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  1. annual class A question

    Well you have some new corps going through evaluation too. Rocketeers Columbus Saints Highland Regiment plus Cadence is coming across the pond to mix things up :)
  2. Vessel is looking really good. Hub City makes sense as an expansion of the Guardians. Horizon is inactive this year and who knows if they'll come back to DCI or just focus on their Winterguard, or WGI Winds. Is Arbella switching to the Jr Division? I thought they are all-age now. Appalachian Sound is working to come back after a year of inactivity. Atlanta could be the new Southern Drum Corps Hub with 4 corps in one area like Philly/NJ. Tall City... I'll just refer to this thread:
  3. Thunder no longer active

    Very sad. I enjoyed their 2015 show, and shows in the past.
  4. The tune is "James Brown in the Twilight Zone" by Chris Brubeck :D
  5. The Columbus Saints Drum & Bugle Corps held April Auditions for Guard & Brass this past weekend. With the addition of two new guard staff members Brittany Giles (Bluecoats 12-13) and Justin Maniaci (O2 World), the Guard is off to a great start! Brass auditions were led by Brass Caption Head Bryen Warfield (Bluecoats Alum 09; SCV staff 12-16; Bluecoats Staff 17), and Brass Tech Brad Thomas (Cincinnati Tradition 09-12 & DCA I&E Tuba Soloist Winner). We're looking forward to our May Auditions for All Sections as we lead into our 10 SHOW Summer Tour in DCI SoundSport! Learn more at
  6. I believe the Scouts are partnered with a college in Iowa for this year so that might not be an issue. The Columbus Saints, and Lakeshoremen participated in MACBDA through SoundSport, last year and had a great time at their Finals in Whitewater. It's a great circuit that is growing again and I'd recommend it for any drum corps, SoundSport, or DCA corps who wants to add more shows to their schedule at a low cost, and get an appreciative built in audience. Who knows... if more corp get involved they might just create a class just for them :O
  7. The Columbus Saints are a Jr. drum & bugle corps based in Columbus, OH ; current applicant Drum Corps International Open Class (PENDING EVALUATION COMPLETION). We provide a competitive program found in modern drum corps blended with a community and educational focused experience found in classic drum corps. Our 2017 season includes tentative plans to travel to local competitions in greater Ohio area. Building on the success of our SoundSport Corps winning multiple Silver Medals and and our first Gold in 2016 at DCI Southeastern Championships; this is a great year to become a Saint! Join us for 2017 as we continue to grow and experience drum corps in Central Ohio! Learn More:
  8. We are planning on starting a smaller all-age SoundSport team of 20-25 people to fill the gap of members who don't want to commit to the Open Class season, cost, or may be over age or need more development time before jumping to Open Class.
  9. Out of 47 members this year, there was only that was overage. The median age of the corps is 18 years old.
  10. The Columbus Saints traveled to Dubois, PA in June to compete in the SDCA competition, and perform for the people of DuBois! Here is a recap video produced by me for the Columbus Saints and a festival video released by the city of DuBois of all corps performances including numerous alumni corps, and DCA Corps Erie Thunderbirds. Columbus Saints Recap City of DuBois SDCA Standstill Video
  11. The Saints closed out their 3rd season competing in Drum Corps International SoundSport in Indianapolis, August 13th, the morning of DCI World Championships. After an amazing season fielding the largest ensemble in corps history, our first Gold Medal and Best In Show, along with multiple Gold Medal wins in SDCA, the Saints took a Silver Medal in competition presenting their 2016 program "The Elements of Funk". Read the Full Article: [/size] Read the Full Article:
  12. For the Columbus Saints, we actually do meet the age limit save 1 person out of our near 50 members. Average age this year was 18 years old.
  13. No, the organization is continuing in SoundSport this year, and plan on submitting for Open Class evaluation next year while maintaining a smaller SoundSport ensemble as well. We also will be sending a mini-corps to DCA Finals this year.