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    Saint Cathrine's Queensmen ,55-60 Long Island Sunrisers 63-69 74 80,81 82 ,corps director 83 ,Bills boys 84,85 Back as interim director of Sunrisers 2007
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    Phamtom Regiment ,Renagades.Bucceneers
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    Sunrisers 77.78 Phamtom 2009.Bucs
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    1983 as dircector of Sunrisers
  1. 2017 Rankings

    Well after tonight we will see just how close these corps are .Can Cadets 2 put them selves back in the race for top spot .Time will tell just 2 weeks away for the seasons final show .
  2. 2017 Mini-corps lineup?

    So where is the list
  3. Pathetic!

    Loved Finleyville always a great show from them .
  4. Pathetic!

    No Seldon Cadets or Golden Eagles ,surpised they didn\t do the parade .So close to Medford .
  5. Its also the last time Cabs see Reading ,White Sabers and Cadets2 before prelums .
  6. Love pizza with bacon and pineapple on it
  7. 2017 Mini-corps lineup?

    Just spoke with Allen at DCA understand the list for mini corps will be posted on the 20th ,so you got 5 more days to wait.
  8. If your ordering the live broadcast read the fine print on your order ,you must cancell right after the showing or be billed very month .Lots of complaints coming in on the DCI end check them out .
  9. I recorded everyone of the PBS shows ,don\t know if thats the case with Flush & Flo. LOL had a TV with build in VCR so easy to tape then.
  10. 2017 Rankings

    I guess next weekend we will see where Caballero\s stack up against the Bucceneers head to head,And if Cadets 2 can close the gap in the picture ,plus Bushwackers a few points down .Can Hurcs put some points up to keep from getting cut out of finals ,with ownly 3 weeks left time is running out on some corps .Top corps are bringing it on ,scores are getting tight.Good Luck to All Corps .
  11. Carolina Gold ?

    What's the highest seating like there .if i recall from photos not much.
  12. Carolina Gold ?

    Milford Ct. was not big ,they posted pics on here of Williamport one time not sure if there still posted ..
  13. Carolina Gold ?

    Texas was doing well for a while ,Frontier,Gulf Coast Sound ,but that didn\t last long even to complete against each other was a trip .and to try to do DCA south ,forget it ,Saved thier moneys to do DCA in Rochca .It was a great begening for Texas but never grew .
  14. 2017 Rankings

    Kingston .NY,scoces 1 86.30 White Sabers 2 84.00 Fusion Core 3 83.55 Caballero\s 4 82,25 Bushwackers 5 78.50 Sunrisers 6 73.25 Hurricanes Class A 1 66.15 Erie ThunderBirds After what looked like a really bad weather Scores From Williamsport Pa, 1st 8775 Caballero\s 2nd 87,35 White Sabers 3rd. 87,25 Fusion Core 4th. 75.60 Skyliners We now have 4 corps seeded with an 87. interesting very interesting LOL