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  1. If I commit to sitting through an episode of Flo's "Taking the Field" studio show, do I receive a discount on my subscription?
  2. A smattering of belated thoughts from last night: My view was from the top row between the 45 and 50 yd lines. Legends provided a rewarding kick-off to the show. Some nice moments musically and they used the entire field. My novice companion (NC) said it best later that evening, "So what are the differences between open and world class corps? They looked like they belonged in the same class to me." I'm still struggling with the Madison Scouts show this year. As a long time fan, had it not been for the introduction and previous views, I would not have known I was watching and listening to the Scouts. It seemed like the performance was a lacking the energy I've come to expect from MS. I had hoped that yesterday's live view would erase my recent "meh" live streaming reaction to the show. That said, NC liked the "heart" theme and her 5-yr-old declared the "girl in white dress" show was her favorite and expressed her disappointment when the 4th place score was announced. Phantom didn't let me down (other than some soloist mic issues). I liked and enjoyed the show, but NC and 5-year-old were fairly neutral. Nothing stood out (good or bad) for them. Cavaliers were the favorites in my area. Became distracted for a bit with some of the tarp issues, but I was impressed with the recovery efforts. NC and 5-yr old loved the energy and the "color change". Also, the Cavies flat out know how to perform an encore. (one of my highlights of the night). Not surprisingly, the Blue Devils were the other big favorite of fans in my vicinity. I am in complete agreement with @mjoakes regarding the amplification issues. It was the one thing that kept pulling me out of a visually stunning performance and (when the amplification wasn't getting in the way) the music was awesome. For NC, Natural Woman was the highlight of the evening.
  3. 1 Bluecoats 83.850 2 Boston Crusaders 82.100 2 Carolina Crown 82.100 4 The Cadets 78.550 5 Spirit of Atlanta 71.850 6 Music City 63.150 7 Jersey Surf 56.800
  4. Please send in the Marines (Drum and Bugle Corps). posted from the DrumScorps app
  5. 1 Blue Devils 81.700 2 The Cavaliers 80.100 3 Phantom Regiment 75.250 4 Blue Stars 74.600 5 Crossmen 73.500 6 Colts 71.300 7 Madison Scouts 71.250 8 Genesis 63.300
  6. 1 Bluecoats 80.400 2 Carolina Crown 78.950 3 Boston Crusaders 77.700 4 The Cadets 76.000 5 Spirit of Atlanta 69.400
  7. 1 Santa Clara Vanguard 78.800 2 Blue Devils 78.050 3 Blue Knights 72.200 4 Mandarins 70.750 5 The Academy 68.300 6 Troopers 65.550 7 Pacific Crest 64.300
  8. Thank you for providing perspective. Sometimes it's too easy to take blessings for granted. Allow me to rephrase: I'm really looking forward to seeing Mandarins (and SCV & Bluecoats live). I'm fortunate I'll get to do so finals week.
  9. I'm really looking forward to seeing Mandarins (and SCV & Bluecoats live). Sadly, I'll have to wait till finals week.
  10. 1 Santa Clara Vanguard 77.750 2 Blue Devils 77.000 3 Blue Knights 71.050 4 Mandarins 69.700 5 The Academy 66.650 6 Troopers 64.400 7 Pacific Crest 63.050
  11. They have incredible chemistry. Like bleach and ammonia.
  12. I liked that PC was comfortable conveying the theme of the show with music and guard and didn't go "all in" with costuming.
  13. 1 Bluecoats 76.400 2 Boston Crusaders 73.800 3 The Cadets 71.400 4 Spirit of Atlanta 65.700 5 Madison Scouts 64.200 6 Pioneer 52.000
  14. Then it wasn't made by the Blue Stars.
  15. Other than listening to an encore from the dugout in old Ames Field, agreed. posted from the DrumScorps app