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  1. good news...Awesome couple. ; )
  2. larry p

    annual class A question

    I see the posts from Kilts, Alliance and 3 new to DCA corps. Cadence. So, 9 maybe 10 class A. Now we are getting somewhere. 12 or so Opens and we are back over 20 at prelims. cool....
  3. larry p

    Greetings From EXCELSIOR

    :( Come back in '19
  4. larry p

    annual class A question

    Excelsior = :( well, still more then 5 :) Come back Excelsior!!!
  5. Well, here it is, the first obligatory hyping class A for the season question. Could be 10? Excelsior and Kilties coming back? Cadence from merry old... couple new corps? Can Southern Knights keep pushing forward? Erie? Can C.T. be the first corps ever to win 3 in a row in class A? All this and more coming in '18 ;)
  6. The staffs are told where to go and this year it was 306. I will assume we all behaved ourselves or nobody from that seating area reads DCP or no news is good news. Back to staring at the weather channel. ;)
  7. Back to the original post, I sat in the 306 section during almost all of prelims. I saw and heard no distractions. I could be wrong. Was anyone offended by the staffs?
  8. larry p

    2017 DCA Finals

    And it's a good one. Congrats C T! well deserved.
  9. larry p

    2017 DCA Prelims Discussion

    I love how this started with prelim schedule. visit rehearsal. You'll be entertained.
  10. larry p

    2017 DCA Prelims Discussion

    dear x, couldn't you have said that a little nicer. Lothar was a friend (to all).
  11. larry p

    2017 DCA Prelims Discussion

    They did change a little. They go by highest score no matter which class. Its hard to go after Intermission. They are sooo good this year ;)
  12. larry p

    2017 Mini-corps lineup?

    Times are on DCA site and I&E times. And for Fran, some of the scores are already up..... ;)
  13. Also it's St Paul this weekend....just sayen
  14. Ok captain serious. Please give to the White Sabers only all age drum and bugle corps from upstate New York and not from Long Island . Better? Also if you have a couple extra bucks please give to my buddies at Southern Knights. (THE ONLY ALL AGE COMPETITIVE CORPS FROM ALABAMA THAT IS Going to the DCA CHAMPION WEEKEND)!!! See all ya'll in Rochester ;)
  15. larry p

    Alliance to return in 2018

    Yay!!!!! More corps!