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  1. Here is the main issue for people with wristbands as I see it. DCI has to tell the stadium operations people to inform the ushers that people with wristbands should only be sent to certain areas (or so I gather since I'm not familiar with the perks of the wristband.) Then if an usher sees someone entering with a wristband, they can turn them away. I get briefings constantly about what wristbands/lanyards will gain access to floor or VIP areas of the stadium, even when I'm working up on the top level of the stadium. We also receive 2 newsletters each event that we can use as reference. There have been a few times where there are additional colors or logos on the bands that wasn't included and I had to get help to direct them/allow them in. More often because the organizer of the event never told the main people who run the stadium.
  2. Anytime. Right behind stadium security, fan enjoyment is the #1 goal of any stadium staff. The better time you have, the more likely events will continue to be booked there and they will continue to have a job.
  3. Here are a few of the reasons people sit in the wrong seat: They want a better seating location. They sit 1 or 2 seats off from their seat because they want a buffer seat between them and a stranger. They move a row or 2 down to give themselves more room and are prepared to go back once someone comes. Special promotion for that aisle like free chips. They thought they were in the right seat, but are either 1 row or section off. They paid for fake tickets. Now, most people who are in the wrong seats will immediately acknowledge it and leave without a hassle. For people who bought fake tickets, this is usually more complicated and many stadiums try to accommodate them as they were able to get into the stadium, so they try to place them somewhere, sometimes for a fee. There are people who can be extremely rude and even try to delay the inevitable like Terri's situation last year. I've seen it a few times. The simplest solution is find the sections usher, show them your tickets and say someone is sitting in your section. Security will also work, but if the people are standoffish, sometimes its better to start with the usher. If things get verbal and violent, then the staff will take care of it. I highly doubt there is a stadium staff in the entire world who will just make you fend for yourself if someone is in your seat. Again, seat poachers are always going to happen. It happens at concerts, monster jam, wrestling events, soccer events, baseball, soccer, hockey, basketball, football, DCI, etc..
  4. I guess I wouldn't know anything about a Pro Stadium. I only work at the #1 Venue in the World, and #1 Stadium in the world for 5 of the last 7 years. But hey, you've been to a drum corps show, so what do I know. I'm glad you assume that people who work there don't like their jobs. Except that's categorically untrue. Are there people who are miserable, sure...just like people here.
  5. Maybe you should read my comment before replying. I said you never get thrown out for just being in the wrong seat. And since you never mentioned that in your original post, only that you would be forcibly removed for being in the wrong seat, we can end this.
  6. No, it's when people get physical/verbal that they are removed. NEVER for just sitting in the wrong seat.
  7. As someone who actually works at a stadium, I can give you all a few almost certain facts: #1 - In practically every stadium, an usher can ask anyone at anytime to see their tickets and you are required to do so. Doesn't matter if they remember you or not. My section has approximately 700 people that I could interact with. I try, but I don't always remember people. Sometimes, staff are directed to always check tickets. I work in the 'nosebleeds' and always get asked "who is going to sneak into here?" While that may be true, my location for all games is on the 50YL, and I still have to check your ticket. #2 - 'Seat poachers' are a problem at every single event in every stadium. If someone hands me a ticket and I notice them headed to the wrong seats, I will stop them and redirect them (redirect because I tell every single person whose ticket I see exactly how to get to their seat.) But this is dependent on me following them. Many times, people only move down a few rows, or they could enter their area and just walk across many sections to get to the wrong-but better seats.
  8. I don't think you know anything about sporting events. Sitting in the wrong seat would never result in an ejection, let alone being forcibly removed.
  9. OK, this makes no sense to me. Why would Crown care about the mass exodus from Cadets to Boston. Maybe I'm forgetting if a few Crown people also left in the transition, but in the fair market, people are allowed to come and go as they please.
  10. I guess a lot of people will be watching DCA's for the first time! In all honesty, many of you should as I do believe most people would be thoroughly surprised by the value.
  11. In my opinion, the Cabs french horn soloist is 2nd only to the soloist from the Crossmen. It's my favorite part of a show that I almost completely enjoy. Their trombone feature - well... It looks like I will be spending another $50 to catch the action at Rochester in a few weeks.
  12. So I've been a user of MainStage for the past 3 years as I have come to use it for my piano patches for my school's musical, and I know it's a super powerful piece of software thats dirt cheap, but never did it occur to me that drum corps would be using this as well until the theatre broadcast the issues with one of the corps. Which leads me to my question, does anyone know how many corps patch their microphones or route their signal to get the sound effects, and if so, which effects? Or are their other pieces of equipment that get the sound. I highly doubt that corps just use the built-in sound effects right from the digital boards they use.
  13. Like most things in drum corps, if it is designed well and properly, mics can be a very effective tool. Just like with the new allowable instrumentation. Case in point, the horn feature in the Cabs show is absolutely perfect, especially with the mic and sound effects they use. Their trombone feature - pointless.
  14. 2017 Rankings

    Yes, we know this, because 1) it's brought up every year and 2) it doesn't even have to be said.
  15. I don't mind the amped soloists for the most part this year, as many of them are being used to get the right color out of the instrument, rather than having to belt out for the entire stadium to hear. There was only 1 very glaring instance at Clifton of electronic malfunction (not including Bush where somehow the electric cable became unplugged through no fault of their own) which made me remember why the guard should never be used for counting purposes :) Really good shows this year, I dig Bush, Cabs and Bucs. Bucs decimated their closest competition. Bush needs to close the holes (not hope for people to fill them) and clean and they can move up the ranks a lot this year. Cabs opening number has great momentum, but the endpoint was a bit of a let down (not execution, because they did great until the end of the show with fatigue setting in), whereas Bucs momentum just has your jaw dropped because they couldn't possibly add on to this machine - until they do and you never want it to stop. So many awesome drill moves, so many loud moments, and they have probably a 40-48 count long AND loud note that puts the G bugle argument to shame (even on horrible horns.) Sorry to say this, but everyone is fighting for 2nd place. Yes, I have an obvious bias, but I talked with many fans in the audience who agree.