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  1. I applaud what they are trying to accomplish in the ballad. I think it will turn out to be an exquisite moment when everything gets dialed in with the mix. If you've listened to the source music you'll have an idea of the feeling they are trying to put on the field. Pretty much every corps is doing the standard big ballad hit - this is something unique and potentially powerfully fresh for drum corps. This is not Hymn of Acxiom nor Let it Be Me etc, etc... there should not be a big company front or your usual ballad cliché ending. It's about capturing the spirit of the sublime effect of the source material. Look past your expectations for a ballad and try to let yourself experience the moment they are trying to create. There are plenty of face melting brass moments in the show
  2. GE2 numbers look promising for Bloo.
  3. Monday July 17th El Dorado Kansas: Blue Devils - 86.10 Bluecoats - 85.85 Blue Knights - 80.30 Mandarins - 75.50 Oregon Crusaders - 70.20 Pacific Crest - 70.10 Olathe Kansas: Santa Clara Vanguard - 85.90 The Cadets - 82.20 Phantom Regiment - 80.15 Blue Stars - 77.80 Colts - 72.50 Seattle Cascades - 67.75 Genesis - 65.90 Bentonville Arkansas: Carolina Crown - 85.15 Boston Crusaders - 82.90 Crossmen - 77.80 Madison Scouts - 77.40 The Academy - 73.20 Spirit of Atlanta - 70.90 Jersey Surf - 61.70 Pioneer - 56.80 Tuesday July 18th: Broken Arrow Oklahoma: Blue Devils - 86.80 Bluecoats - 86.50 Santa Clara Vanguard - 86.30 Carolina Crown - 86.00 The Cavaliers - 84.90 The Cadets - 82.60 Blue Knights - 81.10 Phantom Regiment - 80.80 Thursday July 20th: Belton Texas: Carolina Crown - 87.50 Boston Crusaders - 84.10 Blue Stars - 79.50 Crossmen - 79.35 Madison Scouts - 78.70 Mandarins - 76.80 The Academy - 74.00 Colts - 73.50 Troopers - 72.30 Genesis - 66.80 Jersey Surf - 62.80 Pioneer - 59.70 Denton Texas: Bluecoats - 87.50 Santa Clara Vanguard - 87.40 The Cavaliers - 86.40 The Cadets - 84.10 Blue Knights - 82.55 Phantom Regiment - 82.50 Spirit of Atlanta - 72.70 Oregon Crusaders - 72.10 Pacific Crest - 72.00 Seattle Cascades - 69.25 Friday July 21st: Houston Texas: Bluecoats - 88.20 Blue Devils - 88.10 Santa Clara Vanguard - 87.70 Carolina Crown - 87.20 The Cavaliers - 86.30 Blue Knights - 84.40 Phantom Regiment - 84.10 Crossmen - 81.70 San Antonio later...
  4. Congratulations to the Bloo percussion for winning 1st overall last night! I still think things will shuffle around a bit more with overall scores but wherever they place in the end, I think this show is a most worthy follow-up to last years tour de force championship season. Personally, I like this year better in most ways (Zappa!), and BD less (as an old timer, I get most of the references, they just don't do much for me at this point), but they execute like pros and earned a win last night. The only technical critique of Bloo that I'll mention here is the hocket sections at the beginning and end of the opener (I know the staff is on this) - incredible timing demand there that I've only heard totally locked in on 1 or 2 videos of practice runs (not so great last night). Those passages remind me of the Tuba feature from '15 that took almost the whole season to get consistently locked in, but when it did was super tasty. It's so prominent this year that it has to be nailed or else it could negatively effect initial impressions of the music program. It is so cool when they nail it though. Go Bloo!
  5. As someone who thinks Bluecoats have the best show of the summer, let me offer a bit of rebuttal to this in the spirit of friendly debate, as I think BD is a great corps and have great respect for their history and organization. Firstly, you say Bluecoats "don't have enough show" to win. That's a bit vague but let's compare a few metrics - Between Bloo and BD, which show has more drill, more simultaneous body+music demand in more challenging listening and staging environments; which has more timing/rhythmic demand in relation to time signature and tempo, and which group features more individual sections of the brass and percussion ensemble? In my opinion Bloo has at least as much show as BD - probably more. Secondly, this critique: "you think you've found the magic formula, but you need to resist the temptation to double down on what you won with" referring to Bloo 17 being too similar to 16. Let's look at BD 17 - White props, mirrors, snares on white props playing incomprehensible (but good) ditties followed not long after by a similarly inscrutable (but good) tenor feature. 16th note uptempo xylophone transition/modulation, marching in strait files where marchers randomly fall out of form and rejoin, pre-recorded pop music samples, big jazzy shout chorus feature that comes almost out of nowhere, scattering or walking from one set to another, semi-sinister voice-over guy sample, big blobs of horns for big impact music bits, soprano dominant tonal blend, etc... I'm not sure this a great argument as "same show, different music" could easily be pinned on BD as well but I think BD's music sounds pretty similar to recent years, especially the bits (FE transitions, jazz bit, quick horn tonging bit, snare/tenor bits, brash trombone gliss bits etc...). Lastly this: "Always have to push the envelope and evolve as designers and performers" plus this critique of the prop: "giant boat anchor of a prop in the middle of the field". How many corps this year have several mid -sized props that get moved around and stood on and how many have one singular large prop that acts as stage that can be marched on and with ramps that make for dramatic descents onto the field level, backstage area big enough to fit nearly the whole horn line that allows quick entrances and exits from audience view, and can be marched through/under? To me that is a more innovative and envelope pushing than mirrored white painted stairs that look like a remix of several BD shows. I understand that BD is doing an anniversary show, and that the remix fits that concept but you can hardly say it's pushing the envelope compared to Bluecoats. I don't dislike 17 Blue Devils or their show, I just think some folks are seeing more freshness in it than others. Where the judges come down on this when everyone starts sharing the same field of competition, I can't say for sure. The judges have been good to the Devils design approach, but I kinda feel they might be pushing their luck by continuing the approach to shows they have been on for last several years. the big plot line here is "how will the judging community come down on this in the end?". No disrespect intended and here's to a great and exciting season for all!
