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  1. Moving to a top 4 corp

    I have to agree BD will be in the top 4, 6 other corps have a legit shot at top 4 spots.
  2. Cadence Makes Its DCA Debut In 2018

    This is a good reason for people to come early to Prelims. Without wishing any thing bad for the other class A corps hopefully they will make finals. However there is a chance they might not make finals and they might opt not to do an exhibition at finals. I was glad I came early to Annapolis to catch Heartliner.
  3. DCA DCI how many DCA corps?

    In the Northeast where there is a DCA show pretty much every weekend over the summer I am pretty sure no DCA corps will compete in an all age DCI category. C2 does exhibitions at yea shows and DCI East, and other corps do exhibitions. But a DCA corps on a tuesday night is usually not a good indication of what that corps is normallu like.They do have DCI/DCA shows but they are judged on different score sheets. Out of theNortheast it is different and for geography reasons . DCA corps compete in all age DCI on DCI scoresheets judged by DCI judges. However getting DCI scores does not help DCA corps since DCA looks for other things, though the judges comments may help a corps improve its performance for DCA. I know that in the south DCA corps joined with DCI open class for some shows and used DCI judges basically because it would cost a lot of money to bring in DCA judges. I know that Carolina GOld, CV, Alliance usually competed for a score at DCI south in all age catagory. I think that MBI and Kilties have competed and been scoredat DCI Minnesota.
  4. All time shows: Pioneer

    The first DCI Corps I saw was Pioneer. It was in Northern VA in1978 or79 and it rained so they did an exhibition in a gym. They were small I think 4 snares and 25 horns or so. I thought they were pretty good, However Madison, the Crossmen and BLues Stars came after them then I realized they were not a top corps. I have seen them 5 times since then And I liked last years show Les Mis. It was not overly complicated, had a good flow and the corps could handle it and concentrate on performing it.
  5. Sign the Petition

    So lets start a new petition for DCI to legislate that corps hire safe bus drivers and van drivers. I am sure that if we don't do this corps will go out and look for unsafe drivers with DUI and bad driving records. And DCI needs more pages in its rule book, I am sure corps do not have their own policies in place and Dan Acheson needs a petition to bring more restrictions on the corps. Parents who were ready to pay money for their kids to have a good summer learning experience will have second thoughts, they thought DCI was safe, but now after seeing this petition they may feel that their kids are unsafe on Corps busses. This may make it easier for some kids to join corps if those parents have second thoughts. Of course anyone who is opposed to signing this petition obviously doesn't care about safety and we can accuse them of wanting accidents to happen and of being against bus safety. Obviously anyone who would not sign this would be anti- safety and pro drunk driving while transporting kids so everyone should sign this.
  6. Sign the Petition

    I substitute teach at one of my local High Schools from time to time. Sometimes when there is time at the end of the class we discuss what people are doing after school or around town. When the kids talk about band I usually encourage them to look into Drum Corps if they want to challenge themselves. Earlier this week I asked a girl if she knew about Drum Corps auditions. She said well what about all the harassment and stuff going on in drum corps. She seemed to think that going to auditions would be like going to a casting call with Harvey Weinstein. My experience is 30 years ago and I can't remember anything like that going on, but standards were different then. If there is a legitimate issue with this I hope that the corps address it. But the effect of this on here and on other places in keeping with the national conversation is that kids and parent who get online to find out about corps and how to join them and get some info, wind up reading these petition and their first exposure to DCI is that Sexual Harassment is a serious problem within DCI. I could be wrong but in my experience most of the corps have done a good job keeping their staffs from doing this. Without knowing about specific issues I think that posting these things in public forums to be with the current issue that is in other news leads people to believe that this is a bigger problem than it really is and could make it harder for parents to send their kids to corps who have never had these issues, but because of petitions and other things like this are led to believe that DCI corps have never addressed these problems.
  7. It is with great regret that we announce today that Drum Corps Europe will terminate all its current activities effective immediately, including DCE Championships, the DMG/DCN competition and Indoor Music Games. This is not a decision that has been made lightly. In the last couple of weeks before and after our very successful DCE Championships the board has had a lot of discussions about the future of DCE. This year was the last year of a multiannual contract with the Parkstad Limburg Stadium. The contract needs to be renewed, and it is also a year in which we needed to make decisions on several new investments. The question for the DCE board to ask is how we can keep the foundation healthy (in regard to the organisation and the finances) in the short and long term. Also, in the light of the decreasing number of corps. We have great volunteers and judges who are prepared to spend a lot of their free time to support the events and continue to develop and educate themselves. The staff, judging team and board of DCE consists of volunteers only. In the last couple of years we have seen people leave, and we couldn’t find suitable candidates for a management functions, despite various attempts. For the three remaining board members, the time has come to take a step back. Changes in our personal lives mean we can’t spend as much time as we would like to on the activity, and as much time as is needed. We noticed that sometimes we were delivering half a job, and even worse, we weren’t developing the future of the activity. Of course we have considered continuing the current path for another year or two, but finally agreed that stopping at a height is better than having to stop because there is nothing left. We see that there is still enough potential to build a future with new initiatives. Based on this I think the Volunteers who ran it got burned out, and they could not find anyone to volunteer to take over important staff jobs.
  8. I wonder if Annapolis has made another bid since then. I know they had a conflict with a football game for the year after their 2 year gig. Was the attendance good ? did DCA have the wanted economic impact in the area? Seems based on our very limited poll Annapolis should be vying to host again.
  9. 2017 DCA Finals

    maybe 5 years ago there were quite a few Kilties and MBI people on here, don't know what happened to them I guess they just got worn down. And the main score tracking colunm is usually updated by someone from Chops. The DCA community on here is pretty small so 2 or 3 people leaving may change the balance of folks here, Now the DCA judging box may be a little different, but that is a result of tradition and where most of the corps and shows are and I have heard of attempts to create more geographic diversity with the judges.
  10. Had to post this to go with this discussion Drum Corps International Published on Sep 6, 2017 SUBSCRIBE 78KSUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBED UNSUBSCRIBE From the very first audition camp to the last show of the season, drum corps staff members invest every ounce of their lives and souls into elevating the level of music making and athleticism of the members of their corps. With that very special connection and vantage point to witness those students achieving their ultimate performances, it’s no surprise that corps staff members are also some of their most ardent cheerleaders, as seen here during the DCI World Championships Finals in Indianapolis.
  11. 2017 DCA Finals

    Getting older I can understand that completely, old knees can do a few hours of running around a field, not 20 plus hours over a weekend. I have heard several people say that they would do it if they didn't have to beat up their knees practicing all summer. However I think the mms who practice hard all summer might have issues with a part time member of a Part time corps. I wonder if most of the last minute additions pay their full dues or if they just comp them to fill the ranks and make the corps as a whole better? Then you wonder if someone might be on the fence and just waiting for an emergency last minute call so they can march without paying dues.
  12. 2017 DCA Finals

    yes after that show I can forgive them for forsaking the bull call and not wearing the traditional uniform for 2 straight years
  13. 2017 DCA Finals

    I listened to George Hopkins ranting on facebook this morning. Anyway he says that this is a crowd that really appreciates this show. The kids in in corps don't know the history but the DCA crowd does.
  14. 2017 DCA Finals

    You will see some all age with CV when they come on
  15. 2017 DCA Finals

    Well flo worked great for the commercial then official pause