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    Sacred Heart Crusaders (Manville, NJ) 1971-1976; Sunrisers 1977-1982. PA announcer at various drum corps and band shows, including DCA Championships, since 1983.
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    1977. A magical year for the Sunrisers. The corps' first DCA title.
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  1. Congratulations to this year's inductees into the Maryland Drum and Bugle Corps Hall of Fame: Louie Blancato Robert "Gus" Gustafson Fred Hobine Dave Ullrich Bill Trageser The induction ceremony was held at the Hall's annual banquet in the Baltimore area. A great Class of 2017!!!
  2. I think the lineups are usually released sometime in April. But don't quote me on this. LOL
  3. Great crew at Surf. Like Mike Davis said earlier... Bob Jacobs is a wonderful man and knows his stuff. And the corps members certainly seem to enjoy what they are doing. I don't see the problem here. If DCI is comfortable with them being in World Class... and the corps itself is comfortable with that... then great. End of story. It really is up to those two entities to determine what a "World Class experience" is for the Surf membership, I would think.
  4. Paging the 1993 Bushwackers... paging the 1993 Bushwackers...
  5. Oops.... hit the wrong switch....LOL
  6. I agree. Too much tinkering, for no real good reason it seemed.
  7. A few DCA corps have been in the "no headgear" camp over the years... Empire Statesmen, Govenaires, and S.F. Renegades (when the Statesmen and Renegades were still around, obviously). I think it depends on the corps and its show style as to whether the "no headgear" thing works, or whether it's best for a corps to keep some sort of head covering. IMO, it worked fine for all three of those DCA corps. Horses for courses. LOL.
  8. Dan McBride. He did some great work for the Cabs in the 1980s.
  9. Pete Emmons wrote Sunrisers' drill in 1974. It was my brothers' first year with Sun. I went to a springtime drill rehearsal to hang out, and Pete was there, teaching drill. So cool to see how he went about his business!!!
  10. Heh... the difference is, Brian's trivia has some value. Mine, you can line a birdcage with it.
  11. No apology needed!!! That BD uni, when it made its debut in 1976, was so cool. In the "useless drum corps trivia" department... DCA's Westshoremen ended up acquiring the BD satin-blouse uni after the Devils made the switch in 1976. I think Westshore had those old BD uniforms through the 1979 season. By then, some of the satin blouses were definitely showing their age. LOL.
  12. And thank you, xandandl, for not calling me a noobie!!! Heck... compared to some of the folks here, I am ancient history. But some of those younger folks... they are authorities on a number of subjects, apparently. LOL. Through the generations, some things never change.
  13. Oops... hit wrong button. LOL.
  14. You're right... I neglected to mention that. That circa 1976 uni was military-style. Had a look to it, though, that was, at least to me, a more "modern" take than the Cadets classic uni (which is still one of my all-time favorite drum corps uniforms, by the way). Maybe it was the tuxedo-style front that gave me that impression for BD, I don't know. I don't know a lot of things. LOL.
  15. The bolded section... that's my main point. BD's uniform has a flexibility to it... for lack of a better phrase... that allows the corps to do pretty much anything...any marching technique/style, any type of "modern-day" body movement, etc. Their essential look... again, for lack of a better phrase... is that "cadet-style but not quite cadet-style" top... modified, changed, different color accents, whatever, at various times over the years... but still the "Blue Devils look." Cadets have had that "West Point Cadet uni" thing going for so long, that a change to even something resembling a costume style/partial costume style might be jarring to some... radical to others... definitely much different than their norm. But I agree with you... the change doesn't need to be radical to make it work for them. I just don't think the Blue Devils have strayed that far from the "norm" they established when they debuted their new unis, moving away from the satin-blouse look, in 1976. We'll have to agree to disagree on this topic. I don't want, or need, to get into a "circular firing squad" thing with you, or anyone.