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  1. Japanese all girls marching band

    Wow! Best show of 2017!
  2. Question about college?

    They'll figure it out. Both are big commitments (not to mention college!) and best to let them make up their own mind. I'm sure both things can be accomplished. Many kids that have done it all. It's just a matter of what they truly want to do.
  3. This one hasn't been in a while. The fanfare potion is incredible! This was featured in Family Guy! (By the way, some incredible music from FG! You coulld do an entire show(s) on some the great FG tunes!
  4. Carolina Crown 2018

    All quiet from CC after Labor Day. That's a great sign for the season to come!
  5. Carolina Crown 2018

    Perhaps this? http://www.flomarching.com/video/1243110-carolina-crown-on-the-road-again?utm_campaign=Films&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=Newsletter&utm_content=video&utm_term=OnTheRoad&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTUdReE1EaGlZek5tTldNNCIsInQiOiJuYzkyalJnQ1wvM2xZbTAxSEcyS004a0xOZ1pIME5ha3ByXC94c0V4RldiM0R3VEdsTXNGWld4c0JHS2pUWHJndHNEaHNmMW9BZUhrV3ZcLzhyU2d5QnRBYWhPQ3g4ZzZJVHdyMkhcL3FjMGEzQWRLXC9UbDYrQXFsXC9BXC95ell5NkZoazMifQ%3D%3D#.WacJpUEpCaM
  6. Phantom Regiment 2018

    Good move!
  7. I prefer Crown's version of Bumblebee over BD's this year. Crown, however, just played this for fun - not in their show.
  8. Which corps? I'll pick Crown!
  9. What is this???? Leaving? Who's leaving? What rumor?
  10. Oh hello new DCP makeover!

    I would have reacted positively to your post but I guess we can't react the big shots on DCP anymore? Seriously, though, the changes you've made. DCP provides endless enjoyment. One of my top website visits on any given day. Thanks for all you do!
  11. The Legends REALLY Need Our Help!!!

    In case some of you may have missed this one (I found this in the OC thread for Legends), here's a nice book end to the fund raising drive: http://www.wzzm13.com/life/one-good-thing/one-good-thing-legends-drum-bugle-corps/459501674
  12. 2017 Music City Continues To Improve

    Hats off to MCDC. Best year yet and my favorite OC show this year. Keep up the great work. No doubt 2018 looks promising for you!
  13. New Mercedes Benz (ATL) Stadium

    Atlanta in late July, outdoors? Many corps would be performing under the hot sun. Spectators sitting through the heat? Dealing with Mother Nature? One of the things as a fan I love the most about large shows at a dome is I can plan for the long trip, get my tickets early - all without any chance of poor weather. Nothing better the LOS, 72 degrees, perfect indoor weather!
  14. Oh hello new DCP makeover!

    C'mon CBD, it's Drum Corp Planet, not Drum Corps (on a) Platter! LOL Guess we'll just have to figure them out for ourselves. -please be sure to "react" to my post. I react to get as many reacts as I can. PS - I react your post!
  15. Cadets 2018

    Ok. Now I'm going to have to watch the movie.