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  1. It hasn't been released the direction of the new uniform, but they did retire this uniform. The corps director said so in their office update video.
  2. Now this is some awesome news, put me down for excited about BD this year.
  3. I heard it from two DMs at different groups. But that's still just word of mouth.
  4. Show Theme/Music: Mid March is usual reveal time for music or composers at least. Show theme usually comes Mid to late May as the group is convening for pre-tour. But these could all be pushed back as the new trend goes. Uniforms: Will he the modular one's from last year with the show theme featured. Wait until early June for this, they are going to do the same reveal as last year. side note: they are currently very focused on the 3 WGI ensembles that are in season.
  5. Well you're hardly, if ever, heading back to a housing site. Almost always headed to the next school/state.
  6. Congratulations to your son, hope he has the best summer of his life.
  7. This is coming from Drum Majors that were told so at the Leadership Summit supposedly.
  8. I've seen a music thing here or there but nothing comes out of the Rosemont camp early these days. They tightened their hold on media because of a winter camp prior to 06 where DCP leaked the corps would be using piccolo trumpets. Also after seeing a music idea here or there I have no clue on the theme. But I think Michael Martin has some really cool things planned. Really glad with the new staff under him and Dave McGrath.
  9. But yeah, haven't seen a video yet.
  10. For those asking for more photos of the Crossmen at one of the SB gigs. Still wearing last years uniforms.
  11. The group is about 100 with 8 being percussionists.
  12. I wouldn't mind seeing the Cavaliers take on Gloria again. Maybe we could see modern day BD put When a Man Loves a Woman back into a show. I know it doesn't fit their style of the last 15 years(ish), but I would like to see it. Crossmen doing Birdland in a show, I'd pay to see that. Santa Clara could do Phantom and I wouldn't be mad.
  13. I'll admit, I tend to be condescending. Though it is really due to the fact that I don't like the praise a lot of videos get for poor quality. I'd rather we be critical but also appreciative of the positive things I see in a video.
  14. I asked if he was facetious, because I was asking if he was sarcastic in a condescending way. I meant facetious. But what he really meant was sarcastic. It's all good though, early season videos are never great. Nor are they indicative of how a corps will finish.
  15. Cool cool. I tend to like their finished product on the field. They may have gotten a little over-zealous with brass videos to put out this early.