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  1. Cadets 2018

    There was no mention of Shane Gwaltney. Is he still involved or has he departed already?!?!?
  2. 2018 Blue Stars

    Well I spoke to him a few weeks back so yes I’m sure ......
  3. 2018 Blue Stars

    Michael Shapiro isn’t going anywhere. He is still at Blue Stars
  4. Cadets 2018

    Cadets are just trying to find their niche and the choir/vocals is an interesting differentiator that by and large was a success for them this year. After using them for one season they probably figured a lot of stuff out so I don’t blame them for wanting to use them again in some form or another at this stage we really don’t know how they will be used/featured. Shane is a great addition and I hope GH leaves him to do his job. George Dixon, if you no longer want to support the Cadets then surely the best thing to do is just don’t support them. Not sure why you need to make the public declaration! .
  5. Cadets 2018

    If they could add a new creative director/programme co-ordinator then that would help
  6. I would read very little into this. I suspect he will be with BS next year but if he did leave Blue Stars he would be leaving Drum corps. He certainly would not be headed anywhere else.
  7. Amazing performance from the Cadets. Super clean, emotional and the guard just had the run of their lives. Bravo. Feel exhausted after watching that.
  8. Guard just had a Great run. Much much stronger than last night
  9. Cadets 2017

    I love this year's Cadets show. By far my favourite and one of 2 that I have watched over and over (the other being SCV). It sounds like the members have had a fantastic experience and love their show so what more can you ask for? Getting too caught up in what a few people in green think is only going to lead to disappointment. Yes I know it's a competition but it's the experience and memories that last not the score.
  10. BS have one of the toughest and most musical books. That's why they always score well (& are never the cleanest!)
  11. That's why BS get so many guard audition. They all want to spin a Shapiro book.
  12. Very strong visual program from the Colts. great guard
  13. Best guard of the day so far
  14. One of my favourite shows of the season
  15. I wonder how much Michael Gaines influence there is?