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    1977. A magical year for the Sunrisers. The corps' first DCA title.
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  1. Nothing new here. I've been home here in Baltimore and people think I'm announcing the show they're at.
  2. LOL!!!! I don't think the G7 folks are even aware of my existence.
  3. "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen... welcome to Met Life Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ, for tonight's edition of the Heavily Revised G7 Showcase!!!"
  4. All great points. One that has been around as long as government money is spent on anything... is that every program/initiative/department funded by taxpayer dollars has its own constituency that immediately talks of a doomsday scenario if one dime of spending is reduced. LOL. I am NOT at all saying government does not have a role to play in many areas... (as a libertarian at heart, probably too many areas for my taste...LOL) but maybe, just maybe, things like arts funding would be in better hands with the private sector.
  5. I will never figure out stuff like that. Not just the Cadets that year, but other corps in other years. In those cases, why didn't a corps' staff realize that the show was bumping up against the time limit, and make the cuts that were needed? I think stopwatches were available even in those days. LOL I do know of at least one situation with a DCA corps that needed to adjust their show length because they had not factored in the time for the huge standing ovation they would receive at the end of their big production number that year. The length of that crowd response took them by surprise... the corps had to wait a bit until they could hear the drum major!!! This was well before the days of silent counts and/or cues.
  6. Dennis was great!!!! He came on board with us in the spring of 1980, when our horn line was struggling. We had quite a turnover following the 1979 season... a lot of vets who had helped build the corps from barely hanging on in the early 1970s to a DCA champion in the late '70s had moved on. He re-tooled our sound, got us back to focusing on fundamentals, and put our horn line back into contention. Those days, there were more "yelling and screaming" instructors than now. But Dennis never raised his voice to us. He had the respect of everyone in our line.
  7. I hear ya... Sun, Buccaneers, and Westshoremen had similar mindsets back then, when it came to their brass programs. We could bring the heat, in terms of volume, when we needed it... but our staff always taught us that the more in tune we were, the better we'd sound at all volume levels... and there was no need to try and bend the bells inside out. LOL
  8. Wow... when a corps gets its name on a bathroom wall at a Waffle House, you KNOW they've hit the big time!!!
  9. That's an interesting point... one I had not thought of. One of a million things I haven't thought of. LOL. I can only speak for my own experience from back in the day... and I hope this doesn't come across as a "things were better in my day, you whippersnappers" sort of thing... LOL...but during my days with DCA's Sunrisers... 1977-82... we had some GREAT brass teachers. Dennis Dewey, Pete Franceschina, Tom McCarthy, Bob Pearson, John Arietano... hardly "household names" to most of you reading this... but I learned quite a bit from all of them. They absolutely got the most out of a horn line filled with "drum corps players"... few of us with any other experience in music. The instruction today is top notch, and I'm gonna take a semi-educated guess that the teaching and education of the members is much more consistent across the board than it was in my day... but you're right, the experience I had was one of being exposed to some teachers/instructors who really knew their stuff.
  10. "Boogie Till You Puke" by Root Boy Slim and the Sex Change Band. Yet another reason why I am not a drum corps show programmer.
  11. I played one for 11 of the 12 seasons I marched, in junior corps and DCA all-age corps. I'm a fan, too!!! LOL Those #### things were tough to keep under control... but man, in the right hands (bolded for Corpsband....)... meaning the players, and the arrangers... what a sound. Our principal arranger when I was on French horn with DCA's Sunrisers.... John Arietano... had a real knack for writing for the midrange voices. He tended to use our French horn line as an upper baritone voice, a mid-or-lower mellophone voice, or a voice all our own... many times all three in the same song. Made it fun to play his stuff!!! Gotta be honest here, at the risk of sounding egotistical.... we (Sun) had one heck of a Frenchie line when I was there. We had one guy, my first two years there, 1977-78, who was one of the best I've ever heard on that instrument, DCI, DCA, anywhere in drum corps... and the rest of us were solid "line players" who worked really well as a team and got it done.
  12. What the heck are you talking about? LOL. I guess I didn't make myself clear with how I worded that first line. These horns are NOT out of tune, with the right training. The Raiders didn't sound out of tune to me. And they have a good teaching staff. I mentioned "in the right hands" and "great brass teachers" in my earlier post. Why on Earth would great brass teachers want their players to play out of tune? Why would they want to put instruments in those players' hands that would lead to those players struggling to play properly? So... to sum up: In the right hands, with the proper teaching, I think these instruments are terrific. Again: In the right hands, with the proper teaching, I think these instruments are terrific. Is that better? Sheesh.
  13. With the right staff, with the right training, in tune is not a problem here. I really think that, in the right hands, these horns can make a smaller line sound bigger. That's why I would love to see some DCA corps and DCI Open corps with great brass teachers get their hands on these instruments.
  14. Heard the Raiders with these horns at a couple of shows last summer. The horn line sounded bigger than their numbers, in a good way. Nice full sound. Would love to see more corps with these instruments!!!
  15. Yep... last I heard, they were still using two-valve G-keyed instruments. Don't know if that's changed since Brian Dix retired as music director.