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  1. Oregon Crusaders 2018

    The Shining is one of my favorite movies! I wonder what type of rights if any they had to get to have a show based on such a popular Stephen King story.
  2. Phantom used to have the best music in the game imo. Favorites 1996 A Defiant Heart: My favorite show in all of drumcorps. 2006 Faust 1989 From The New World... Into A New Age 2008 Spartacus 2011 Juliet Honorable Mentions 1991 Phantom Voices, 2007 On Air, , 2012 Turandot, 2003 Harmonic Journey, 2005 Rhapsody Least Favorites 2016 Voice of Promise 2014 Swan Lake Pretty much everything post-2012 really
  3. Boston Crusaders 2018

    Key phrase is "for a teaser". A certain degree of vagueness and mystery is obvious when it comes to teasers, but to the degree of calling it "new age" is a little much. When I think new age I think this. What we got was a typical teaser with an island and SOS call with some voices...
  4. Boston Crusaders 2018

    You can nothings wrong with it, but I found the teaser pretty straight forward for what you expect from a teaser. Nothing really out there or weird, or mystical, or long-winded, or too vague for a teaser. Calling it new age seems really far reaching.
  5. Boston Crusaders 2018

    Maybe Shipwrecked? Never watched it, but 1850s England might be just in time for morse code and there's pirates in it. The original story is from the book "Haakon Haakonsen: En Norsk Robinson" published in 1873.
  6. All time shows: Bluecoats

    Favorites 2010 - Metropolis 2016 - Downside Up 2008 - The Boxer 2014 - Tilt 2007 - Criminal
  7. 1. Star of Indiana 1991 - Roman Images (tied) 1. Phantom Regiment 1996 - A Defiant Heart (tied) 3. Bluecoats 2010 - Metropolis 4. Boston Crusaders 2000 - RED 5. Carolina Crown 2012 - For the Common Good 6. Blue Stars 2010 - Houdini 7. Star of Indiana 1993 - The Music of Barber and Bartok 8. The Cadets 2000 - We Are The Future 9. Suncoast Sound 1988 - Symphonic Dances for the Contemporary Child 10. Santa Clara Vanguard 1999 - Inventions for a New Millennium
  8. All time shows: Blue Stars

    Favorites: 2010 Houdini - This has always been one of my favorite shows. 2008 Le Tour 2009 The Factory 2016 Le Reve 2014 Where the Heart Is Least Favorite: 2013 Voodoo 2015 Side Show
  9. Blue Knights, Boston, and Blue Devils.
  10. Someone needs to do the Opening from Mishima again.
  11. Blue Knights 2018

    I'm pretty sure they used a timpani last year too (the 107 steps part is always stuck in my head) so it isn't anything different for them.
  12. Cavaliers v.s. Bluecoats

    It'll come down to show design. Cavaliers are on the right track, but I think Bluecoats will come out with something fresh again in reaction to last year and I think they have a higher ceiling.
  13. All time shows: The Cadets

    Favorites: 2000 - One of my favorite shows in general. 2011 2001 2012 1984 Honorable Mentions: 1998, 2005 Least Favorites: 2006 2004 2014
  14. 2018 Rules proposals

    I dislike the idea of 15 finalist corps. I'd be open to it once the total amount of corps under DCI starts pushing something like 75. Anything that hides scores or replaces them solely with placements I ain't a fan of. In terms of limiting brass amplification, I like it but I'm not really sure how you get to a specific number. I'd like some form of limitation passed, and I'd like to see modifications done if need be. The annual rules congress would help with this too.
  15. Video edits 2017

    When's DCI going to post the previews on youtube?