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  1. DCI should start selling muted vids for the 7%.
  2. Pre-season Predictions 1. Blue Devils 2. Bluecoats 3. SCV 4. Crown 5. Cadets 6. Cavies 7. Phantom 8. Blue Knights 9. Boston 10. Blue Stars 11. Madison 12. Academy
  3. The A looked more like a demonic pentagon rather than a scarlet letter to me. But I guess the Scarlet Letter has some similarities with witch trials as well.
  4. That's not surprising since a lot of great symphonic tunes have been played by lots of corps throughout history. You could probably make similar parallels between most corps. Selection bias.
  5. "Wicked Games". Other than it being one of the source music, I wonder what's the idea behind the title. Are "Games" a non-literal way to express actions taken by the so-called "Wicked" that could face consequences, in the same way someone pushes their luck as in the phrase "so-and-so is playing games with me", perhaps "me" being the towns people? I loved the darkish aspects of Rise and Animal Farm, and with this new design team I'm really excited to see what they can do with another dark concept. You already know guard will look fantastic.
  6. Mind sharing what detail's got you down and then re-excited you?
  7. Special announcement coming this Friday 5/19. -Boston's FB
  8. That video they themselves released was very much like the Blair Witch Project afterall so it's a solid guess.
  9. I'm going to guess in light of rumors of the show theme that tomorrow, the unlucky 13th, we'll hear some news.
  10. I think Crossmen, Academy, and Madison are the corps to watch if we're talking about who are the most vulnerable. Blue Stars' captions are too solid as is and they're only improving staff and Boston has the talent and new staff to jump-start the corps from what was a relatively weak season for them competitively. But then again Academy looks like they'll be just as good as last year, Madison is likely to bounce if they can fix their design from last year, and Crossmen have been relatively consistent lately.
  11. Rise was also based a little on poetry Still I Rise by Maya Angelou
  12. Anyone go to the performance? How was it?
  13. I really liked these recent '14-'16 uniforms. Looked intimidating and had a good mix of modern/classic imo. I'm hoping they keep some stuff from it in their new design, but really as long as I enjoy the show I won't care.
  14. A whole page of meme images! Thanks for contributing such great content corpsband
  15. Is that a joke cause of the demanded scholarship reimbursement thing going on? eesh, 20 would be killer