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  1. Look at SCV....all Professional. Love that. most others out of control. #oldschool
  2. Not done...but i'll 2nd the HS narration. Gotta tell a story with words today apparently.
  3. Not Madison....talk to the Judges. what a load of crap.
  4. Really liked the Crossmen's show!! What a sick ending!! They were better than the Academy or Madison.
  5. ok. 1st time I've seen Madision this year. to be fair, I am a Big Madison fan, so there's that. Here's what I think. 1. Now that....is a Drum Corps. Not too much narration, sorry Boston fans, hated that show, all that crap makes me tune the rest of the show out. What a show Madison. 2. Almost zero props on the field. Like that because they actually did all kinds of old school drill. However, this hurts them badly with the scores. They aren't in the same category as the rest of the Corps in that regard. 3. Classic Madison, which I love, but...the judges have seen Classic Madison one too many times. Sure, if they executed it better, they could place as high as 8th...maybe, but they don't so the score reflects. 4. Love the JCSS and Lady Gaga JUDAS mix at the end. Good stuff there. 5. I think 2 and 3 just kills them. 6. I'd love to see a good staff take over and propel them back into the top 5 again...I can dream.
  6. Did he just say World Class???
  7. DANG!! Blue Devils B are ######!! Love that Drum Solo just now
  8. If more of the big boys played....as I stated earlier...they could have their own class. Imagine 5 or 6 really good "B"/Cadet corps competing against each other. Id go see that.
  9. PC is just so ho hum for me. and they are dirty. what gives? last show of the year. no way they are beating SCVC after that performance.
  10. Thanks! Internal. Really wasn't interested in moving offices at this time. just worked out, right place, right time.
  11. Surprises me Bluecoats, Crown and especially the Cadets don't do this...would be a great way to grow Drum Corps
  12. really like SCVC...on another level. What's trippy is...alot of those kids could easily march for World Class Corps...like top 12 Corps, but they choose to march SCVC and BDb because the Org's are so good (trust me, been there). saw some kids crying at the end....good stuff there!!
  13. Spartans and Genesis were just ok for me. Its not that I don't like Amplification, per say, its just i don't think corps use it right. Like when Genesis was playing...i'm laying there on my couch, and BLAMO, this chick screams loudly...I was like, what the? No...fail. that doesn't go. so...they turned me off just from that. Legends...I liked alot. Cascades...eh. Spirit...jazzy....like that
  14. Just sitting here watching the shows man....all day plenty of time. :)