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  1. But yeah, haven't seen a video yet.
  2. For those asking for more photos of the Crossmen at one of the SB gigs. Still wearing last years uniforms.
  3. The group is about 100 with 8 being percussionists.
  4. I wouldn't mind seeing the Cavaliers take on Gloria again. Maybe we could see modern day BD put When a Man Loves a Woman back into a show. I know it doesn't fit their style of the last 15 years(ish), but I would like to see it. Crossmen doing Birdland in a show, I'd pay to see that. Santa Clara could do Phantom and I wouldn't be mad.
  5. I'll admit, I tend to be condescending. Though it is really due to the fact that I don't like the praise a lot of videos get for poor quality. I'd rather we be critical but also appreciative of the positive things I see in a video.
  6. I asked if he was facetious, because I was asking if he was sarcastic in a condescending way. I meant facetious. But what he really meant was sarcastic. It's all good though, early season videos are never great. Nor are they indicative of how a corps will finish.
  7. Cool cool. I tend to like their finished product on the field. They may have gotten a little over-zealous with brass videos to put out this early.
  8. You're being facetious right? It's an average chord progression with not great starts to notes.
  9. Yes I was there.
  10. This is the most unpopular opinion of the whole list. Going to all 3 shows is so expensive that I only go to quarters and finals. Good seats at quarters and finals tickets in the 600s will cost you $200.
  11. Agreed, I got tied up in hardware = gold medals. When it just means medaling in general.
  12. When you phrase it like that, then yes I agree. But I ask, what constitutes a fan? I marched elsewhere, but tend to appreciate what they put on the field year-to-year. And I believe they were the better corps finals night 2013. Though I'm sure I could find a year they won like 2003 when I personally think they should have come in second to the Cavaliers. So I agree that 17 championships is probably right, but different years I would have awarded those 17. Edit: This is not an unpopular opinion response, but just a response to BRASSO and shutupandplayyourguitar.
  13. Completely disagree. They have always had a classy uniform. As of late they haven't been to great. But historically they have a fantastic uniform.
  14. Most likely they just want to see more talented members fill the open spots in the line. They probably have some callback kids hanging around too.
  15. There is a call for High Brass and Tuba players to audition. Just got to email Gino Cipriani for more info.