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  1. All time shows: Troopers

    The crowd in Indy thought they had made finals too when scores were first announced and it wasn’t until scores were posted that we saw Blue Stars had returned to finals.
  2. All time shows: Troopers

    For Troopers: 1976, not their greatest year since they fell from the top 12 for the first time (would have been 1975 if not for Muchachos disqualification), but it was the first time I saw them live. 1985, a very good year for the corps. 2013, thought it might be a return to finals. 2016, had an amazing semi’s performance. I’m a BAC fan and sat with lots of Madison folks. Lots of nervous folks.
  3. Boston Crusaders 2018

    With the Nor’easter we had these past few days, if they held a winter camp this weekend near the Massachusetts Coast, their rehearsal might be underwater!
  4. My guess is they are referring to Kilties who went coed in 1978 and that was 40 years ago. However if you look at the historic threads or can find a 1979 DCI yearbook, the disastrous off season after 1978 where snowstorms reduced practice times and Kiltie Hall’s roof collapse had more to do with their loss of competitive edge in 1979 than admitting women, and they never quite recovered. Of course with all this, I will defer to any Kilties if I am mistaken. Whether Madison or Cavies admits women is up to the corps. As long as it based on recruiting the best talent, that should work. If they want to recruit women because they believe it is fair, that should work. It could be more problematic if either corps recruit women only because they cannot get enough male members.
  5. Madison got its start as a Boy Scout Troop, and some years went by Madison Explorer Scouts, Explorers have allowed young women for years, and Boy Scouts now allows girls to join (it is a council by council decision, is still being implemented, and some councils may choose to continue to be boys only), would Madison cease being Madison if young women were to join their ranks? Depends on whether the tradition is based on the Scouting which came first, or the all male that continued after the corps was no longer affiliated with Scouting. Personally, I have no problem with Madison or Cavies being all male. I know the strong sense of brotherhood is important for Madison alums and I know it is still important for some marching members today. For me, Madison Scouts ceases to be Madison, or at least does feel like Madison when that classic Madison sound is missing. As much as I enjoyed 2011, 2013, and 2015, they were not perfect Madison shows, but each had that Madison spark and sound people love. That’s what I’d love to see, in a way that is relevant and competitive, not a small challenge.
  6. Lots of corps have “featured performers” whether they are named this or not. The vocalists who are not drummers, in the pit, or play a brass instrument, color guard members who have more prominent role, etc. They are still counted as members as far as DCI is concerned, regardless how the corps classifies them. I recall this issue coming up in 2015 when Blue Devils has the young girl appear at the end of the show. There were questions as to whether a marching member was not used so she could be part of the show.
  7. The Facebook announcement said “featuring” which would make me think she will be used much the same way a young woman was used in “Carmen.” Perhaps this is a step towards going coed, but it may be just a one year choice.
  8. The word synergy has been used and maybe even overused by educators, business leaders, motivational speakers, etc., and fifteen years ago, I probably used it too much too. I believe the origins of the word becoming popular is from the business world. Synergy is bringing everyone together, combining efforts, recognizing both the whole and the sum of the parts. It’s a mindset more than anything else. Boston Crusaders is trying to not just move up in placement, but create a new approach while being true to its tradition. If synergy and production camp best describe what is happening, fine.
  9. I think Don Warren looks like he’d be a good fit for a Mount Rushmore depiction. George Bonfiglio too, after all he gave Zingali his start. Since Michael Boo can settle all our disputes, he should be depicted.
  10. I think DCI learned that it is important to get its message out first, and if DCI does not, it will get out by other means. This year’s proposals is an excellent example, as compared to past issues which did not seem to be released in a timely manner, and caused controversy. I also agree with you regarding social media. Many corps are using it effectively. I think Crown was the pioneer in this regard, or at least it seemed to me Crown used Facebook to interact with supporters more than other corps though it didn’t take long for others to follow their lead. Many threads in the off season are just to fill time while we wait, and there can be some interesting discussions, though some are silly. However, from May until September, if I don’t check DCP, I feel i’m missing something. From November till April, I may check DCP, but it’s more a habit. Regarding the thread in question, it is not just an off season problem. I find in the summer it’s worse. There is infighting among supporters which can resemble a family feud, detractors who cannot wait to take pop shots, and if you try and be objective, which may be positive but can also be critical, you can never be certain of the reaction. Maybe it’s a Northeast problem. Many of the supporters of the corps in question are from Yankee country, the detractors from Red Sox Nation, and the discussions are like the sports radio talk shows.
  11. This year this seems to be primarily a Cadets thread issue, at least right now. Last year we saw it in Madison, Crown, and BAC’s thread too, but not so much this year, but one staff change or questionable decision by any corps could change everything. The personal swipes in the Cadets thread are getting way out of line and to me at least, a good number of comments are not supporting an activity we love. The solution is staying objective, not reacting to outrageous comments better left ignored, and steering clear of personal feuds that have nothing to do with the topic. As the season approaches, more people will be posting, and that could defuse the situation.
  12. Cadets 2018

