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  1. PR 2017, relatively speaking
  2. 2000 will always be at the top of my list, as that's the first Cavaliers show I saw live as a young high school student mopping up the droll at the end of that show and just being introduced to drum corps after seeing pictures online ("who are Blue Devils and Santa Clara?"). And that percussion... 1992-wonderful music and emotion 2006-just cool and bad a** 2001-Should not have won, too dirty; but set up the concept show for other corps to follow 2004-Finally put to rest "I wonder how it would be if a modern drum corps performed classic James Bond music instead of a crappy hs band?" Least: 2013-hints of a better corps than the previous year, but design was still a little on the nose 2007-Not my least fav, but just kind of boring minus some cool guard and drill moves 2015-took me until mid season to realize the show wasn't about video games... 2012-Just...no. 1996-well performed, but a little 'vanilla'
  3. 1999- Great music, great drill, but probably would have enjoyed it more with white instead of gray. 2000 stepped it up a notch, but this had better music overall and not just randomness. 2015-My favorite show of that year, and not too preachy or "emo" yet really gets your heartstrings. 2011-Classic repertoire; kind of miss this short detour from BK. All it needed was better drill. 2003-Really like the unique choice of the Bulgarian music. 2006-Quintessential BK. It's like they knew they were dirty in 2002 so they decided to redo that show and put it to 2006 and 2007. This was dark, but had a savage performance feel to it. Least fav: 2017-weird pacing of the show, park and play for the opener, strange lyrics, tag ending that seemed derivative of their previous trilogy endings. Didn't add anything to Hide and Seek arrangement that was already better from Spirit 10 years prior. 2001-As others mentioned, but I do admit to liking the drum solo. 2008-after Turbine, this was a miss for me.
  4. Where is Shavon going? Didn't see any news on her fb page, but maybe deciding to pursue personal non-guard related interests since she has the Imbue thing (just speculation from me). Also, I'm assuming Daniel Wiles and Richard Hinshaw will keep their Cavaliers' affiliation and this isn't a move full time to Colts?
  5. It's probably due to the same reason these staff members flock to the "safe" big, BOA winning schools than trying to build up a program from the ground up. And they can use these bands as recruiting tools.
  6. Southwind 2000 I know Troopers coming back was emotional for many, but Colts 2009
  7. A lot of it is build up, but probably starting around 3:50. Not sure how it would translate to corps or even brass instruments.
  8. Very curious why they needed a new one, as I thought that was Colts' strongest caption last year.
  9. I think that Meredith Monk music would fit very well into their wheelhouse with what they are currently going for, modern and sometimes abstract pieces that are a little funky rhythmically from a composition standpoint but work for the field. I'm thinking something like Double Fiesta (and I'm sure others), an acquired taste for sure but I'm imagining the horns/percussion parts in it would be great.
  10. Some thoughts on 2017

    You were a trumpet player, sit down plebeian lol.
  11. Some thoughts on 2017

    Blue Devils: I liked the visual and the ballad much more in 2016. I loved the ballad this year, but it wasn't really a ballad than a slow jam-out session SCV: 2016, no question. Glad they medaled this year and were 'technically' better, but music kind of bored me in the first half. Crown: Wasn't a huge fan of 2016 at the time (aversion to westerns, maybe?) but no question 2016 Bluecoats: Jagged Line was nice, but 2016 had more oomph. Cavies: Both obnoxious. 2016 made me laugh at the Trump part. I did like the rotating tenor gimmick this year (a return to Cavie gimmicks). I call a draw. BAC: didn't like 2016 at all no matter where they would have placed, while 2017 was one of my favorite shows of the summer. Cadets: 2017 BK: 2016. Probably weirder, but more emotion. Phantom: 2017, wonder what could have been with larger and full sounding horn line Blue Stars: 2016 Crossmen: 2017 Madison: would be a draw. I loved '99 so just by that association 2016. Or not..I dunno. Mandarins: I remember when they were competing with Cascades in Div. 2 and how good they were. Hadn't remembered what they played between then and 2017, sorry. Academy: 2016, but they came far this year Colts: 2017, though 2016 was a step-back Troopers: 2016 by far
  12. So true...I sadly remember the time I tried to expose my college roommate who was not ever in band to it (trial and error).. "turn off this s***"
  13. It's also harder to convince a younger person (younger than myself even, mid 30's) that 70's and 80's corps shows were so great b/c the video and audio quality is terrible.
  14. Cadets 2018

    I always hate it when I hear "but this is a competitive activity!" Nearly everything is a competitive activity, but it's not competition itself that draws one to it! In fact, the more I'm focused on the competition aspect of DCI, the less I enjoy the activity and the shows.