  6. Wednesday, July 12 Lebanon, IL Santa Clara Vanguard - 82.20 Phantom Regiment - 77.40 Madison Scouts - 73.10 Genesis - 63.00 Pioneer - 56.10 Atlanta, GA The Cavaliers - 81.85 The Cadets - 79.90 Boston Crusaders - 79.20 Colts - 70.90 Spirit of Atlanta - 67.75 Jersey Surf - 59.40 Ogden, UT Blue Devils - 83.40 Blue Knights - 78.00 Mandarins - 73.30 Pacific Crest - 68.90 Oregon Crusaders - 68.25 Seattle Cascades - 67.00 Friday, July 14 Dubuque, IA Santa Clara Vanguard - 84.20 Blue Stars - 78.40 Crossmen - 77.65 The Academy - 73.80 Colts - 73.40 Genesis - 64.60 Pioneer - 58.00 Martin, TN Carolina Crown - 84.30 Boston Crusaders - 80.25 Madison Scouts - 77.70 Spirit of Atlanta - 69.20 Jersey Surf - 60.50 Casper, WY Bluecoats - 84.25 Mandarins - 73.60 Troopers - 71.55 Oregon Crusaders - 69.40 Seattle Cascacdes - 67.50 Saturday, July 15 Alexandria, KY Carolina Crown - 85.10 Boston Crusaders - 81.20 Madison Scouts - 76.80 Spirit of Atlanta - 70.50 Jersey Surf - 61.30 DeKalb, IL Santa Clara Vanguard - 84.80 The Cavaliers - 84.25 The Cadets - 82.40 Phantom Regiment - 80.50 Blue Stars - 79.20 Crossmen - 78.15 The Academy - 74.30 Colts - 73.80 Denver, CO Bluecoats - 85.65 Blue Devils - 85.40 Blue Knights - 80.20 Mandarins - 74.90 Troopers - 72.60 Pacific Crest - 70.50 Oregon Crusaders - 70.25 Seattle Cascades - 68.40
  7. Just getting home from music camp - will see if I can keep my lucky streak alive asap!
  8. Drill based visual also has a complicated impact on the music design in that visually exciting drill formations often put the musicians in a less than optimal position for volume and sound balance. The staging trend has been driven by a desired musical effect as well as visual.
  9. Star also had the good fortune of starting up just as my corps, Pride of Cincinnati, was folding. In a coordinated effort with Pride management, Star brought a bus to an early spring camp in Cincy so that when PoC announced they would not field a show that summer, several of the MMs could continue their season in Indy.
  10. Ah, I just looked back and saw that I somehow missed superOOK's "the changes are going in" post. I'm looking forward to seeing what they'll be pulling out of their hats.
  11. Can you say when the changes will debut?
  12. Sunday, July 9 Madison, WI Santa Clara Vanguard - 80.75 Phantom Regiment - 75.3 Madison Scouts - 71.4 Pioneer - 53 Rochester, MN Bluecoats - 81.1 Blue Stars - 74 The Academy - 69.6 Crossmen - 73.5 Troopers - 68.25 Pleasant Hill, CA Mandarins - 72 Pacific Crest - 67 Monday, July 10 Jupiter, FL The Cavaliers - 80.85 The Cadets - 79.6 Boston Crusaders - 78.25 Colts - 68.4 Spirit of Atlanta - 67.2 Jersey Surf - 57.8 Tri-Cities, WA Blue Devils - 82.4 Blue Knights - 75.6 Oregon Crusaders - 65.75 Seattle Cascades - 64.5 Tuesday, July 11 Johnston, IA Bluecoats - 82.6 Blue Stars - 75.4 Crossmen - 74.85 The Academy - 71 Genesis - 62.9 Pioneer - 53.75 Boise, ID Blue Devils - 83.3 Blue Knights - 76.1 Mandarins - 72.8 Pacific Crest - 68.1 Oregon Crusaders - 65.8 Seattle Cascades - 65.6 Like t
  13. Bluecoats usually start with music they like and that fits together stylistically and then build a visual theme that represents the qualities their tunes have in common. This year's music is edgy and very rhythmically syncopated with odd counts, cross rhythms, and changing (jagged) meters. Often the rhythms (jaggedly) are broken up across several sections of the ensemble. They decided that "jagged edge" was a good description of the musical feel of the source material. Then they went and designed a viz package to have a big jagged stage, jagged drill and moves where things shimmy and move side to side to reinforce the idea.
  14. Congrats SCV on a well earned win! My take after seeing Bloo and SCV back to back is that - 1. the Bloo battery was noticeably sloppier tonight in some of the important exposed parts. 2. SCV has dialed in their on field electronics much better at this point. 3. SCV performers have made great strides in connecting with their show which is something I saw as a potential weakness in their early shows. Still betting on Bloo in the end, but SCV is for real this year!
  15. Troop gets a great sound from the front ensemble. Everything is well miced and balanced. Maybe a bit too loud compared to the field ensemble, but can't judge by the stream.