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  1. Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    And then a tie for first in finals (Carmel and Avon). I remember those days in DCI... I believe the scoring rules in DCI were revamped a number of years ago to make ties pretty difficult to happen numerically. They still could, but it is now less likely to happen.
  2. There is also the element of not being able to work a Summer job, where college students can make a bulk of their money needed for the school year. That makes marching drum corps even more expensive.
  3. Averaging scores

    You're talking about the caption awards, correct? Why the beef with them?
  4. Lucas Oil - Parking?

    Edit: just saw that jwillis35 beat me to this. There also a city garage near the stadium (can't remember exactly where at the moment) that is pretty cheap as well.
  5. 1 Semi Final - 2017 Ticket for Sale

    Hi! Is your ticket for finals still available? If so, I would definitely take it.
  6. Amplify THIS ! !

    I predicted this a few years ago. It's probably not that far away from us seeing an entire horn line micd and balanced exactly as the corps wishes (a la "Blast"). Gonna be a big expense (and probably a ton of fundraising and soliciting for donations) for all of those wireless mics though. Once that catches on with the judging community, every corps will "need" to do it, and probably push a few corps out of existence because they financially can't keep up with it. That last part might even happen with just the sound systems arms race alone even if mic-ing the whole corps never does actually happen.
  7. SCV 2017 - 50 Years of Class

    Just got done seeing this show live for the first time this year - and love it!! They definitely have an opportunity to go a long way, and I look forward to seeing the outcome. Question - why oh why did they not use something (anything) from the piece Sensamaya?? Seems like a no brainer!! Anyway, good luck to them - keep up the good work!!
  8. 2017 DCI Show Synopsis

    Please, please, please post more summaries of the other corps as they become available!! :)
  9. Of course the season has only begun a short while ago, but would love to see Mandarins make Finals for the first time (not at the expense of Academy, of course). Thoughts?
  10. Opening Night!

    Just catching up... This is not true. There is an entire backstory to it and how the nation (mis) interpreted his frack. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.washingtonpost.com/amphtml/local/at-jfks-funeral-50-years-ago-a-buglers-broken-note-spoke-for-a-grieving-nation/2013/11/10/a565c2f0-4625-11e3-bf0c-cebf37c6f484_story.html
  11. Pioneer 2017

    I didn't take this as a negative thing. Your mileage may vary.
  12. Pioneer 2017

    Ok, thanks for the response. What happened to Pioneer competitively that is (again, there is more to this activity than competition) after that?
  13. Cadets 2017

    I for one (and I'm sure there are plenty of others) value your detailed insight into the Cadets every year. I hope you reconsider and continue to post as in the past.
  14. Pioneer 2017

    Being the Pioneer thread, I'm sure most people here realize, but I wonder how many people outside this thread know that Pioneer DOMINATED Div. 2 (today's Open Class) not all that long ago (and Div. 3 before they moved up). Think BDB and SCV Cadets of today. While this activity is not all about the competition, Pioneer seemed to struggle competitively ever since the move to Div. 1 (now World Class). Can anyone shed some light on why they struggled competitively with this transition to Div. 1/World Class? I understand there are inherent challenges that need to be overcome with with such a move - I guess I'm looking for something more detailed. I also understand the challenges with remaining true to your corps identity, but others have accomplished that and remained successful competitively (relatively speaking or not even). Again, does anyone have any more detail about Pioneer's transition to Div. 1/World Class other than the above?
  15. Lol - after typing that, I actually thought this would be your response! Anyway, really looking forward to hearing BD's show this year (and everyone else's too)! Can't wait for the movie event to get here and kick off the season!!