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  1. They have both. The large jugs and the personal ones. The personal ones are used for quick waters while the large are for the longer breaks.
  2. Yes the original purchased uniforms were military style in blue. I believe the blue was for uniformity and ease of purchase.
  3. We'll know rep by the time they are leaving Texas on their way to Indy. If not I'll just have to figure it out when they do their standstill performances.
  4. On finals night they were 1.2 points behind 8th (Phantom) in the brass subcaption. The problem with looking at just the point differential is that it neglects the box scoring. On finals night Phantom was considered by the Brass judge W. Dillon to be a low Box 5 horn line (90,90 18.00). At the same time giving Boston a mid Box 4 score (85,83 16.80), which is a huge difference. But I agree, year to year it means nothing. Check out the Cavaliers brass scores in 2015 and then subsequently 2016. I look forward to increased content as well as achievement from Boston this season.
  5. Pretour officially started this morning with a cool leadership workshop led by an alum and Deloitte. Early move-ins for the drums took place this last week. As well, the guard had early move-ins with the Visceral dance studio in Chicago. The guard looked to be practicing improv dance as well as ballet, I'm looking forward to improved dance movement in drum corps colorguards.
  6. I see the Cavaliers not wearing the vest from last year for part of the show, but putting it on and finishing the show. The undershirt thing will probably be mars red/orange. Maybe spend some time out of the hat as well. I honestly have no clue about the uniform, but these are my guesses based on the direction of the activity.
  7. Your ability to avoid seeing the show well into July every year is insane. Lord knows I can't do it.
  8. 12-14 so I was never in a line better than 6th.
  9. I've heard some small clips, they sound better than when I marched. So there's that.
  10. From context clues I've seen, I believe the membership was told everything earlier tonight. Glad to see the guys are excited.
  11. I'm thinking a variant of last year's uniform with a red jacket. But who knows.
  12. But the accents will be authentic.
  13. Ted is reserved for BAC if they ever want to do it.
  14. Yeah not free. Most groups buy a full set of horns and then sell them back ever year. There are transactions of money. (Though if you and I tried to sell back a horn only used for one summer we'd get a lot less for it)
  15. I was just joking of course.