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  1. fatbrassboy

    Phantom Regiment 2018

    The thug life?
  2. fatbrassboy

    Phantom Regiment 2018

    Peripheral vision was never an issue with the helmets. We could see just fine, even though it looked like we couldn't see at all.
  3. And didn't they also fail in not reporting this to DCI in January? If so, will DCI kick them to the curb for not following policy?
  4. You are right! Make that '81 or '82. I marched it!
  5. They won't be anywhere near the 41,000 in the stands at finals in Montreal in '83. They may make records for Lucas Oil, though.
  6. Well, I think someone else 'can' do them, but it's just not written into their book. Remember 10 of the BD horns are PR alums.
  7. Unison flag work is actually much harder to do than some of the other things seen on the field these days. Ask any guard person! Way to go, PR!
  8. fatbrassboy

    TOC - Broken Arrow, OK - July 18

    Quitest in DeKalb as well.
  9. fatbrassboy

    Phantom Regiment 2017

    I've thought the same thing about the low brass this year. Definitely not as strong as PR usually is. It would be awesome if they could get a professional like Robert Nunez, Regiment alum. He the the principal tuba players for the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra in NOLA and works with the Stars low brass. He's got the reputation of being an amazing teacher.
  10. PR is management issue and they don't have deep pockets. They have so many wealthy alumni that would donate big time if they hadn't been offended or turned away in the past. It's too bad. At least they are finally trying to get alumni involved, but it may be too late. Stability now!
  11. fatbrassboy

    Any DCI Parent ever have a convo like this?

    You parents have it good these days with cell phones. We would go on tour for weeks and have no contact with home. If you wanted to call home on a free day, you'd have to wait in the loooong line for a pay phone!
  12. fatbrassboy

    Any DCI Parent ever have a convo like this?

    He was a good sport! "Back in the day", we didn't have air mattresses and slept on the gym floor for years!
  13. When I marched PR in the 80's, we knew how to play Madison's "You'll Never Walk Alone". It was a good song to practice and we played it with them a few times. I would imagine it's the same for SCV.
  14. http://regiment.org/can-you-make-dinner-for-us-tonight/
  15. THIS would be a wonderful way to show your love for the corps: http://regiment.org/can-you-make-dinner-for-us-tonight/ Let's flood them with funds to show our love and give a boost to the staff, volunteers and marching members.