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  1. Narrow

    2018 Blue Stars

    I'm finding this design overall to be way more coherent and well put together than last year. I'm loving the music, and although I kind of agree with the lack of variety feel to it, I think it'll work well as the season progresses. I think this is a great vehicle to push them up the competitive ladder.
  2. Narrow

    2018 Uniforms!

    Spirit of Atlanta
  3. Narrow

    Cavalier's "Closing" Ability

    I think 2016 was more just Cadets typical mid-late season plateau. Cavies definitely brought it last year though, increasing their score every night at Indy.
  4. Narrow

    Carolina Crown 2018

    Other than for a few moments here and there, the preview didn't really excite me as much as some other leaked corps shows. I won't list why, it's still June. I'm sure it'll become one of my favorites in due time like they've done in the past.
  5. DCI Tour Premiere - Thursday, 21 June Corps Score 1 Carolina Crown 71.2 2 Bluecoats 70.7 3 The Cavaliers 70.5 4 Boston Crusaders 69.7 5 Phantom Regiment 65.0 6 Blue Stars 64.0 MidCal Champions Showcase - Friday, 22 June Corps Score 1 Blue Devils 72.0 2 Santa Clara Vanguard 71.2 3 Blue Knights 66.5 4 Mandarins 62.2 5 The Academy 62.0 6 Troopers 60.5 The Whitewater Classic - Saturday, 23 June Corps Score 1 The Cavaliers 71.2 2 Boston Crusaders 70.7 3 Blue Stars 65.2 4 Madison Scouts 64.0 5 Colts 58.0 6 Pioneer 48.2 DCI West - Saturday, 23 June Corps Score 1 Blue Devils 72.8 2 Santa Clara Vanguard 72.0 3 Blue Knights 67.2 4 Mandarins 63.0 5 The Academy 62.8 6 Troopers 61.5 Innovations in Brass - Saturday, 23 June Corps Score 1 Carolina Crown 72.2 2 Bluecoats 71.7 3 The Cadets 69.5 4 Phantom Regiment 66.0 5 Crossmen 64.5 6 Genesis 54.0 I'll make updates with any leaks that come out.
  6. Narrow

    Crossmen 2018

    Really love that opener and closer!
  7. Narrow

    2018 Uniforms!

    If you feel someone is being rude or whatnot, report them. Easy as that. Best to avoid going off-topic about silly drama. On BK. It's weird but I'll get used to them.
  8. Narrow

    2018 Predictions

    I can agree that design can have an impact on scores, but I don't buy that Cadets had a more talented corps than Boston in 2017, specifically in the brass and percussion since it's clear Boston's guard had more talent. Rating talent is highly subjective though, I think caption scores are the closest thing to objectivity to go by if we want a feel for talent. In GE and visual Cadets were only 1 placement behind Boston, but when we look at the captions that's where the biggest gaps are. EDIT: And I'll add that I don't think Cadet's design was so bad that it was to the level of detriment others believe it was.
  9. Narrow

    Boston Crusaders 2018

    The Castaway music to the end is absolutely gorgeous. Lots of big moments, can't wait to see the whole package together.
  10. Narrow

    Carolina Crown 2018

    Honestly not that bad. Bit bulky but I guess it fits the beast imagery. You can't ever really judge a uniform until you see it on the field.
  11. Narrow

    2018 Predictions

    Detroit Premiere Prediction: 1. Carolina Crown 2. Bluecoats 3. Boston Crusaders 4. Cavaliers 5. Blue Stars 6. Phantom Regiment Color-coded tiers.
  12. Narrow

    Boston Crusaders 2018

    Can't forget the good management and great support from the community that makes it possible. Money doesn't grow on trees after all.
  13. Narrow

    Madison Scouts 2018

    What changed between 2015 to 2016? I thought 2010-2015 was a great feel to the corps.
  14. I would hope Scouts have more valued traditions than just being male. I don't really see any real reason not to open up.
  15. Narrow

    Carolina Crown 2018