 shows. Let them fix the problems and then buy for one month to get through finals. $49 to see finals is cheaper than last year and I will still get to see a ton of shows. Hopefully the issues that have been mentioned by many will be improved by mid-July.
  2. Getting better. We shall see at 8:15 when people return after finding out the schedule.
  3. Lower left hand corner on screen with mouse hover on a PC
  4. It looks like you can pause. No FF or REW
  5. Not a chance. High speed T3 at work. All of my tasks are running fine. Just this feed that is trouble.
  6. It didn't take long. I am already buffering like crazy. No money from this guy for the feed. How do you like that DCI? Frozen with the Cavies snares heads down.
  7. Coats and Cavies make the most sense as the top two. Then again, when has DCI ever made sense?
  8. I couldn't agree more. Having seen a few previews, there are several that could be the big dog on opening night.
  9. I know FN is long gone and DCI Live has been replaced. What I am asking is will we see an email like we have in the past with all of our options? I'm guessing the answer is no since this would be considered out-sourced.
  10. Has anyone that has purchased FanNetwork/DCI Live in the past seen an advertising email? Usually we get hit with one by now. I have seen nothing this year?
  11. What? Do you think this is Burger King? Have it your way drum corps? I play bass bone professionally and I hate it when there is too much synth as well. Unfortunately, HockeyDad and Garfield are correct. This cow is long since left the barn and is visiting Wisconsin (to milk it) and Texas (to find the beef) so they can get more oomph! Or in the words of Harry Caray "HOLY COW!"
  12. I believe you are looking at an email from last year when Scouts and Troopers were the preview. This year we have Cavaliers and Blue Stars next Tuesday. Maybe I'm wrong......
  13. Three dogs that will lick you to death. Be afraid.............................
  14. Inquiring minds wanted to know and you answered the call. Thank you very much.
  15. MODs. Please pin this thread.