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    Sacred Heart Crusaders (Manville, NJ) 1971-1976; Long Island Sunrisers 1977-1982; Westshoremen Alumni 2005-07, 2012-16. PA announcer at various drum corps and band shows, including DCA Championships, since 1983.
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    1977. A magical year for the Sunrisers. The corps' first DCA title.
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  1. Fran Haring

    Cadets 2018

    Fat keyboard fingers. Oops. Move along... nothing to see here....LOL
  2. Fran Haring

    Cadets 2018

    "For Holy Shall Not Be Named Shall Always Be"
  3. Fran Haring

    Cadets 2018

    One of the keys, for sure. It sucks to lose any corps.... but if a corps like Buccaneers, Cadets2, Caballeros went under.... that would be huge. Just my opinion. Gotta go... I think I hear someone warming up the "report" button.
  4. A question about how corps are judged out of the gate... in regards to which box they're in. I admit... I know next to nothing about the dynamics of the "box system" other than I know it exists. LOL. Box 5, Box 4, etc. My question, for those of you who do know how this works.... are the corps placed in boxes, perhaps not explicitly but in a de facto sense, before their first judged performance, or are the boxes assigned (not sure that's the right phrase) to each corps as they perform, on opening night and/or in their first few shows? I guess what made me think about this is... what if a lower-echelon World Class corps like, say, Pioneer, Surf, whoever (and no offense meant at all to those corps by calling them "lower-echelon") has an unbelievable offseason and comes out with a monster corps... a corps that very well might rival any of the corps in, say, 7th to 12th place from the previous season.... can they pop a much bigger number than usual on their opening night, in the box system? Thanks in advance for any insights here.
  5. Fran Haring

    Cadets 2018

    Sounds like classic Cadets, George.... with the necessary modern touches. Just what the doctor ordered!!!
  6. Fran Haring

    Cadets 2018

    Unfortunately, I probably am not going to see Cadets until the "semis at the movies" show in August. That sucks for me. They are going to be a great story this summer.
  7. Fran Haring

    Cadets 2018

    Geez... didn't get enough sleep or something??? Toothache, perhaps??? LOL No need for the low-rent snark. You can hit the "report" button anytime you wish if something, or someone, bugs you. I won't get snarky and give you detailed instructions as to where to find the "report" function.
  8. Fran Haring

    Cadets 2018

    They're making their 2018 debut this Saturday in Milton, PA. Head to head with the Buccaneers. Could be quite interesting. LOL.
  9. Fran Haring


    I also wrote "But there remains a possibility of another corps raining on their parade." From what I heard and saw... no, they are not a lock. They had a very good opening run, but not a "season's over" start like they've had in various years since 2005. I would figure there are two or three corps with at least a shot at them... perhaps a solid shot. We shall see.
  10. Fran Haring

    Rt 15 traffic alerts

    If you're coming across on I-80 and then north on Rte. 15 to Williamsport, you'll be well north of the Shamokin Dam traffic situation. OK... "situation" meaning "hot mess." LOL
  11. Fran Haring


    In honor of VOReason's affection for weather reports, here's a capsule forecast for the corps at the Wildwood show, based on their performances there: Buccaneers: Sunny, with clear skies ahead. But there remains a possibility of another corps raining on their parade. Caballeros: Mostly sunny, with a good chance for even better weather. Fusion Core: Partly to mostly sunny, with clouds clearing as the season goes on. Bushwackers: A mix of clouds and sun, with a chance for clearer conditions (drum line and color guard mostly sunny, horn line has some clouds overhead right now... filling out the line will help). I hope this helps.
  12. Fran Haring

    Cadets 2018

    Yeah... that whole area near 42nd Street was like running a gauntlet. Some very tough streets in the city in the '70s. Remember the Ali-Norton boxing match at Yankee Stadium, circa 1976? The NYC police staged a strike that night.... so, no police patrolling the area near the stadium... which was, shall we say, not a Chamber of Commerce neighborhood. Tough sledding for the folks trying to get to and from the stadium.
  13. Fran Haring

    2018 Tour Premiere

    Probably missing the Tour Premiere show this year, but we definitely plan to be at the Thursday theater show in August. That is always a great night out. Speaking of Fathom Events...LOL... a plug here for my friend Joey Pero, who was one of the featured cast members with the Broadway show "Bandstand"... which will be shown on the big screen in theaters on June 25 and June 28. For those of you who don't know Joey... he's a great guy and an even better trumpet player. So glad he's getting these opportunities on Broadway!!!
  14. Fran Haring


    I will do my best to get to that. She was so cool. Such a sad end for her.
  15. Fran Haring


    Wow... me, Jeff, and W in the same place at the same time at Hempfield. LOL.