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  1. What you want for 2018

    I really would like Flo to let the show stand for 24 hours so it can be watched and/or re-watch for a limited amount of time.
  2. Wonderful job PC!! What a wonderful show this year!!!
  3. 2017 Seattle Cascades

    I loved the Cascades show this year. I don't get the judging.
  4. Wowza. I gotta be ready to start watching flo at 6:00 am!!
  5. I hope they resolve the issue quickly and safely. Looking forward to seeing their beautiful show on flo later this week.
  6. I just saw a pic of PC taking the field so I think so.
  7. Somebody please tell me what you can get to eat at McNasty's? Interesting name..
  8. This may not be a popular opinion, but I preferred before the rule changed and let Open class compete in World finals. I would love exhibitions and inclusion but it seems unfair to the corps that do a full World tour with all the associated rigors, injuries and costs. On the other hand, maybe this extra competition contributes to the massive improvements we are seeing in corps like OC, PC, Mandarin's, Cascades, Academy, Pioneer, and Jersey Surf and the activity overall.
  9. Did I mention that website was awesome?
  10. Start to finish this was an amazing show. So much talent, beautiful music and colors! Thanks DATR!!!
  11. They had more in Utah. Still looking and sounding good
  12. yeah I just went to my son's college graduation in Oregon mid-June.. BUT that was also same weekend at UCLA.... We on the West Coast have a tough time finishing school up early.