    For those of you who know me, at least from my posts, I usually do not mind Jesus being inserted anywhere, but last year's show would be the exception. At first I thought the young man was depicting John the Baptist because there is a famous statue of John the Baptist that actually resembled the young man and John the Baptist holds a similar staff in his hand. Perhaps I should not be too critical of Jesus dancing. Over the years I have done many Christmas pageants, Passion Plays, and dramatic presentations of the Gospels, and when I've included the Wedding Feast of Cana, Jesus dances, and he's danced at the home of a tax collector, but he's dressed like a Jewish person from Nazareth, does a basic dance, and no back flips! Also, the plays involve children and Jesus is probably about twelve years old, so it's not controversial. I do agree that last year, less could have been more for the Cadets. However, they are not the first corps that has added more when cleaning and paring down should take place, and sometimes adding rather than paring and cleaning has worked. It all depends on the other corps who place ahead and last year four of the corps that placed higher than Cadets had rather extravagant shows that clicked with audiences and judges and while two were not as ornate as some of their shows have been in the past, were in general well received by fans and judges. While 7th place was a disappointment for Cadets, the competition was stiffer. Jeff Ream has suggested something I agree with--the playing field is different. When I first followed drum corps, it was said competition could be divided into three groups: 1-4 who were competing for the title, 5-9 who were shoe-in finalists, 10-12 who competed just to make finals. 10-12 changed to where maybe one spot would be open for finals. Last year the top eight were fiercely competitive and for next year, who knows what Blue Stars, Phantom, Crossmen, and Madison will bring to the table. I think for any corps to succeed, knowing the realities of the competitive landscape will be crucial.
  13. Cadets 2018

    If the corps meets in Allentown and travels to the West Coast by bus, that would be a huge expense. If the marching members fly themselves to California and early season camps are held in the West, that saves the Cadets a huge chunk of change. I seem to recall that this is what Boston Crusaders did in 2012 and I think Crown did the same in 2013. Cadets may have to pay for staff to travel, and they would have to pay to get the equipment, busses, trucks, etc. out West, and more gas may be used to go from West to East, but it is doable if it was budgeted. Also, development/advancement/fund-raising (not sure which term Cadets uses) would be key. In 2011 at East Coast Classic, it was announced that Boston Crusaders would be traveling to California because Blue Devils and SCV traveled to the Boston area to be in a BAC show, and it was hoped donors might help. I have not seen any financial appeals for Cadets recently (the past six months), but I would find it surprising if Cadets has not made an appeal, if not to all those in their mailing list, at least to those they approach privately, to help defray the costs of a West Coast trip.
  14. Cadets 2018

    On the one hand, I do not think that saying an opinion is too broad is dismissing the original person's post, but if I had realized it was a first time poster, I probably would have let it slide. I don't think Eleran's comment was too over the top either. My guess is what Yoofman meant to say is that most kids are fine with the type of uniform worn today and do not want to go back to yesteryear's uniforms and I'm sure that is accurate. However, as I read my comment again, I saw I'm guilty of making a broad statement too. "Most of us who sit in the stands....." I've never taken a survey of people in the stands who may have overheard these kinds of comments, nor have I polled people on DCP. I used a broad statement to refute a broad statement.
  15. Cadets 2018

