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  1. Taking off the Aussies works well for this show. When they get rid of most of the black in the uniforms the hats didn't help portray the change from up top. You notice a major change in the uniform with the hats gone. But they won't be getting rid of them forever.
  2. How do you feel about the final My Way hit in person? I've always loved it through flo, just comes off as a powerful moment as they march back field. Though I know many have distaste for the singing.
  3. I think 150 is a very solid number for some time. A tipping point is probably 200 members. I think at that point you aren't just pushing passed a 4th bus, but you are generating so much needed equipment that extra 18-wheelers would be needed. Currently most groups have also food truck and 2 equipment trucks. Getting close to 200 would probably require a 4th truck and all of the costs and problems that come along with that.
  4. I was watching the flo stream with quite a number of people, most of them tend to be from the Reddit crowd. But there was definitely some love for the Phantomettes during their performance. And at least 50% of it was not based on their outfits but how well they were performing. I think the score is indicative of achieving a book during a show where many groups had bad runs. Wouldn't be surprised if the guard finishes the season ahead of the corps' final placement. And definitely happy that CCG is getting rewarded for their achievements. 3rd in Houston TOC and winning the SW Reguonal. Probably the first major victory since the Zingali in 2007. Hope the drums continue to get the love and steal a top 3 drums by finals night. I still have a feeling that the current ending isn't the final final ending. Giving the boys some time to solidify their placements in visual and strengthen their music caption scores. Doing this could get them closer to Bluecoats if the Bluecoats really already have their final closer in. But I'm thinking a solid 5th in the end.
  5. Any increase in corps size would require the addition of another member bus. Currently at 150 members, there are 3 busses for the corps. Think of all the extra costs associated with that. Bus driver, gas, insurance, bus rental, etc. doesn't make economical sense to me for drum corps.
  6. Of all the things men are, we are dreamers too.
  7. Close, but BK hasn't won yet.
  8. I mean if you set a standard early that no one else is meeting then it will help your relation to other corps. The score posted might not be the greatest, but it will bring down the groups that go on after you.
  9. I think that is San Angelo Central High School. At first glance I thought that it was like a BOA marching honor band, but then realized that the Army All-American Marching Band are the one's that perform in the Alamodome and they wear mostly black with a little bit of Gold. 2014 was the last year that I made it out to the state contest, used to live in Austin and was much closer. And it is always a plus to see my old high school in 6A when they were there.
  10. The Cavaliers should have 3 semis (food truck, equipment truck, and Audrey), 5 coaches, small box souvie truck, and maybe a corps van. I would assume this is about the same set up for the Cadets, Blue Devils, Santa Clara Vanguard, Bluecoats, Carolina Crown, Phantom Regiment, and Blue Knights.
  11. Exactly what I heard.
  12. I've only heard passing speculation. Not even sure what to believe.
  13. The percussion is great this year and they are certainly on fire, but don't forget the boys did win high percussion in 2011.
  14. It was put in yesterday and made it into the show. Probably safe to say that it is in, but tomorrow and Finals night will be a confirmation.
  15. Check your pieces my brothers!