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  1. c.l.


    Just email admin staff I'm sure you'll get an answer.
  2. As I understand it, the OP is looking for corps who have YET to make world class finals. I'm not sure why they included two groups who placed near the top of open class; but it is what it is.
  3. Mandarins Inside the Ink Surf Bridgemania Southwind 2000 Pac Crest Spectrum Kiwanis Kavaliers Evita (hey, gotta show some defunct groups some love!)
  4. This show has EVERYTHING: cockroaches in evening gowns, beetlehorns, vomit flags, giant toothpicks, and woozy predators -What are woozy predators? You know that thing where the guy from predator mixes his alcohol and prescription meds and lets little people ride on his belly like a seesaw?
  5. Get rid of Rick Subel? He's obviously working at Paramount, though that took awhile and much different activity.
  6. c.l.

    Cadets 2018

    Hey, I'm midway into 35 and I wear my crank hat loud and proud! I'll have to invent a 'get off my lawn!' notification when people stand in front of me at shows :D
  7. c.l.

    2018 Uniforms!

    The fake white boot look reminds me of Crown's 2012 superhero guard, with an added embellishment of fencing garb.
  8. c.l.

    2018 Predictions

    I also better check myself because I'm falling out of love with DCI in general, and that informs my overall bias. However, I love what BAC is putting on the field.
  9. c.l.

    2018 Predictions

    I never said I disliked, you don't have to put words in my mouth k? I've traditionally been a Crown honk, but I'm the most critical with some of their decisions with this show at the moment. You don't catch that tbh b/c this is your group. And that's okay. I'm aware of my limitations, which is why I left a big fat disclaimer beforehand.
  10. c.l.

    2018 Predictions

    The second movement is spent rocking hips and doing what's currently on trend with movement. I stand by my assessment for now, but it may warrant a rewatch. Honestly, that's what I noticed immediately with the flag line among the trees, and not ill intent. Is there a section I need to watch for with the drill?
  11. c.l.

    2018 Predictions

    Haven't made one yet, too cautious in the off-season. Too cautious even now. Due to job changes and things going on, won't see a live show this year :(. Will have to wait for theater-cast. 1. SCV - I feel it. 2. BD - should clean up but may be 1-3 3. Coats - Has everything it needs to win, and I love everything about it. Guard is 'functional" to my eyes on only streaming, maybe a little overscored. 4. Cavies - staying on trend on one-upping their nearest competitor at the last competition of the year 5. Crown - show needs to be clarified and make sense for them to move up. Top performers. 6. Boston - great show, just doesn't have enough drill and flags stay on back stage right most of the show. Wonderful in all captions, not sure why that section of guard is not integrated more 7. Cadets - love em more than I have in a long time 8. Phantom - wild guess, but they'll clean 9. BK 10. Mandies 11. Crossmen 12. Spirit - my gut says Stars will stay, but this is my want pick
  12. So the backflip has a functional purpose?
  13. Exactly. There truly is nothing new under the sun. Themes are the same way.
  14. I too am not seeing the appeal that everyone else is yet, but I'm sure that will change when I see it live or repeated viewings. Let down by the drill until the ballad, though the explanations help.
  15. c.l.

    2018 Uniforms!

    It's Corona 2007 meets Spider Man.