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  1. The results tonight should be interesting. Bushwackers got off to a strong start in Wildwood, and the Hurricanes showed some potential. Everyone else, it's their first show of the season.
  2. Best wishes to all the corps tonight!!!
  3. This might sound strange... but I've lived in the Baltimore area since 1991 and have yet to attend any of the several July 4th parades in the immediate metro area. LOL. I have been to the Havre de Grace parade a couple of times, north of Baltimore.
  4. Exactly. There was no rocket-science calculation with this decision. The corps involved with the Wildwood show feel the evaluation format makes sense for them... and that's all I need to know.
  5. Screech marched with Bucs in 2003, before their championship run. He also marched with Cabs in 1994... again, full drill, no sideline. And for whatever reason, he was on the far end of several forms, meaning he had to haul butt to get to his spot. He joked about why couldn't they find someone else younger to do that...LOL
  6. What the other guys have said. Multiple reasons why the season is the way it is now. And I certainly remember marching in a DCA "season opener" that was an Danville, PA, back in the Stone Age. LOL
  7. No scores, Bill. It was an evaluation show. The judges there gave input to the corps.
  8. Sure... but it's within the realm of marching-music percussion, as opposed to, say, concert-hall percussion. Or "drum kit at your local jazz club" percussion.
  9. Not a full review, per se.... since I'm working at the show, I don't get a chance to really focus on every performance beginning to end.....and, obviously, these are my opinions about the evening... feel free to angrily stomp your feet and disagree. As always, a good crowd at historic Maxwell Field. Yes, it's a small stadium... but yes, it was full. And as the saying goes... a full smaller venue looks a whole lot better than a half-empty big venue. OK... not sure there's a saying like that, but you get the idea. LOL The weather.... clear skies, but as is often the case at this show, the wind was blowing in from the ocean... at times, it was blowing pretty hard. Made for a bit of a difficult night for the color guards. Several tosses went up in the air and didn't quite come down as planned. The corps, in order of appearance...and from what I saw and heard, all corps had full shows out there. Again, obviously, changes will be made, guard work added, etc., but kudos to the corps for showing up with a first-show-complete product: Connecticut Hurricanes were very small.... Class A-sized small. I'm guessing/hoping some more members are on the way to fill out the ranks. Their show (music from "Porgy and Bess") was much more engaging and cohesive this year than their program at this time last year. A step in the right direction for one of DCA's charter members. Bushwackers.... they are on the verge of having a very good summer. They were ready to roll... easily the most prepared I've seen them to start a season in recent memory. Brass line needs the most work.... there were some intonation and tone-quality issues... but the percussion and guard were strong (and big!!!), and the show is energetic, enjoyable, and easy to follow. Buccaneers: Their opener... wow. I mean, WOW. Like, jaw-hitting-the-ground amazing, especially for this early. The ballad was wonderful, as Buccaneer ballads tend to be. The last third of the show... to me, it seemed to lose momentum compared to the rock-'em sock-'em opening and solid ballad. But hey... it's early. There is time to tweak, add/subtract, and ramp up the energy level for the back part of the show. As has been the case every year since 2005... they are the corps to beat, the gold standard for DCA. Are they unstoppable? Who knows. A lot of us thought that was the case last year, and guess what... LOL. Fusion Core: Strong effort from one of DCA's best. All sections are solid, and the corps has an air of confidence that will serve them well as the season goes on. Horn line has a lot of new faces, but the sound they are putting out has a "veteran" feel to it already, and will only get better. The ballad is a major highlight for the "Core" this year. The last portion of their show... it seemed like one long percussion feature. Very long. I have no idea whether that's a good thing or bad thing... I'll let the judges sort that out...LOL... but again to me, it seemed like it drained some momentum. Hawthorne Caballeros: Definitely not your father's Caballeros. LOL. And I mean that as a compliment, with no offense at all intended to the Cabs of yesteryear. It's no longer yesteryear... and the Caballeros have stepped up their game to be more of a factor in this era. A thoroughly engaging show, with a coordination and imagination level that is better than their efforts of recent years. Their visual designer this year is known for his emphasis on overall "give the folks a show" effect, and that is definitely the case with this program. Who knows how this show will fare on the scoresheets, but it sure will be cool to watch as the summer goes on. The Hawthorne Caballeros Alumni corps wrapped up the evening with another great trip down memory lane for us in the audience. Horn line is smaller than we are used to seeing, but the big sound is still there when needed, and the soloists, as always, are stellar. And a shout-out to their drum major Tyrone Laval, who perhaps might be overlooked at times... but he is the ultimate class act, and does an outstanding job conducting the show. Overall... a good start to another DCA season. Here we go!!!
  10. What Jay said. Good start for DCA.
  11. Great point. Once the season begins, the clock starts ticking quickly.
  12. You're right... I need to brush up my reading skills. To say the least. LOL. That would be some achievement, marching two corps in two different circuits!!!
  13. Man... by the time a PA announcer finishes this, the show will be over!!!
  14. When I was with Sunrisers, we'd be amazed at some of the notes he could hit. For better or worse. In all seriousness, almost always for the better!!! At rehearsals, to lighten the mood every now and then when he was in the soprano line he would play parts from other sections... lead bari, lower soprano, 2nd mello, etc... heck, he wrote the stuff, so he certainly knew all the parts. LOL. IMO, his best "in the stratosphere" solo work ever was at 1976 DCA Finals with Sun, in particular during the "Old Man River" concert tune. He was absolutely off the hook that night. To date, on my short list of best drum corps soloist performances I've ever heard.
  15. Those Gino horn lines... they do have a tendency to rearrange people's dental work.