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  1. Question about college?

    There is a tuba/contra player that I know who is currently at Crown who was in this scenario. He didn't leave for Auditions, he joined them late, but did have to coordinate a lot with the band on ho quickly he could get there.
  2. Tom Herman is the man to turn this program into a contender. I may have said the exact same thing about Charlie Strong...But with Charlie he turned the program around in a positive way, recruited great players while cleaning up the program. Time for Herman to make those guys contenders.
  3. Tons of Houston Cavaliers that need to stay safe with you.
  4. Yeah, Finals tapes are never a time of criticism. They are always about letting the members/staff know what is on fire for the last run of the season. No critique will help fix anything as the final run is going on.
  5. But there is this.
  6. After Finals I definitely dropped off my patronage to this site. But I'm mostly lurking again. I don't really have much to say unless news comes out.
  7. The Cavaliers 2017

    Fantastic Design and all, but the corps wasn't clean enough to compete with BD that season.
  8. You don't not award the Blue Devils the championship after that performance.
  9. Ok I lied, the biggest offenders are SCV. So much of that sound pumping out of the speakers. The corps is inside the 35s and the 15 is pumping out so much sound. Not that they were hitting a synth button, but the doubling of their sound was over the top.
  10. Man, Bluecoats are the biggest offender of Synth and Shotgun micing the corps. The latter half of the show is mostly playback in the speakers for volume.
  11. You're the best hook'em. Pumped for 2018 and 2017 isn't finished yet. I'm about it.
  12. My God, Bluecoats use so much synth to boost the sound.
  13. Booo, on Mandarins not being in finals.
  14. DCI needs to make Souvenier cups that they use at regionals and finals week. Definitely would be a collectors item for me.
  15. Not likely, guards warm up indoors. They were outside all of the time from the bus to the tunnel.