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  1. I meant the 4 returning.... ;)
  2. I think the 4 A's from last year will be better added to Govs coming back and Southern Knights....may be a banner "A" year. ;)
  3. As I said in the other thread................... :( ......... darn it(cleaned up) ............
  4. darn it.........
  5. What a GREAT list this year.... WOW!
  6. Ok, so at the risk of being boring, for the gazillionth and one time (wow, that's a lot), they do not have to declare 'til June 1. Or, May 31st at 11:59 p.m. :) Probably (extreme guess) everyone is still counting heads. Except C.T. , who seemed to have made up their minds already. peace...
  7. This sounds great, but, Without really looking into this, is there something drum corps(y) about the cruise. ? Thanks, Someone. ;)
  8. I see the Southern Knights are officially on DCA site. Congrats S K !!!!
  9. I did mention Scouts. Why the Duh?

  10. Along with Kilt news :( if Scouts can't make it back out on the competition field it will the first time (ever) that there is no competing corps from Racine. ...ouch... :( :(
  11. Oh. You addressed me. I am not some guy who thinks the designers want to "ruin" drum corps. I was a young when I started and I did (do) stay active in all the ways you mentioned. It might be a good thing in drum corps, and as I stated I hope it works. As others have said, the DCI corps have used bones in doses. Trombones are fine. Sousaphones are ehh. It's fine Not a major change.You are correct, there is no real downside....
  12. Big A, (and more) -You'll notice I said competition field. - Of course 4 trombone music majors will have good stuff. If a start up corps is attracting 4 trombone music majors more power to them. I wasn't assuming a start up was attracting 4 trombone music majors alone. At that point you changed my words so of course you can call it invalid. -You aren't breaking anything to me. I don't think a top level corps will be borrowing a sousaphone from the local band unless it's some kind of special effect. - I never said rags to riches. I was talking about starting a corps with the future in mind. - Like said, I hope bones and sousaphones helps.Just not my personal taste for drum corps ( I do like the some bones with baris and euph sound). I don't think we will be inundated with start up corps playing bones and sousaphones this year. .Especially with the idea of "Riches" in 10 years. peace
  13. Yay K S!!! Can your team and C V not go on back to back. It made my eyes crazy a couple of years ago!