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  1. Pioneer 2018

    I thought pioneers show this year was better than what I had seen from them in the past. While I only saw it on Flo marching it had a good theme it was entertaining and was not above the ability of the marchers to perform it cleanly. A great improvement from what i had seen before. In the past I had seen a Pioneer show in Atlanta where it made no sense and really made it difficult for the marchers entertain the crowd (I imagine some changes were made and it just didn't flow that time in the season). I believe that they have a policy of allowing anyone who is willing to put on time and effort march in the corps which is gives many people an opportunity to march who would not otherwise have that opportunity Which is a good thing. However I do think when you look at the corps some members are playing below their capabilities, They may be getting an better opportunity there, since they can help the others and get some teaching and leadership experience in.I do think it is difficult to find a drill that facilitates members at such different levels. I think good financial policies are a good thing, however a few years back I was in a parking lot when Pioneer drove in with 30 year old buses and 70 year old drivers, I understand saving money but after seeing that I would have some concerns about the members safety. (They may have gotten better buses since then).
  2. What?

    Thank you for posting this. I often think it seems kinda petty worrying that one corps may not be at a show, and here in NC we are glad to see anyone in a show nearby. However I remember when I lived in MD and had to work all the time and had to make a plan to see one or two shows largely based on who would be there, if I could get in 2 shows I wanted to see as many different corps as possible. I am glad that people know that they were not being slighted by one corps and that another crowd was able to enjoy a show because of your decision to go to Williamsport.
  3. Death to the Seat Poachers

    Last year in Altanta at the Georgia Dome My Girl Friend left to use the rest room and get a drink after the final intermission and a corps member from a corps that had performed earlier squeezed by me and just plopped himself into her seat next to me. He left when I said hey someone is sitting there, but I couldn't believe he just plopped didn't say anything like he had sitting there all day. I understand when someone with not so great seats wants to see their kid who is in a lesser corps, and even filling the stands to support the lesser corps, but that one persons attitude gave me a dislike for the seat poachers.
  4. Carolina Gold ?

    I went to Crowns show in Winston Salem a few weeks ago, It was packed over 10,000 filling the stands. I thought to myself what if DCA had caught on in NC back a decade ago. Back then there were 2 Florida Corps, Alliance and CV going strong in ATL there was a Nashville Corps Could having a full DCA champs there have revitalized DCA South. I was in Iraq at the time perfecting my waterboarding techniques so that I would be able to deal with folks on DCP a decade later so I didn't go nor really talk to any principals involved with that show. However at that same time there were several strong corps in Upstate NY The Crusaders, Empire Statesman, and the Brigadiers., at least 16 of the past 20 DCA Championships have been held in Upstate NY and it didn't save those corps or make many new one flourish. Having champships held there may have helped White Sabres, but no huge movement of New York Corps happened because all of DCA came to NY for Labor day weekend. I think maybe the stadium in WS was too big for DCA, 5,000 in attendance would have a half empty stadium. From what I heard from people who were there it rained that weekend and it dampened peoples spirits and that may have affected attendance. Also it was a July show, and you can't really compare mid season turnout to what would would happen a championships. I know I am kinda random here but thoughts are coming in a weird order. When I was watching practices in Winston Salem most of the corps were practicing on baseball fields with lines drawn on them by the corps. I spoke to two of the band directors from the schools being used and they said they had to fight hard to allow the corps to use their schools at all for fear of a football field being damaged in late July. Fortunately there was pressure from the tourist people and school board that let them use the schools. If it took a lot of work to secure practice sites late July for one morning of practice I imagine it would be majorly difficult to secure practice facilities after school has begun and once football is in season and actually needs fields to use. 3 days of using a practice field would probably drive the Football coaches nuts and the band directors said they drive the train in that area. One good thing is that Gold after taking a year off after that experiment got back on its feet, managed to win a class A title a few years later and hosted 2 greatly scaled back DCA shows in NC.
  5. If you just signed up this week you will get DCA in your month. So you could go to the DCA forums and complain about the shows. I am sure they need more folks to say that aint Drum corps. Then when Cadets 2 come on you can join in with a whole different group of Hop bashers. You may even get to see some people who didn't get to do DCI put their best effort out on the field to entertain the crowd, I am pretty sure there will be some bad camera work to complain about also, though the connection speeds will probably be much better since there will be a lot less people watching.
  6. Do we have a bottle dance coming up ?
  7. Finally we will get to see battery Marching cymbals, I think we have waited about 2 hours to see more cymbals.
  8. I actually like bloos show good high energy groove. But the old school in me cringes when I see the speakers on the field.
  9. Flo did a much better job with Cadets than in Allentown. Cameras caught much more of the shows feel
  10. I am liking this Cadets show more each time I see it
  11. They figured out that SCV percussions we secret is in the cymbals
  12. I have to look at Guardians from Texas, It was founded a few years ago by some 18 and 19 year olds, I think the director is 23 now. I didn't care for their show but they had no problem getting 150 kids to pay money and perform with them. I think the real issue with old school corps is finding kids who want to do it. It would almost be like doing civil war re-enactments of how things used to be. I hate that it is no longer someone, a veteran or a priest taking a bunch of teenagers off the street, teaching thenm something musically and giving them a competivie drive to beat teh kids from the town next door. BUt that phase of corps is gone and I don't think it will ever come back,
  13. Carolina Gold ?

    Back in Jan when things were being planned Gold probably thought they would have a chance at DCI SouthEast,, and they had planned doing Alliances DCA show. They still did the DCI/DCA Show in the ATL area. So they thought 3 ATL shows maybe, going to Southern SHowdown would have been 4 trips to ATL which is only slightly shorter trip than going to Reading. The MD show was less travel than going to ATL. Not knocking CVs show, I know that they have put a lot into making a good show happen in the south for many years, but the Reading show will have a much larger crowd to perform in front of. Also it helps them get acclimated for Rochester Weather.
  14. If you go on you tube and see Company 4 years ago This show is more traditional than what they were doing in DCE then