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  1. Yeah it looks to be in Adrian Michigan this year.
  2. The Cavaliers 2018 Show Announcement On Madness and Creativity The Cavaliers are proud to announce our 2018 production, ON MADNESS AND CREATIVITY! FEATURING THE MUSIC OF George Crumb Peter Graham Maurice Ravel Hans Zimmer Wojciech Kilar Lou Reed James Horner Rufus Wainwright Original Music by Michael Martin, Michael McIntosh, and Alan Miller #cavs2018 #DCI2018 #oMAC #MADcavs #MadCreative
  3. I'm excited for the announcement I see a lot of Rorschach as well. Maybe it's finally Mad World Part 2!
  4. Ink. Metamorphosis. What's next, The Re: Re:Rite of Spring? lol
  5. The corps that was 2 weeks ahead of the announcement, that has a clear policy. And ways to report the problems.
  6. Looks like the Cavaliers are implementing some important procedures and rules that have been called for by many on these boards. Nice to see someone transparent on how they are trying to take care of the students.
  7. Oregon Crusaders 2018

    There is a mid season video somewhere, but it’s not as good as it was in the dome. Seven Lakes was certainly not on my radar but that show blew me away from them. Should be really good source material for GE.
  8. Oregon Crusaders 2018

    I immediately think of Seven Lakes from this past fall, and that was really well done for them.
  9. They seem to be saying some of the same things we are.
  10. I love anything in the 100s or 200s because I love the raw emotion and power you can get down on that level. The 300s and 400s are definitely a blend of sound and visual because you are around the judges level. Up top you get some of the bad acoustics from Lucas Oil but no visual is missed. Definitely closer to the middle is optimal up there.
  11. Can confirm on the difficulty of the brass book at this current moment. Lots of really impressive stuff in all the videos. Kevin Leboeuf has brought some heat to the line finally that might turn more heads. Probably lots of heads that have written the Cavaliers brass off for decades.
  12. I think we’re about two or three weeks out from the first of any reveal.
  13. Post your dot book

    I just threw away all of mine, but maybe I didn't find one and still have it. I would be a Cavaliers dotbook.
  14. Well if you sleep on the cobra you fall at Finals. So clearly for protection.
  15. Everything could use more Contra!