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  1. McLovin

    2017 DCA Finals

    To anyone watching online, I am not associated with Flo whatsoever, but I do have a background in IT and internet support and I can say, although no one likes to hear this answer at all, your connection to any streaming service will work better over a hard wired internet connection than a wireless one. Best thing I can suggest if you absolutely must use wifi is to check the internal settings of your wifi router and make sure the channel is not set to "auto" that's usually the biggest issue with wifi issues. If your channel is set to "auto" I suggest setting it to either 1, 6, or 11 hope that might help clear anything up for anyone having issues that aren't getting any help from Flo support. Wish I could be watching or at least in Rochester this year.
  2. It's not just drum corps staff either. I deal with it at high school shows too. As an instructor, but also as a spectator, I have had conversations with guard instructors to basically tell them to "shut their pie holes" and that's the nice way of me saying it. It's a real inconvenience when I'm in charge of recording videos of my students or other schools and a staff member is right beside me just ruining the experience not to mention my recordings.
  3. McLovin

    2017 Rankings

    From what I've heard, but not sure of the validity of it, they use a hybrid score sheet of DCI and DCA. I have no clue what it looks like though. Half the time (in the past) we don't get a score at DCI shows we do anyway.
  4. McLovin

    2017 DCA Shows

    Cincinnati Tradition is proud to present our 2017 program "Lift" Musical selections Come Sweet Death - Bach Brothers in Arms - Junkie XL Don't Give Up - Peter Gabriel Aurora Awakes - John Mackey
  5. I can only say so much from marching tuba on the field, but this is my 5th year with Cincinnati Tradition and this is by far the best product this group has ever produced. We greatly appreciated the announcer acknowledging our success at DCA championships last year and appreciate the crowd showing their support for us. We always do our best to take steps in the right direction. Btw, we still have spots open and we are an all age corps if anyone is interested in joining. Our oldest performer is 67 and our youngest is 14, so we have a wide variety of ages and anyone is welcome. Feel free to contact me if you need more information. :-)
  6. Cincinnati Tradition Drum and Bugle Corps is still looking to fill a few spots. The corps is doing very well and it would be a great place for a few prospects to learn how to get to the next level! 1 Mello 1 trumpet 2 front ensemble 3 colorguard Our numbers are set for 65 plus 3 DM's This is the cap for DCA class A Feel free to message me with anyone looking to grow and experience drum corps!
  7. McLovin

    2017 DCA Shows

    Cincinnati Tradition hasn't released our show title and music to the public yet.
  8. The 2016 DCA Class A champion, still has spots for anyone who would like to join us this season. We currently have open spots for the following 2 trumpets 1 mellophone 1 bass drum 1 front ensemble 2 colorguard Contact me for more information.
  9. McLovin

    Alliance Inactive for 2017

    Cincinnati Tradition was planning on going to their show, I just got conformation from our corps director the show is off.
  10. McLovin

    2017 DCA Shows

    Alliance has officially declared Class A for this year.
  11. Cincinnati Tradition will remain Class A for 2017. Any other information on this is incorrect.
  12. Cincinnati Tradition had 28 brass at our last camp.
  13. You will need to contact someone at DCA. Information is probably available on their website.
  14. McLovin

    2017 DCA Shows

    Cincinnati Tradition show information will be coming as soon as it's made public. Just found out the show title this past Sunday. Will keep you updated.
  15. McLovin

    Full lot of G bugles for sale!

    All of our horns are now available for individual purchase! Have a piece of history by purchasing one of Tradition's G-bugles! Tradition has made the leap to Bb horns, and we need to make room for them by selling our beloved G-bugles. All the instruments have been loved and are in playing condition. Most of them have a great history going back decades! Buy a piece of history today!