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  1. I always thought they should do a California show! Excited to see them! Hope they have a great year!
  2. Go Gold! Thanks for posting updates!
  3. I agree. I would lo see more coverage. Shows are great and these kids have drive and intensity.
  4. Great job Pacific Crest!!!!
  5. The judges need to do a better job of scoring the early groups. I think they are either over conservative or lazy early in the day.
  6. They had a great show today!
  7. I was a doubter on the uniforms but think they really work on field. Like that look!
  8. But at least they fixed the loose white
  9. Don't like the glitter leg
  10. Madison is a lot better than they were at Rose Bowl! WOW!
  11. Great show Cavies!
  12. Nice show Troop! You did Granny proud!