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  1. This sounds great, but, Without really looking into this, is there something drum corps(y) about the cruise. ? Thanks, Someone. ;)
  2. I see the Southern Knights are officially on DCA site. Congrats S K !!!!
  3. I did mention Scouts. Why the Duh?

  4. Along with Kilt news :( if Scouts can't make it back out on the competition field it will the first time (ever) that there is no competing corps from Racine. ...ouch... :( :(
  5. Oh. You addressed me. I am not some guy who thinks the designers want to "ruin" drum corps. I was a young when I started and I did (do) stay active in all the ways you mentioned. It might be a good thing in drum corps, and as I stated I hope it works. As others have said, the DCI corps have used bones in doses. Trombones are fine. Sousaphones are ehh. It's fine Not a major change.You are correct, there is no real downside....
  6. Big A, (and more) -You'll notice I said competition field. - Of course 4 trombone music majors will have good stuff. If a start up corps is attracting 4 trombone music majors more power to them. I wasn't assuming a start up was attracting 4 trombone music majors alone. At that point you changed my words so of course you can call it invalid. -You aren't breaking anything to me. I don't think a top level corps will be borrowing a sousaphone from the local band unless it's some kind of special effect. - I never said rags to riches. I was talking about starting a corps with the future in mind. - Like said, I hope bones and sousaphones helps.Just not my personal taste for drum corps ( I do like the some bones with baris and euph sound). I don't think we will be inundated with start up corps playing bones and sousaphones this year. .Especially with the idea of "Riches" in 10 years. peace
  7. Yay K S!!! Can your team and C V not go on back to back. It made my eyes crazy a couple of years ago!
  8. Trombones are fine but they all need to be similar in sound and intonation. That's why the dci corps use the same brand. Your not going to "help" a start up corps with 12 different trombones on the competition field. Also, I was advised by someone mush wiser in this subject that the bones need to be reinforced by baris and euphs. Speaking of start ups, schools have sousaphones, not students. How does that help a start up corps? Overall, this might work ( I hope). Just not a fan. I do love a good marching band. But, I do love a good drum corps.... ya know.....
  9. French Horns=Beautiful. Football field=meh Trombones=Awesome. Marching with them, Not so much. Sousaphones, Look nice, Sousa is my hero. Tubas on a shoulder are better. With this in mind , I kinda agree with cixelsyd.
  10. jeffdm61, who's this again... Terri, and all, I thought it was a great year for finals as well. (Esp top 4). Kamarag, not speaking for jeffdm, what I think he was referring to was the music amped up from Cabs in the day. Not the actual warm up. And, he said that. Lets glean the positive out of what he was saying. I remember when Madison had a couple of rough years in a row. How did they fix it. They paid homage to their past. A sticky wicket it is to please the judges and the fans.
  11. everyone is one degree of separation from DA. That's five better then Kevin Bacon. I'm in that club. Donnie, I too missed GR at mini-corps. Hope to see you back (if possible).
  12. Erie in A , Bush in Open
  13. Not to take the C2 congrats thread, (CONGRATS), Congratulations to Cinn. Trad. If you follow the numbers through the years you will find them slowly but surely build to the class A championship! Congrats CT!!!