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    Saint Cathrine's Queensmen ,55-60 Long Island Sunrisers 63-69 74 80,81 82 ,corps director 83 ,Bills boys 84,85 Back as interim director of Sunrisers 2007
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    Phamtom Regiment ,Renagades.Bucceneers
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    Sunrisers 77.78 Phamtom 2009.Bucs
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    1983 as dircector of Sunrisers
  1. Sunrisers are very much alive and doing well on Long Island ,and i would say that this years corps has one of the best horn lines ,Should be in the top of DCA this year.They had planned to run a DCA contest on Long Island the last weekend before DCA champion ships .A sunday afternoon show just could not get enought corps to committ to the show.
  2. not sure where Comany falls into any of this ,but they will make there mark knocking off many america corps.
  3. Good to see your still going ,Best of Luck with this show .
  4. BK looks like a 60s tie dye and whats with the big black hole on the side? ,like Madarins ,Crossmen Academy ,thats it so far .
  5. Question is Skys show in Pittston judged contest or another exibition show..No where in the ad do they use the word contest.
  6. you all might be interested in seeing Kids Grove Scouts show from a contest with scores yesterday ,You can catch it on UTUBE guys enjjoy .I loved the new unis and thier entire show ,And Bravo to the brass they got one hell of a horn line this year.GO KGS.
  8. if you want to take in a great show,mark the date JULY 22 down,PlACE Everette Ma, 14 corps 5 DCA --3 DCI -- 6 Alimni Corps and its a free SHOW can;t beat that .
  9. very quiet on this show ,not one word from anyone
  10. This show should draw a HUGE crowd with the line up .Something here for everyone ,DCA ,DCI aluimi corps to blow your socks off.Worth a trip from any where in the northeast foe this freebe of a show .
  11. Best of Luck on your first show of the 2017 season .
  12. July 22 the Sunrisers join hands with the City of Everret Ma,for a full day of Drum Corps parade at 4,pm and DCI n DCA contest at 7.pm Exbitions by North Star Boston Crusaders Senior corps Caballero's aliumi Blessed Sac Golden Knights Muchcahoes Saints Brigades DCi contest Spartans Raiders 7th Regiment DCA Contest L.I.Sunrisers Cadets 2 Hurricanes Skyliners Exceliour HUGE SHOW some thing for everyone here and all FREE FREE FREE
  13. Wishing you guys a great season ,can\t wait to folllow your progress as the season gets into full swing .
  14. quick review of the corps in the parade today ,frist up where the Raiders ,looking good guys 38 brass tons of tv coverage always good for any corps..One hour later the Hurricanes much smaller corps ,20 brass 6 snares ,1 quad and 3 bass,20mins later Saints Brigade about 40 brass and looking great .again lots of coverage .15 mins later the Cadets 2 lots of coverage wasn\t able to get a count other then the guard of 24,They look ready to take on all takers .At 2pm came Bushwackers no guard .22 brass ,7 snares ,4 quads ,2\10 Exceliour small horn line and drum line ,bigger and better guard ,if only they could get another 10 horns,At 2\45 Fusion Core ,looking good but smaller then last years corps 28 brass 8 snares ,3 quads 6 bass .At 3pm Long Island Sunrisers,18 guard ,6 snares ,2quads 4 bass 42 brass.Gives some insiight to the season,