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  1. drumcorpsfever

    YEA Board of Directors

    I could care less if the so-called accusation happened 10 years ago or not. It’s a matter of how one is wired to respond to such things. If true, it was handled poorly 10 years ago and would be handled poorly today. Organizations need to hold all accountable - escpeciallly the leaders they choose to head their organizations. Time does not heal all wounds.
  2. Just realized my posting was old news. Nm
  3. http://www.philly.com/philly/news/drum-and-bugle-corps-sexual-assault-harassment-george-hopkins-share-story-20180409.html It seems as though any time someone attempts to open a dedicated discussion thread on abuse in the activity not directly involving The Cadets, YEA, or George Hopkins, that there is a reluctance to offer a forum for which others to express their personal experiences. I understand that DCP is not exactly an open forum for any topic that anyone wishes to engage. It is, in fact, bound by community rules and those in power to regulate discussion. However, it is somewhat symptomatic of an insular activity, with a limited and passionate membership and following, that encourages many to drink the koolaid and see nothing... say nothing,... do nothing. Sometimes, encouraging someone to talk to a “trusted advisor, parent, clergy...” falls on deaf ears and has become somewhat scripted in our typical response. It’s similar to “hopes and prayers.” It’s nice to say, but what are we really doing about it? Thankfully other forums have already begun to act as a conduit for those who seek help, or simply a means to share their stories. Some of those forums have begun by the corps themselves. So, in the end, some good will come out of all of this.
  4. http://www.mcall.com/news/breaking/mc-nws-yea-issues-second-george-hopkins-statement-cadets-sex-misconduct-20180409-story,amp.html
  5. drumcorpsfever

    Full-field tarp?

    Where was this in 2012 for The Cadets? Would have been great for the Christmas Show! Let is snow, let it snow, let snow!
  6. drumcorpsfever

    Carolina Crown 2018

    Here she is! https://imgur.com/a/cLq5P
  7. drumcorpsfever

    Music City Approved For DCI World Class

    Congratulations, MCDC! Been waiting for this one for some time now. This corps is poised to make a quick jump as a finalist contender. Way to go!
  8. drumcorpsfever

    Japanese all girls marching band

    Wow! Best show of 2017!
  9. drumcorpsfever

    Question about college?

    They'll figure it out. Both are big commitments (not to mention college!) and best to let them make up their own mind. I'm sure both things can be accomplished. Many kids that have done it all. It's just a matter of what they truly want to do.
  10. This one hasn't been in a while. The fanfare potion is incredible! This was featured in Family Guy! (By the way, some incredible music from FG! You coulld do an entire show(s) on some the great FG tunes!
  11. drumcorpsfever

    Carolina Crown 2018

    All quiet from CC after Labor Day. That's a great sign for the season to come!
  12. drumcorpsfever

    Carolina Crown 2018

    Perhaps this? http://www.flomarching.com/video/1243110-carolina-crown-on-the-road-again?utm_campaign=Films&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=Newsletter&utm_content=video&utm_term=OnTheRoad&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTUdReE1EaGlZek5tTldNNCIsInQiOiJuYzkyalJnQ1wvM2xZbTAxSEcyS004a0xOZ1pIME5ha3ByXC94c0V4RldiM0R3VEdsTXNGWld4c0JHS2pUWHJndHNEaHNmMW9BZUhrV3ZcLzhyU2d5QnRBYWhPQ3g4ZzZJVHdyMkhcL3FjMGEzQWRLXC9UbDYrQXFsXC9BXC95ell5NkZoazMifQ%3D%3D#.WacJpUEpCaM
  13. drumcorpsfever

    Phantom Regiment 2018

    Good move!
  14. I prefer Crown's version of Bumblebee over BD's this year. Crown, however, just played this for fun - not in their show.
  15. Which corps? I'll pick Crown!