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  1. I mentioned this before - what makes Moody so special that he warrants this kind of consideration? I don’t know him, but Fred had to know this hiring would be controversial, if people realized Moody’s background. Maybe that’s what Fred was counting on, that no one would find out his history (which would be incredibly naive nonetheless). What does Moody bring to the table that others without the tainted history could not have? Fred easily should have had the foresight to realize that this move would put him and the corps in a bad position, and yet he did it anyway. So he either didn’t care about the consequences, or didn’t realize all this would happen. Either way is bad. What makes Moody so special to warrant all of this?
  2. Right - I do understand the literal difference. I was getting at the point of why Moody’s employment should be considered not ok in one environment with youth but ok in another. You bring up a good point. You don’t need a teaching license to work on a drum corps staff, but shouldn’t the revocation of a teaching license speak much more loudly than not having one in the first place?
  3. Thank you to those who mentioned that Moody is gone from Crossmen, as I honestly lost track of that point. Same question I had before, though: Why was Moody not allowed to teach youth at a school, but Fred Morrison thought that it was ok for him to teach in DCI, second chance or not?
  4. So I just want to make sure I have this straight. Is Joel Moody still the Assistant Director of the Crossmen? if so, then didn’t Fred Morrison just *add* to the distraction by making people wonder why he stepped down from DCI Chairman and not Crossmen, as well as retaining Joel? How does this prevent more distraction?? Without knowing Joel Moody myself, what is so special about him that warrants staying on in a youth activity after he lost his teaching license to teach youth? He can’t teach youth in a school but can in DCI??
  5. Quad Aces

    Blue Devils 2018

    How would something like this actually work? Would BD be willing to not have their music design team develop the music for a season in favor of Gordon Goodwin doing it that year? Obviously the design team was ok with it for one song during a season or two, but would they be for the whole show? Doesn’t that put them out of work for that season too? I’d be in favor of this as well, as his stuff has generally been the parts of those shows that I liked the most (a la “Ink”). I’m just curious how an entire show of Goodwin’s music would actually work logistically.
  6. Quad Aces

    Santa Clara Vanguard 2018

    Wow, I had no idea. SCV all of a sudden becomes one of the shows I’m most looking forward to seeing this year!! Well, ok, they already were, but this just adds to it now!! Thanks for the update.
  7. Quad Aces

    Santa Clara Vanguard 2018

    Gaines is not actually doing the drill, correct?
  8. Quad Aces

    Blue Devils 2018

    Yes, thank you as well
  9. Quad Aces

    2018 Rules proposals

    If the proposal to increase the number of corps making Finals to 15 were to pass, I wonder what the price increase for Finals tickets would be. Finals tickets are already pretty pricey for any seats between the 10s, let alone if there is a 25% increase in the number of corps performing that night. Would we see Finals tickets close to $200 each for any worthwhile seat? Also, wouldn’t the cutoff for the number of corps in the theater broadcast on Thursday night have to change as well? What would be the price increase for those tickets? Not to mention that unless you allow all corps to make Finals (or no corps to make Finals), you are always going to have someone feeling slighted. Instead of the 13th place corps being upset and possibly crying foul, now you will have the 16th place corps being upset and possibly crying foul. Then when they vote to increase Finals to 18, you will have the 19th place corps being upset and possibly crying foul...
  10. Quad Aces

    Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    And then a tie for first in finals (Carmel and Avon). I remember those days in DCI... I believe the scoring rules in DCI were revamped a number of years ago to make ties pretty difficult to happen numerically. They still could, but it is now less likely to happen.
  11. There is also the element of not being able to work a Summer job, where college students can make a bulk of their money needed for the school year. That makes marching drum corps even more expensive.
  12. Quad Aces

    Averaging scores

    You're talking about the caption awards, correct? Why the beef with them?
  13. Quad Aces

    Lucas Oil - Parking?

    Edit: just saw that jwillis35 beat me to this. There also a city garage near the stadium (can't remember exactly where at the moment) that is pretty cheap as well.
  14. Quad Aces

    1 Semi Final - 2017 Ticket for Sale

    Hi! Is your ticket for finals still available? If so, I would definitely take it.