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  1. totaleefree

    Cadets 2018

    Cavies had a virus sweep through the corps 2 weeks before finals in 2015, and they never fully recovered . That 9th place finish was an outlier result of sickness not the talent level of the corps.
  2. totaleefree

    who's going to the first

    There are several shows with 3, 2 or 1 corps I am sure any of those shows would welcome them if they don't mind a longer drive.
  3. totaleefree

    Isreali Day Parade& DCA

    C2 wearing the black uniforms ? I was expecting that 2 years ago but looks like that may be their look for this year.
  4. I think this was a necessary development. Now the allegations will be investigated and the accusations can be proven or disproved. I think lots of people didn't like GH and almost everyone agrees it was time for him to go. What happens if the prosecutors decide that there isn't enough there to warrant spending taxpayer funds to take this to trial. Or what if it goes to trial and they fail to get a conviction? I think the prosecutors will have a tough time with this case . If it goes through and into trial this will keep YEA in the news for a long time. I have no clue what the effect would be on YEA if GH were found innocent or gets a hung jury in a trial. Could he go after the board for wrongful termination since they undid his resignation? If the accusations can be proven then the law will punish the perpetrator. Basically I am saying this is just a preamble to a long probably painful process for all involved.
  5. totaleefree

    2018 HYPE

    Not a show but something that will definitely be appreciated for those who make a full day of Atlanta
  6. totaleefree

    2018 Blue Stars

    I guess they will have to have a Female set drummer who sings to make it carpenter esque
  7. totaleefree

    Membership Recruiting Issues

    Well we know the Answer to that is No, But maybe open finals. Best luck to your section this year in Open Class
  8. totaleefree

    Other than Chops
  9. totaleefree

    2018 HYPE

    The acoustics at the new Mercedes Benz stadium will be so awesome that all the top corps will be so in awe of the sound they will freeze, and forget half of their show. Spirit of Atlanta with huge crowd backing will surprise everyone with an amazing upset win.
  10. totaleefree

    DCA & BOX5 Media Strike Deal For 2018

    I had just signed up for a year of flo marching to see WGI less than a week before this was released : (
  11. totaleefree

    Who are the 3 newcorps coming into DCA

    There will be a new Open Class corps. CHops has declared that they will go open class in 2018. Good to see them growing and want to wish them the best of luck.
  12. totaleefree

    Who are the 3 newcorps coming into DCA

    Cadence from UK is coming I just reread the president's letter and he says 3 brand new, So Cadence is not one of the 3. but I am still glad that they are coming over.
  13. totaleefree


    Had a conversation a while back with someone who made some money decisions for a corps that was geographically separated from the NE. He said they had a show they did several time sin NJ or PA the crowd loved them and the corps enjoyed the event, and they felt welcome there. It was more than an 8 hour bus ride. The corps was small the first time they did the trip but eventually got to the point that they needed 3 buses. That year there was a surge in gas prices and 2k was added to the corps cost , the event host still only paid what they had paid the corps when it was smaller, (even if they had paid more it would not have come close to covering what the corps bus rental cost was) then the housing site the corps used decided to charge the corps to stay there. When they looked at the books in order for the corps to come to the show he would have had to pass around a hat and ask every member to contribute $25 more than what had been budgeted in their dues. They had a choice either pay an extra $25 spend 16 hours of travel time and get maybe 5 hours of practice in , and a score and critic for a weekend that started at noon on Friday or they could stay home get in 30 hours of practice and refund $100 dollars to each member of the corps. I am not sure if this exact same thing happened to MBI, not sure if they ever came to the NE before finals, but look at how many other out of region corps come to early season now and you can guess what choice that corps made. The contest would have been a 6 corps show, so that 6th corps was not really needed and it did fine as a 5 corps show, The show host could never make a profit paying the corps what it cost to bus a corps from far away up there and a corps that is not really known in the NE that doesn't have a large fan base there will not draw the extra 1000 fans needed to pay that cost. No one is out to be unfair to anyone and the sponsors do what they can to help out distant corps , but geography is very tough on DCA corps traveling long distances for 1 show.
  14. Deleted, posted a link that did not work I guess the source is copyright protected
  15. totaleefree


    Last year Maryland passed a law so that school would not start until after Labor Day. The Governor who proposed and pushed that bill through is one of the most popular in the US right now. It will be interesting to see if this has helped the corps that traditionaly recruit from MD, (C2, Caballeros, Bucs, Fusion) . Maybe other states will see how this worked and pass similar laws in their states.