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  1. As a resident of the northwest side of Indy, I've been spoiled for several years by having the Troopers pre-tour move-in site located minutes away in nearby Lebanon (only a few miles north of Zionsville) coupled with the Premiere show (and finals) being held at Ben Davis HS and Lucas Oil Stadium. With the Troopers move-in returning to Wyoming this season and the Premiere show taking place in Detroit, this was a very pleasant surprise indeed.
  2. No way of knowing what lies ahead. My hope is that those who were/are victims - both directly and indirectly - are supported. Those who were responsible - both directly and indirectly - are held accountable and atone. Attitudes, behaviors, and policies continue to evolve and prioritize the safety and health of all involved in the activity. That wiser folk than I make sure these things happen. And that the last post in this thread read: "The Mass is ended; go in peace."
  3. In fairness, the vast majority of marching members were respectful and courteous. The handful who do not respond to polite "redirection" to seating areas designated for those with wristbands were definitely squeaky wheels who end up reflecting poorly on their peers. In my experience, it was adults who tried the hardest to test boundaries and acted as though they were entitled. Especially problematic were adults who would text kids and friends about "empty seats" in their sections.
  4. mrk

    Cadets 2017

    I hope @Western Burger has this for his next one-liner thread.
  5. "Some people take offense like it's a limited time offer." - Tim Fargo
  6. I appreciate your optimism and I agree. But, like so many other topics, a death certificate is not likely to spare this horse continued beatings.
  7. Following the conclusion of the Hangover Invitational - all audience members please remain in Mancave Stadium (unless you have a dedicated driver). You don't want the wrong Judges reviewing "BAC scores"
  8. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bitter, but rather I'm chuckling as I read this. As one of those volunteers, I'd be happy to forgo my UNPAID role (and pink t-shirt) and return to purchasing seats in a friends section as I had for years. You can help. Sit in the assigned seat you paid for. The funniest part of your post is the "too cheap to buy tickets to save the price of admission." I volunteered for 5 days last week. The cost of hotel rooms, travel expenses, taking time off work, etc. are more than what I would have paid for quality seats at Lucas Oil. But you're right, after not seeing a single show for the first two and a half days because of my initial assignments, when serving as an "usher" I did get to see some of the shows - from a stairwell that allowed me to see the back half of the field and the scoreboard video feed. And now back to the original question of the thread. I think I agree. There were moments in every show that I enjoyed, but there were more moments for me in the "lower ranking" shows - especially some of the ballads.
  9. "Coming up next, Dan Potter and Brandt Crocker read mean Tweets. And then, each remaining audience member will come down and introduce themselves. Followed by..."
  10. Note to self: If you want to bring the palpable energy and momentum of an evening to a screeching halt, hand out an endless number of awards for far too long while a large audience impatiently waits for final scores and an alumni corps to perform.
  11. Dan Potter the announcer = worthy Dan Potter the sideline reporter/interviewer = cringeworthy
  12. mrk

    Troopers 2017

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  13. Back at the hotel after another beautiful evening of drum corps. So many great moments with these performers, staff, and supporters. Wish I had time to share them all. Thanks to everyone for the positive posts. For those looking ahead to 2018, If you have the opportunity, it's worth the trip!
  14. It was a great afternoon/evening of drum corps. I didn't see much of what was happening on the field as my voluteer duties kept me mostly behind the scenes. It was once again a privilege to interact with these incredible open class perforners throughout the day. For those watching from home, you've seen the talent. Know that it is more than matched by politeness, passion, discipline, gratitude and all the other positive qualities that aren't directly evaluated by adjuticators. I jokingly said to one guard, "Okay. You all have to stop saying 'Thank you' because I'm going hoarse saying, 'You're welcome.' Tuesday will be even better!