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  1. Class A finals

    I am so happy I asked how many Class A corps are in finals this year.... :) BTW, Mn show was really good tonight. The steel drum band was a real nice touch.
  2. Class A finals

    so back to 3 now ?(darn it)
  3. 2017 Rankings

    Is the Erie show cancelled?
  4. I don't know if this has been covered but, are there 3 or 4 corps in DCA class A finals this year? It may be really close this year...... peace
  5. 2017 Rankings

    The 62.5 were dci judges on hybrid sheets... but still quite good ;)
  6. I meant the 4 returning.... ;)
  7. I think the 4 A's from last year will be better added to Govs coming back and Southern Knights....may be a banner "A" year. ;)
  8. As I said in the other thread................... :( ......... darn it(cleaned up) ............
  9. Alliance Inactive for 2017

    darn it.........
  10. What a GREAT list this year.... WOW!