    A bit of a broad statement, probably true in many cases, especially if it is your corps' uniform. However most of us who have sat in the stands and overhear conversations by "the youth of the activity," have heard less than flattering comments about other corps' uniforms from members who have already performed. That being said, uniform changes have always been controversial. I do believe some of the tighter fitting uniforms we see today do not flatter heavy set young people and at a time when body issues can be a serious matter, this should be taken into consideration.
  16. Broadway World and Playbill do not list West Side Story as one of Rita Moreno's credits. She is listed for a minor role in Skydrift in the 1940's but the next credit is the Sign in Sidney Brustein's Window in 1964.
  17. News from Allentown

    I try to schedule my vacation so I can hit both Allentown and Indy. While I enjoy the momentum of Indy, Allentown has a charm about it. I love that it is held at an outdoor stadium and it has a timeless feel. I also enjoy side trips on Saturday: Amish Country, Hershey Park, Dorney Park, Roadside America, are reasonably easy day trips if you get up early and have tickets for the Saturday night show in advance. I've also stopped at interesting places while stopping at rehearsal sights.
  18. Cadets 2018

    First place is great, and I was surprised that Cadets did not win at least one show this past year. However, hearing you have won first place is a great boost, no question, but if you go back DCX and look at scores for 1980, Cadets did win a first place in a contest, but the corps below them were not finalists and Garfield did not place higher than any finalist of 1980 until prelims in Birmingham. I believe they did not place higher than Blue Stars and Troopers, finalists in 1979 until prelims. So who is in the competition is critical. Also, I am not sure I would consider 1979 a bad era for the corps. Sure, they would have loved to have made finals, but they were audience sweethearts, many thought they were unfairly judged and penalized, and they were an example of survival. Though I can't recall hearing it at the time, some DCP posters have said things were so challenging in 1980 the corps survival was in question, but there were some folks with vision at that time too.
  19. Troopers New Tour Manager

    Unless you are the director of the Troopers, a member of the board, a marching member, or a parent, perhaps an alum, it's not really your concern. If criminal wrong doing is involved or the appropriateness of being around young people is an issue, that's a different matter.
  20. News from Allentown

    I don't find parking a problem in Allentown. Usually I park in the lot of a local florist near Yocco's and the Sunoco gas station. It's $5 on Friday and $10 on Saturday. There is also ample street parking if you don't mind a walk. Traffic leaving is another story.
  21. Sign the Petition

    This is no surprise given the current climate and while it would come to the attention of the folks in Indy from the corps directors, it would not surprise me if parents and marching members themselves are pushing this issue with the corps. My understanding from people I know in higher education is that college students are demanding clear guidelines about what happens when sexual assault takes place and what the consequences will be.
  22. Sign the Petition

    That could be true, but if a state does not have mandatory sentencing laws or guidelines for sentencing, a judge does have a good deal of discretion. In my state (Massachusetts), the role of the person In a young person's life can play a role in sentencing. If you are a teacher, member of the clergy, coach, or youth worker and you are found guilty, you may receive a longer sentence than someone not associated with youth, and it will be to set an example. One judge who was known for giving lenient sentences in serious cases presided over one of the state's most notorious cases which involved a huge number of charges of sexual assault of a minor and multiple counts of possession of child pornography. He gave a sentence that far exceeded what prosecutors asked and his reason was to send a message since this man worked for a local public school system, the Catholic Church, the Boy Scouts, and Boys and Girls Club and volunteered with local youth sports programs. This took place over twenty years ago, so it's not in reaction to #metoo or #timesup.
  23. News from Allentown

    I just learned that the Best Western in Quakertown has closed permanently. I've stayed there in the past, and usually the place is filled with people who attend the Allentown shows.
  24. News from Allentown

    Good to know. I usually stay in Quakertown and book as soon as I know that I'll be able to go to Allentown, but in 2013 I did not know for certain until late June and finding a room was challenging. So if you think you'll be in Allentown, book now.
  25. It is a bit ironic that Kiri the Kanawa, a New Zealander and Dame of the British Empire sang the role of the Latina Maria and the very Spanish Jose Carreras sang the role of the Polish American Tony. I do agree that when you listen to that recording, you can't critique the performances, but somehow it doesn't feel right.