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  1. Lindsey Vento is the corps new movement person, she is great and has done wonders with Blue Springs HS. as for the guard vets it's basically split in half with Boston
  2. Hahahahahaha it's the one in the Instagram story of the guys face seeing the crown uniform.
  3. Trying to upload crownbrass insta. Pic
  4. Ahh ok! Yeah time will only tell, I know 3 of them it is their last yr.
  5. I wouldn't say they're taking a risk. Half the staff is Crown Alumni and a few have worked with crown before. They vets have faith in the program and the drive to keep the excellence that has become CrownGuard.
  6. All while going 5 yards in 8 counts!!! You better figure it out!
  7. Always gotta have a challenge!!! Throw in some holes in the flag and see how many times he gets stuck.
  8. Hahahahaha he can use a broom or a mop!!! It all works
  9. It's not hard, just be coordinated and you got it!!!
  10. Looking at a group shot of CrownGuard they're not losing there image of half girls half guys.
  11. I would have to agree with you on this one!! Obviously from reading the Reddit comments this is nothing new, seeing other corps with similar policies.
  12. I love eric whitacre, with their brass it would be masterful!!!!
  13. This isn't Ricks first time working with Crown
  14. Great additions to Crown, Having marched with Joey at Crown he definitely knows the guards style and Ricks work with Paramount Santa Clara, and being apart of Crown in 2013 his work is phenomenal.