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  1. Everyone will have to wait until next week. Same show just add Cincinnati to the mix.
  2. LucyGuy66

    Standings as of now DCA

    What happened to White Sabers?? I know they have been scored twice.
  3. Great stadium, lot's of choices for dining, lot's more to do (sightseeing). With all things considered it has to be Annapolis. I do agree with Fran that the concerts at the NYS fairgrounds were a benefit for DCA in exposing drum corps to hopefully new fans.
  4. LucyGuy66

    Carolina Gold ?

    What was the attendance like at Williamsport this past Saturday? Anyone know ?
  5. LucyGuy66


    No I didn't Florida. There final position is already known. It's a race for 2nd.
  6. LucyGuy66


    The scores for Williamsport are really interesting. Cabs 87.75 White Sabers 87.35 Fusion 87.25 Sky 75.60. The next few weeks will have all corps at full throttle. These three corps are so close to each other it will make for a real good weekend in Rochester. Now throw in C2, CV and The Kids.
  7. LucyGuy66

    Showdown In Peckville, PA

    I have two questions that I'm sure someone can answer. #1 If the American Legion is co-sponsoring this show, will the winner be the American Legion National champs? #2 If the answer to #1 is yes, does the American Legion require the corps to have an honor guard? In advance - thanks
  8. I may be wrong but I believe the Sun sponsored show this weekend is in Pittsfield, MA and not Everett, MA.
  9. This is a good news post and hopefully we will also see the return of the Tournament of Stars to Bayonne. Congrats BPAO.
  10. Everyone else is curious about the same thing.
  11. LucyGuy66

    George Hayek

    Every corps has members that have given there whole life to a corps and when they pass it's difficult. It's difficult to put into words what George Heyek was to the Caballeros. Yes he was a founding member in 1946 but to us who are older and in the alumni, he was truly a father figure at 90 years old and still marching. His knowledge of the corps history was unmatched. He was able to recall in detail shows and events from 60 years ago. His memory was impeccable. Rest in peace George. You will always be missed.
  12. Al, your post make me think back to the beginning of this past season. Al Katz (who rarely if ever post on here anymore) posted about the Cabs at the beach show. He said that they were having difficulty getting corps to commit to an early show because many corps shows were incomplete and they didn't want a low score because of an incomplete show. If you can't get corps to commit to a show because the show isn't finished, then penalties are a moot point. If you take it a step further, no corps, no show, no money and a shorter season. The Cabs at the beach show turned out to be a judges evaluation show without scores.
  13. LucyGuy66

    Grand Pix got cancelled

    I've noticed that Sky has been in three shows and have had an increase in penelties at every show. .02 - .04 - and .06. Anyone have knowledge as to why?
  14. LucyGuy66

    C2 vs everyone

    Hmmmm --- if your first second place is also first and if your last you still win. Metaphysics has always boggled my mind.