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  1. I really liked these recent '14-'16 uniforms. Looked intimidating and had a good mix of modern/classic imo. I'm hoping they keep some stuff from it in their new design, but really as long as I enjoy the show I won't care.
  2. A whole page of meme images! Thanks for contributing such great content corpsband
  3. Is that a joke cause of the demanded scholarship reimbursement thing going on? eesh, 20 would be killer
  4. Maybe they believed it gave away too much, too early on? Most people seem to think it was something like the Blair Witch Project or something seance. Maybe they're altering the theme a bit and the teaser isn't teasing the right theme as accurately anymore? Or maybe they released it early cause they wanted to call dibs on the theme
  5. I think you're taking the word insulting too personal tesmusic. He's just pointing out that he's well aware that the organization has contact numbers, but just wanted to have a discussion about it.
  6. Yeah ok. While Obama has been experiencing great favorable ratings in line with Reagan in the end of his term. Everything I said was objective. The guy is controversial and has horrible unfavorable ratings, the worst on record. Sorry if facts aren't aligned with your subjective views.
  7. The fact of the matter is Trump is divisive, controversial, and will be one of the least favorable candidates to ever be president. Not surprising that groups are less willing to participate. I still think they'll be fine, plenty of groups in this nation, they'll just have to look harder.
  8. Any show or music hints?? Is the show music already at least being played?
  9. So because no one answered Lance to your preferred time table, you start whining and shitposting bad memes calling others whiners for talking about rumors. If you want to call others whiners, honestly go ahead not really my problem, but when you yourself are the source of the majority of whining it just gets annoying to read, ESPECIALLY because this is literally a rumors thread and talking about low-level conspiracies is on topic. Just my 2 cents
  10. Literally whining that others are talking about rumors in a rumors thread.
  11. You know this is a rumors thread right? Speculating is expected. If you disagree with someone's speculation then maybe add something constructive and have a real discussion rather than cry about it yourself and project it onto others.
  12. Anyone here have communications to the higher ups at the BAC organization?
  13. Anyone got info on the camps and how they're going? Any show music introduced yet, or really anything?
  14. Wish we'd get a hint of the show already. Anything pls
  15. I like waldo on the front. It's a nice detail upfront and from top it still looks red like a normal uniform.