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  1. From context clues I've seen, I believe the membership was told everything earlier tonight. Glad to see the guys are excited.
  2. I'm thinking a variant of last year's uniform with a red jacket. But who knows.
  3. But the accents will be authentic.
  4. Ted is reserved for BAC if they ever want to do it.
  5. Yeah not free. Most groups buy a full set of horns and then sell them back ever year. There are transactions of money. (Though if you and I tried to sell back a horn only used for one summer we'd get a lot less for it)
  6. I was just joking of course.
  7. I should do what all the marchers do today, start a gofundme.
  8. Any plans on a contra bugle? What I would do to get my hands on a Bb contra and see the difference for myself.
  9. There was definitely hinting through the grapevine that they were experimenting with them at a camp. Don't think they could do a full line because I haven't seen bugles outside of just sops, but I don't know other than what gets posted on this forum.
  10. It hasn't been released the direction of the new uniform, but they did retire this uniform. The corps director said so in their office update video.
  11. Now this is some awesome news, put me down for excited about BD this year.
  12. I heard it from two DMs at different groups. But that's still just word of mouth.
  13. Show Theme/Music: Mid March is usual reveal time for music or composers at least. Show theme usually comes Mid to late May as the group is convening for pre-tour. But these could all be pushed back as the new trend goes. Uniforms: Will he the modular one's from last year with the show theme featured. Wait until early June for this, they are going to do the same reveal as last year. side note: they are currently very focused on the 3 WGI ensembles that are in season.
  14. Well you're hardly, if ever, heading back to a housing site. Almost always headed to the next school/state.
  15. Congratulations to your son, hope he has the best summer of his life.